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Volume 42, Number 1

The Effects of Auricular and Body Acupuncture in Turkish Obese Female Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial Indicated Both Methods Lost Body Weight but Auricular Acupuncture was Better than Body Acupuncture             1
Cayir, Y., Set, T., Kosan, Z. (Turkey)

Laser Treatment on Acupuncture Points Improves Pain and Wrist Functionality in Patients Undergoing Rehabilitation Therapy after Wrist Bone Fracture. A Randomized, Controlled, Blinded Study    11
Acosta-Olivo, C., Siller-Adame, A., Tamez-Mata, Y., Vilchez-Cavazos, F., Peña-Martinez, V. (Mexico)

The Therapeutic Potential of Stimulating Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization     27
Lichtbroun, A. (USA)

Erratum 39

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries 55

Volume 41, Numbers 3-4

Laser acupuncture improves skin color deformation by cupping: A pilot study 155
Kim, S. (Republic of Korea)

Clinical Implications of the HPV-16 Infection & 7 Beneficial Effects of Optimal Dose of Vitamin D3 in Safe, Effective Cancer Treatment; Non-Invasive Rapid Cancer Screening Using “Mouth, Hand, & Foot Writing Form” of 40 Participants during 150-Minute Workshop on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, in the 1st Day of European Congress for Integrative Medicine, September 9-11, 2016 in Budapest. 171
Omura, Y. (USA & Japan)

New Organ Representation Areas Localized Between Front & Back of the Human Neck and Body Their Potential Application to Metameric Acupuncture 199
Bredikhin, A.V., Bredikhin, K.A., Chekha, O.A. (Ukraine)

Evaluation of Reflexology by “BIOCERAMIC Resonance” Operation producing Weak Force Field during Simultaneous Acupoint Stimulation of Urinary Bladder Point on Subject's Ear Resulting in Electric Current Change on Urinary Bladder reflex Point on Subject's Hands, and Related New Research Finding 207
Zhang, L., Chan, P., Zhong, M.L., et al. (Taiwan, Republic of China, England)

Abstracts of 25th Annual Meeting of Japan Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Medical Society Held at Sanjyo International Conference Hall of Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan During July 16th (Saturday)–17th (Sunday), 2016 225

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries 265

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Volume 41, Number 2

Acupuncture at SP6 Point in Lower Extremities Improved Patients’ Insomnia, Which Was Also Shown Through Ryodoraku Electrical Measurements 79
Chang, J.; Liu, H.; Lin, W. (Taiwan)

17 Cases of Acupuncture Related Pneumothorax and Factors Influencing Pneumothorax 95
Kim, J. S.; Kim, K. H.; Kim, W. (Korea)

Comparison of Beneficial Effects of Acupuncture at PC6, LU7 & Non-acupuncture Points on Cardiac Cell Function in Myocardial Ischemia (MI) Rats by Testing Protein Expression of L-type Calcium Channel Protein and its Related Protein 107
Liu, L.; Wang, S.; Fu, C.; Shu, S; Fu, M.; Li, J.; Deng, X.; Sun, J.; Chen, W.; Ren, L. (China)

Clinical Significance of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 for Breast Cancer & Adenocarcinomas of Various Internal Organs and Alzheimer’s Brain with Increased β-amyloid (1-42); Combined Use of Optimal Doses of Vitamin D3
and Taurine 3 times/day Has Significant Beneficial Effects of Anti-Cancer, Anti-Ischemic Heart, and Memory & Other Brain Problems By Significant Urinary Excretion of Viruses, Bacteria, and Toxic Metals & Substances 
Omura, Y. (U.S. & Japan)

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries 145

Volume 41, Number 1

Significant Heat Sensitivity Increase Detected in Various Types of Diabetes Mellitus Patients by Akabane Test for Use of Management of Diabetic Patients 1
Muzhikov, V.; Vershinina, E.; Belenky, V.; Muzhikov, R. (Russia)

Acupuncture Stimulation Analyzed from Multiple Aspects of Western Medical Science 21
Battaloğlu İnanç, B. (Turkey)

Optimal Dose of Vitamin D3 400 I.U. for Average Adults has A Significant Anti-Cancer Effect, While Widely Used 2000 I.U. or Higher Promotes Cancer: Marked Reduction of Taurine & 1α, 25(OH)2D3 Was Found In Various Cancer Tissues and Oral Intake of Optimal Dose of Taurine 175mg for Average Adults, Rather Than 500mg, Was Found to Be A New Potentially Safe and More Effective Method of Cancer Treatment 39
Omura, Y.; Lu, D.; Jones, M.; Nihrane, A.; Duvvi, H.; Yapor, D., Shimotsuura, Y.; Ohki, M. (USA and Japan)

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries

Volume 40, Number 4

Using new non-invasive quick method to detect Borrelia Burgdorferi (B.B.) infection from specific parts of the heart in “seemingly normal” ECGs, and from the ECGs of Atrial Fibrillation (AF), a majority of AF ECGs are found to have: 1) Significant B.B. infection, 2) Markedly increased ANP, 3) Increased Cardiac Troponin I & 4) Markedly reduced Taurine. These 4 factors were mainly localized at infected areas of the SA node area, R-&L-Atria & pulmonary veins at the L-atrium  297

Omura, Y.; Lu, D.; Jones, M.; Nihrane, A.; Duvvi, H.; Dario, Y., Shimotsuura, Y.; Ohki, M. (USA and Japan)

The Beneficial Effect of Electro-acupuncture at PC6 (Neiguan-point) on Gene and Protein Expressions of Classical Inward-rectifier Potassium Channels in Myocardial Ischemic Rats  335
Wang, Y., Zhang, X., Wang, W., Li, D., Dai, J., Li, C., Li, J., Chen, Y., Rong, P., (China)

Electro-Acupuncture at GV.4 Improves Functional Recovery in paralyzed rats after a Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury  355
Becerril, O., Ceballos, H., Solis, C., Sanchez, B., Hernandez, M., Ruiz, A., Castillo, S., (Mexico)

Abstracts of 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of Japan Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Medical Society held at Tokyo University during September 19-20, 2015  371

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries  403

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Volume 40, Number 3

Early Detection of Autism (ASD) by a Non-invasive Quick Measurement of Markedly Reduced Acetylcholine & DHEA and Increased β-Amyloid (1-42), Asbestos (Chrysotile), Titanium Dioxide, Al, Hg & often Coexisting Virus Infections (CMV, HPV 16 and 18), Bacterial Infections etc. in the Brain and Corresponding Safe Individualized Effective Treatment. 157 Omura, Y.; Lu, D.; Jones, M.; Nihrane, A.; Duvvi, H.; Shimotsuura, Y.; Ohki, M.

A New Theory on the Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Mechanisms from the Latest Medical Scientific Point of View 189 İnanç, B.

Beneficial Acupuncture Treatment For Systemic Sclerosis which was Non-Responsive To Medications 205
Karatay, K.; Uzkeser, Z.

Programs & Abstracts of Combined International Symposiums of: 4th Brazilian International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (From São Paulo, Brazil) 13th Biennial International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (From Tokyo, Japan), 31st Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture, Electro-Therapeutics and Latest Advancements in Integrative Medicine (From New York, USA) Held Jointly During May 1st-3rd, 2015 at Nikkey Palace Hotel - São Paulo - Brazil. 215

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries 287

Volume 40, Number 2

Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation Increased Nitric Oxide-Cyclic GMP Release Biocaptured Over Skin Surface of Pericardium Meridian and Acupuncture Points in Humans 73
Ma, S-X.; Mayer, E.; Lee, P.; Li, X-Y., Gao, E. Z.

Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Electro-acupuncture Assessed in the Canine Chronic Atrio-ventricular Block Model Having Severe Hypertension and Chronic Heart Failure 87
Cao, X; Lu, S.; Ohara, H.; Nakamura, Y.; Izumi-Nakaseko, H.; Ando, K.; Zhu, B.; Xu, B.; Sugiyama, A.

Simple New Method of Detecting Lies By Identifying Invisible Unique Physiological Reflex Response Appearing Often Less Than 10-15 Seconds on the Specific Parts of Face of Lying Person; Quick Screening of Potential Murderers & Problematic Persons 101
Omura, Y.; Nihrane, A.; Lu, D.; Jones, M.; Shimotsuura, Y.; Ohki, M.

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries 147

Volume 40, Number 1

New Non-Invasive Safe, Quick, Economical Method of Detecting Various Cancers was found Using QRS Complex or Rising Part of T-wave of Recorded ECGs. Cancers can be Screened Along with Their Biochemical Parameters & Therapeutic Effects of Any Cancer Treatments can be Evaluated Using Recorded ECGs of Same Individual 1
Omura, Y.; Lu, D.; Young, B.; Jones, M.; Nihrane, A.; Duvvi, H.; Shimotsuura, Y.; Ohki, M.

Using Double Occlusion Checking System and Bi-digital O-Ring Test to Determine The Vertical Dimension of Occlusion for Maxillofacial Prosthodontics for Patients with Long-Term Pathophysiological Condition 17
Lu, D.; Wu-Shi, P.

Clinical Survey & Statistical Study on Four Types of Neck Whiplash Injuries Based on the Classical Meridian Theory: Correlation with their Symptoms, Tender Points and Range of Motion (ROM) 35
Chen, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Xiaolin, X.; Zhang, Q.; Wu, X.; Li, H.; Zheng, X.; Wang, T.

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries 61


Integrative Approach to Diagnosis of Genital Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) Infection of Female
Dunjic, M.; Stanisic, S.; Krstic, D.; Stanisic, M.; Ignjatic, Z.; Dunjic, Ma.

3,5,11 Needles: Looking For The Perfect Number of Needles--A Randomized And Controlled Study
Ceccherelli, F.; Marino, E.; Caliendo, A.; Dezzoni, R.; Roveri, A.; Gagliardi, G.

The Beneficial Effect of Electro-acupuncture Given at PC6 (Neiguan-point) by the Increase in Cardiac Transient Outward Flow of K+ Channel Which Depends on the Gene and Protein Expressions in Artificially Induced Myocardial Ischemia Rats
Wang, Y.; Wang, W.; Li, D.; Li, J.; Dai, J.; Yufu, L.; Li, C.; Zhang, X.; Rong, P.; Chen, Y.

The Impact of Acupuncture Treatment on Nitric Oxide (NO) in Migraine Patients
Gunduztepe, Y.; Mit, S.; Gecioglu, E.; Gurbuz, N.; Salkaci, O.; Kartal, R.; Severcan, C.; Cevik, C.

Announcements & Forthcoming Meetings New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries

Abstracts of "7th European Congress of Integrative Medicine" in conjunction with "12th Biannual International Symposium on Bi-Digital O-Ring Test" and "30th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture, Electrotherapeutics Research & Latest Advancements In Integrative Medicine" held at Columbia University.

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Non-Invasive Quick Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Problems from Visible and Invisible Abnormal Changes with Increased Cardiac Troponin I Appearing On Cardiovascular Representation Areas of the Eyebrows, Left Upper Lip, etc. of the Face & Hands: Beneficial Manual Stimulation of Hand's Heart Representation Area for Acute Anginal Chest Pain, and Important Factors in Safe, Effective Treatment
-Omura, Y.; Jones, K. M.; Duvvi, H.; Shimotsuura, Y.; Ohki, M.; Rodriques, A. (U.S.A. & Japan)

Power Spectral Differences of ElectrophysiologicalSignals Detected at Acupuncture Points and Non-Acupuncture Points
-Zhou, Q.; Gai, S.; Lin, N.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, L.; Yu, R.; Liu, J.; Cai, X. (People's Republic of China)

To Choose The Proper Antibiotic Regimen Between The Old and New Antimicrobial Agents and to Determine The Optimum Dosage With Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
-Lu, P. D.; Wu, S. P.; Panik, G. (U.S.A.)

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries



An Integrated Approach To Individualized Optimal Dose Estimation of Medication By Means of Dosing Adjustment Measures And Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
Lu, D; Omura, Y; Lu, W (USA)

Unique Aspect of Tibetan Medicine
-Dakpa, T. (Tibet & USA)

Program of the 29th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture, Electrotherapeutics and Latest Developments in Integrated Medicine, at the Columbia University Faculty House

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 29th Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture, Electrotherapeutics and Latest Developments in Integrated Medicine, held at the Columbia University Faculty House during Nov. 7-9, 2013

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries


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Oncothermia: A new Paradigm and Promising Method in Cancer Therapies
Hegyi, G.; Szasz, O.; Szasz, A. (Hungary)

Treatment of Nocturia Symptoms With Acupuncture
Cevik, C.; Iseri, S. O. (Turkey)

More than 97% of Human Papilloma Virus Type 16 (HPV-16) was Found with Chrysotile Asbestos & Relatively Smooth Round Tumor Outline, and Less than 3% was found with HPV-18 and Tremolite Asbestos & Irregular Sawtooth-like Zigzag Outline in Breast Cancer Tissues in Over 500 Mammograms of Female Patients: Their Implications in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Breast Cancer
Omura, Y.; Jones, M.; Niharan, A.;  Duvvi, H.; Shimotsuura, Y.; Ohki, M. (USA & Japan)

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries


The Effect of Acupuncture on High Blood Pressure of Patients Using Antihypertensive Drugs
- Çevik, C.; İşeri, S. O. (Turkey)

Treating Angina Pectoris By Acupuncture Therapy
- Xu, L.; Xu, H.; Gao, W.; Wang, W.; Zhang, H.; Lu, D. (Republic of China & U.S.A.)

Factors Significantly Increasing or Inhibiting Early Stages of Malignant Melanoma (M.M.) and Non-Invasive Evaluation of New Treatment by Ingestion and External Application of Optimal Doses of the Most Effective anti-M.M. substances: Haritaki, Cilantro, Vitamin D3, Nori, EPA with DHA, & Application of Special (+) Solar Energy Stored Paper, which Reduced the M.M. Active Area & Asbestos Rapidly
- Omura, Y; Jones, M; Duvvi, H; Paluch, K; Shimotsuura, Y; Ohki, M. (USA & Japan)

Influence of I-Ching (Yijing易經, or The Book of Changes) on Chinese Medicine, Philosophy and Science
- Lu, D. (U.S.A.)

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries



Comparison of 2 Methods of Non-invasive Treatment between Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stimulation as Replacement of Invasive Manual Acupuncture
-  Kim, S-B.; Kim, J-Y.; Park, S-W.; Lee, N-R.; Lee, S-W.; Kim, Y-H.; Lee, Y-H. (South Korea)

The Effects of Acupuncture on the Levels of Blood Pressure and Nitric Oxide in Hypertensive Patients
- Severcan, C.; Cevik, C.; Acar, H.V.; Cayci Sivri, A.B.; Mit, S.S.; Gecioglu, E.; Pasaoglu, O.T.; Gunduztepe, Y. (Turkey)

Somatic Acupuncture versus Ear Acupuncture in Migraine Therapy: A Randomized, Controlled, Blind Study
- Ceccherelli, F.; Lovato, A.; Piana, E.; Gagliardi, G.; Roveri, A. (Italy)

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New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries

Volume 37 Author Index



Acute Effects of Electro-acupuncture (EA) On Hippocampal Long Term Potentiation (LTP) of Perforant Path-Dentate Gyrus Granule Cells Synapse Related to Memory
-He, X.; Yan, T.; Chen, R.; Ran, D. (China)

Sedating Pediatric Dental Patients by Oral Ketamine with Alternating Bi-lateral Stimulation of Eye Movement Desensitization and minimizing Adverse Reaction of Ketamine by Acupuncture and Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
-Lu, D.P.; Wu, P-S.; Lu, W.I. (USA)

Effects of Combining Electroacupuncture with General Anesthesia Induced by Sevoflurane in Patients Undergoing Supratentorial Craniotomy and Improvements in Their Clinical Recovery Profile & Blood Enkephalin
-Yang, C.; An, L.; Han, R.; Lin, S.; Kang, X.; Wang, B. (China)


Contra-Lateral Needling in the Treatment of Hemiplegia Due to Acute Ischemic Stroke
Gao, H., Gao, X., Liang, G., Ma, B. (China)

Newly Discovered Quick, Non-Invasive Screening Method of Bone Marrow Malignancies Including Various eukemia’s, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, & Multiple Myeloma from Abnormal Small Rectangular Area within Bone Marrow Organ Representation Areas of the Face
Omura, Y; O’Young, B; Jones, M; Nihrane A; Duvvi, H; Paluch, K; Shimotsuura, Y; Ohki, M. (USA & Japan)

Sedating the Apprehensive Debilitated Patients for Dental Procedures by Combining Parenteral Sedation and Hypnosis with Supplemental Acupuncture Therapy
Lu, DP; Wu PS; Lu WI (USA)


Localization of Acupuncture Points on the Lung Meridian Using Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Electromagnetic Field Resonance Phenomenon Between 2 Identical Substances
Suko, E.V., Iwasa, S., Jojima, T., Senvaitis, M.I., Vera, M.R., Uno, L.H., Honda, M.I., Falzoni, W., Yoshida, Y., Berreta, O.N., Tanaka, M.H., Rosenberg, M., Silva, J.R. (Brazil)

The Characteristics of Acupuncture-Like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Acupuncture-Like TENS): A Literature Review
Francis, R.P., Johnson, M.I. (UK)

Effects of Electroacupuncture on Depression in a Rat Model
Xu, S., Li, S., Shen, X., Meng, X., Lao, L. (USA & China)

Pain Induced by Intensive Light Beam Pulse Stimulation of Acupuncture Point GB34 of Lower Extremities and its Associated Changes in EEGs
Lee, F., Chang, T., Wu, A.
(Taiwan & USA)

New Clinical Findings on the Longevity Gene in Disease, Health, & Longevity: Sirtuin 1 Often Decreases with Advanced Age & Serious Diseases in Most Parts of the Human Body, While Relatively High & Constant Sirtuin 1 Regardless of Age was First Found in the Hippocampus of Supercentenarians
Omura, Y., Lu, D., Jones, M., O’Young, B., Duvvi, H., Paluch, K., Shimotsuura, Y., Ohki, M.
(USA & Japan)

Program of the 27thth Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics & Integrated Medicine held at Columbia University, New York, NY during October 21-24, 2011

Abstracts of the 27thth Annual International Symposium on Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics & Integrated Medicine


Effective Acupunture Practice through Diagnosis Based on Distribution of Meridian Pathways & Related Syndromes
Chen, Y., Zheng, X., Li, H., ZHang, Q., Wang, T.
(USA & People's Republic of China)

Caprylic Acid in The Effective Treatment of Intractable Medical Problems of Frequent Urination, Incontinence, Chronic Upper Respiratory Infection, Root Canalled Tooth Infection, ALS, etc., Caused by Asbestos & Mixed Infections of Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori, & Cytomegalovirus With or Without Other Microorganisms & Mercury
Omura, Y., O'Young, B., Jones, M., Pallos, A., Duvvi, H., Shimotsuura, Y.
(USA & Japan)

Phenytoin (Dilantin) and Acupuncture Therapy in the Treatment of Intractable Oral and Facial Pain
Lu, D.P., Lu, W.I., Lu, G.P.

Abstracts os 10th Biennial International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test held at Waseda Universoty, Tokyo, Japan during July 16-19 2010

Announcements & Forthcoming Events


New Patents & Published Patent Applications from the U.S. and Over 30 Other Countries



Quality of Randomized Controlled Trials in Acupuncture Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus Infection—A Systematic Review
Shumei Zheng, Juan Du, Xiaoqin Lu, Yajun Zhang, Lisheng Hu, and Wei Wang

A Comparison Between Pulsed Radiofrequency and Electro-acupuncture for Relieving Pain in Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain
Mu-Lien Lin, Mu-Huang Lin, Jun-Jeng Fen, Wei-Tso Lin, Chii-Wann Lin, and Po-Quang Chen

Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Stiumlation (1 pulse/sec) Through Custom-made Disposable Surface Electrodes Covering Omura's ST36 Area of Both Legs on Normal Cell Telomeres, Oncogen C-fosAb2, Integrin α5β1, Chlamydia Trachomatis, etc. in Breast Cancer & Alzheimer Patients
Yoshiaki Omura, Yemeng Chen, Olivia Lermand, Marilyn Jones, Harsha Duvvi, and Yasuhiro Shimotsuura

Clinical Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Mandibular Subluxation and Dislocation
Dominic P. Lu, Gabriel P. Lu, and Po-Ming Lu

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Johnson, M.I., 231
Jojima, T., 221
Jones, M., 19, 287

Lao, L., 259
Lee, F., 275
Li, H., 1
Li, S., 259
Lu, D.P., 65, 287
Lu, G.P., 65
Lu, W.I., 65

Meng, X., 259

O’Young, B., 19, 287
Ohki, M., 287
Omura, Y., 19, 287

Pallos, A., 19
Paluch, K., 287

Rosenberg, M., 221

Senvaitis, M.I., 221
Shen, X., 259
Shimotsuura, Y., 19, 287
Silva, J.R., 221
Suko, E.V., 221

Tanaka, M.H., 221

Vera, M.R., 221
Wang, T., 1
Wu, A., 275

Xu, S., 259

Zhang, Q., 1
Zheng, X., 1


Volume 35

Aravagli, Lucia, 1

Castagna, Alessandro, 1
Chen, Po-Quang, 133
Chen, Yemeng, 147

Du, Juan, 119
Duvvi, Harsha, 45,147

Fen, Jun-Jeng, 133
Fontani, Vania, 1

Hines, Howard, 45
Hu, Lisheng, 119

Issever, Halim, 17

Jinquan, Ma, 29
Jones, Marilyn, 45,147

Karatas, Omer, 17

Lermand, Olivia, 147
Lin, Chii-Wann, 133
Lin, Han, 29

Lin, Mu-Hung, 133
Lin, Mu-Lien, 133
Lin, Wei-Tso, 133
Lu, Dominic P., 45, 187
Lu, Gabriel P., 187
Lu, Po-Ming, 187
Lu, Xiaoqin, 119

Margotti, Matteo Lotti, 1
Mannu, Piero, 1

O’Young, Brian, 45
Ohki, Motomu, 45
Omura, Yoshiaki, 45,147
Ozcan, Emel, 17

Pallos, Andrew, 45

Rinaldi, Salvatore, 1

Sahin, Nilay, 17
Sezen, Kasim, 17
Shimotsuura, Yasuhiro, 45,147
Shu, Wang, 29

Wang, Wei, 119
Wenping, Yao, 29

Xuemin, Shi, 29

Yan, Shen, 29

Zhang, Yajun, 119
Zheng, Shumei, 119

Volume 34

Ahn, Kyoo-Seok, 27
Araque, Haydeé, 165

Bayraktar, Bulent, 205

Cakir, Baris, 205
Cao, Xiao-ding, 151
Castagna, Alessandro, 135

Duvvi, Harsha, 41,175

Henoch, Avraham, 41
Horiuchi, Nobuko, 175

Jones, Marilyn K., 175
Joshi, Narahari, 165

Kawashima, Hiroshi, 41
Kim, Kwan-Hyun, 27
Kim, Sung-Hoon, 27

Lee, Chan-Hee, 27
Lee, Eun-Ok, 27
Lee, Hye-Jung, 27
Lee, Hyo-Jeong, 27
Lee, Hyo-Jung, 27
Lee, Jae-Ho, 27
Lee, Keun-Sung, 27
Li, Ji, 151
Lu, Dominic , 175

Mannu, Piero, 135
Margotti, Malteo, 135

Nam, Don-Woo, 27

Ohki, Motomu, 41,175
Omura, Yoshiaki, 41,175
Ozerkan, Kemal Nuri, 205

Pallos, Andrew, 175
Pretorius, Etheresia, 15

Rinaldi, Salvatre, 135

Shimotsuura, Yasuhiro, 41,175
Suetsugu, Akihiro, 175

Y1ld1z, Fatih, 205
Yucesir, Ilker, 205

Zhang, Jun-hai, 151
Zheng, Guo-qing, 1

Volume 33

Casale, R., 157
Ceccherelli, F., 157
Chen, S., 19
Chen, Y., 19
Cheng, F., 53

Gagliardi, G., 157
Gizhko, V., 1

Han, J.B., 145
Hosemann, W., 1
Huang, V., 169
Huang, X., 33

Jia, J., 9

Kim, C.W., 145
Kim, J.H., 179
Kim, S.H., 179
Kim, S.K., 145

Lee, E.S., 179
Lee, M.G., 145
Lehmann, C., 1
Lietz, P., 1
Lu, G., 135
Lu, P., 135

Min, B.I., 145

Nam, D., 179

Omura, Y., 193
Ori, C., 157

Park, D.S., 145
Park, M.K., 179
Pavlovic, D., 1

Rovert, A., 157

Schmidt, R., 1
Shen, T., 169
Sun, B., 145
Sun, Y., 33

Usichenko, T., 1

Wang, X., 33
Wendt, M., 1

Yang, H., 33
Yuan, S., 33

Zeng, Y., 19
Zhang, C., 33
Zhang, W., 19
Zhou, Y., 9

Volume 32

Ahmed., S., 81
Ahn, B.S., 195

Bayraktar, B., 71

Cao, J., 179
Chen, H., 87
Chen, J., 87
Chen, Y., 31

de Barros, F.C., 211
de Barros, S.E., 211
Cuvvi, H., 31

Esnouf, A., 81

Feng, X., 179

Goksu, O., 71
Gong, L., 223

Hong, J.Y., 195
Hong, S., 195

Kangs, D-I., 195
Kim, Y-J., 195
Kuo, H., 87

Lee, B-C., 195
Lee, S-H., 195
Liang, W., 87
Lin, J., 87
Liu, H., 179
Lu, d.P., 15, 31
Lu, G., 16
Lu, W., 15

Moore, J., 81

Ohki, M., 31
Omura, Y., 31, 235
Ozerkan, K., 71

Sahinkaya, T., 71
Shimotsura, Y., 31
Shy, H., 87
Soh, K-S., 195
Sun, X., 223
Syldona, M., 1

Tang, W., 179
Tyan, C., 87

Woo, H-J., 195
Wright, P., 87

Yildiz, S., 71
Yoo, J.S., 195
Yucesire, I., 71

Zhang, J., 179

Volume 31

Baik, K.Y., 13
Bernardo-Filho, M., 33

Cao, X.O., 223
Chen, F.-P., 45
Cheng J., 259

Dinse, M., 213
Duvvi, H., 247

Franca, D., 33

Gao, H., 259
Guimares, M., 33
Guo, J., 259

Han, W., 1
Hwang, S-J., 45

Jung, M-S., 45

Kang, J., 233
Kang, Y., 233
Kim, M.S. 201
Koshurinov, Y., 1
Krevsky, M., 1

Lee, B-C., 13
Lee, S-M., 1
Lehmann, C., 213
Li, X., 233
Li, X.Y., 223
Litscher, G., 201
Lysenyuk, V.P., 213

Moreno, S., 33

Ogay, V., 13
Ohata, N., 247
Ohki, M., 247
Omura, Y., 61, 247
Ovechkin, A., 1

Pavlovic, D., 213

Rogers, P., 33

Santos-Filho, S., 33
Senna-Fernandesm, V., 33
Seo, K.M., 201
Shimotsura, Y., 247
Soh, K-S., 13
Soh, K.S., 201

Tkachenko, Y., 1

Usichenko, T.I., 213

Wendt, M., 213
Wessner, J., 127
Wu, G.C., 223

Yan, W., 233
Yoon, G., 1
Yu, J., 223

Zhang, Y., 233
Zhao, P., 259
Zinina, E., 1

Volume 30

Cao, Y-X., 263
Chen, B.-Y., 275
Cheng J-S., 1, 207
Chiu, J-H., 15

Fan, M.-X., 263

Gu, J., 207
Guo, J-C., 1
Guo, X., 185

Han, J., 27
Hsieh, C-L., 15
Huang, Y-L., 263
Huang, X-F., 43

Jin, H-B., 1, 207
Jeong, D-M., 201

Kuo, Y.L., 15

Lee, MS., 201
Li, B., 207
Li, L., 263
Li, Q., 1

Lin, J-G., 15
Liu, R-Y., 43
Lu, N., 263

Omura, Y., 57, 219
Ozerkan, K.N., 53

Shen, D-H., 185
Shen, L-L., 263
Shi, B-C., 201
Shu, J., 43
Sun, F-Y., 185

Wang, I., 263
Wu, C-W., 15

Yang, R., 1, 207
Yang, Z-J., 185
Yu, J., 27
Yu, T., 27

Zhao, H., 275
Zhu, D.-N., 263

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