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Cognizant, LLC./Cognizant Communication Corporation (collectively “CCC”) – Open Access Journals

CCC open access journals are licensed under Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC 4.0

The articles contained in the following journals published by CCC are “open access articles” subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 (CC-BY-NC) license:

Content may be copied, adapted, displayed, distributed, republished or otherwise reused provided the purpose of these activities is not for commercial use. Commercial use means use of the content by a commercial organization or individual for direct (including through sale, loan or license) or indirect (including through marketing campaigns, promotional materials or presentations) commercial gain or remuneration. For examples of common commercial reuses, see below.


  • Gene Expression The Journal Of Liver Research
  • Oncology Research Featuring Preclinical and Clinical Cancer Therapeutics (although Oncology Research is an Open Access publication, it is also available in hard copy by subscription)

Commercial Reuse Examples

The following examples of commercial use require further permission under the CC-BY-NC and CC-BY-NC-ND licenses.

  • republication of content in a work or product available for sale (unless subject to other copyright exceptions such as fair use or fair dealing).
  • republication of content in presentations, brochures, or other marketing materials by a commercial entity, or by any entity for commercial purposes.
  • distribution of the content to promote or market a person, product, course, service, or organization.
  • text and data mining for the purpose of creating a saleable product or product that benefits from promotional or advertising revenue.
  • use of the content by a commercial entity or individual for the purposes of remuneration, directly or indirectly through sale, licensing, promotion, or advertising.

Authors of contributions published under a Creative Commons license may re-use their work under the terms of the Creative Commons license attached to their contributions.

Free-to-View Content

Articles which are free-to-view but do not have a Creative Commons license are not Open Access. Permission is generally required to reuse content from these articles. Please contact us at to obtain permission.

Copyright ©2020 Cognizant LLC. All rights reserved
Cognizant Communication Corporation | P.O. Box 37  | Putnam Valley, NY 10579 | U.S.A.

Cognizant, LLC./Cognizant Communication Corporation (collectively “CCC”) publishes a number of open access articles. See below for information regarding the reuse of these articles. Please note that CCC may make additional non-open access content freely viewable on Ingenta Connect, and the reuse of such material may require permission.

Information for CCC Authors:

Authors of papers published in a CCC open access journal may reuse their work under the terms of Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC 4.0 ( (In addition, authors of papers published with a non-commercial (NC) or no derivatives (ND) specification may also reuse their work as stated under the Green Open Access* policy.)

All licenses require that reuse complies with the following terms:

Proper reference to the original source of publication is required. This should include listing of the DOI, journal and publisher reference, date of publication, volume and issue number, and page location.

Creative Commons license terms for reuse do not apply to any content (such as graphs, figures, photos, excerpts, etc.) not original to the Open Access article and further permission may be required from the rights holder. The obligation to research and clear permission lies solely with the party reusing the material.

Reuse of a work must not imply or otherwise suggest sponsorship or endorsement by CCC, the author(s), journal, society, or other third party.

Creative Commons licenses do not negate the moral rights of authors, including but not limited to the right to attribution and the right that a work not be subjected to derogatory treatment that threatens the honor or reputation of the author(s).

CCC strongly recommends users notify the original author(s) of their intention to distribute, adapt, translate, or republish Open Access content.

License Summary

Please visit the Creative Commons website for more detailed information on the CC-BY-NC license. (

To request permission or clarification on what is permitted, please contact us at

*Green Open Access: the journal is publishing paid content but allows its authors to deposit their articles as open access in their Institutional Repository.

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Cognizant Communications License Agreement

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