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Cognizant Books

Casino Gambling in America: Origins, Trends and Impacts
ISBN: 1-992345-46-0

Coastal Tourism Development
ISBN: 1-882345-54-1

Evaluation of Events: Scandinavian Experiences
ISBN: 1-882345-40-1

Explore Wine Tourism: Management, Development & Destination
ISBN: 1-882345-33-9

Horror and Human Tragedy Revisited
ISBN: 1-882345-35-5

Hosts & Guests Revisited: Tourism Issues of the 21st Century
ISBN: 1-882345-29-0

Migration & Tourism: Formation of New Social Classes
ISBN: 1-882345-48-7

Mountain Resort Planning & Development in an Era of Globalization
ISBN: 1-882345-47-9

Nature and Tourists in the Last Frontier: Local Encounters with Global Tourism in Coastal Alaska
ISBN: 1-882345-53-3

Pacific Island Tourism
ISBN: 1-882345-37-1

Polar Tourism : Human, Environmental and Governance Dimensions
ISBN: 978-1-882345-55-7

Sex Tourism and Prostitution: Aspects of Leisure, Recreation and Work
ISBN: 1-882345-15-0

Stereopticon : Entry to a Life of Travel and Tourism Research
ISBN: 978-1-882345-67-0

The Other Side of Paradise: Tourism, Conservation and Development in the Bay Islands
ISBN: 1-882345-31-2

The Political Economy of Tourism Development in Africa
ISBN: 1-882345-25-8

Tourism & Small Entrepreneurs : Development, National Policy and Entrepreneurial Culture: Indonesian Cases
ISBN: 1-882345-27-4

Tourism Development and Local Participation in Latin America
ISBN: 1-882345-43-6

Tourism Development in Critical Environments
ISBN: 1-882345-19-3

Wellness and Tourism: Mind, Body, Spirit, Place
ISBN: 1-882345-51-7

Western Tourism: Can Paradise Be Reclaimed?
ISBN: 1-882345-44-4

Miranda Press Books

Wine: A Global Business (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-9715870-3-8

Best Practices in Global Wine Tourism : 15 Case Studies from Around the World
ISBN: 978-0-9715870-6-9

Call of the Vine : Exploring Ten Famous Vineyards of Napa and Sonoma
ISBN: 978-0-9715870-5-2

The Bonus Years: Women and Retirement
ISBN: 0-9715870-1-9