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VOLUME 3, 2000

VOLUME 3, NUMBERS 3-4, 2000

Editor's Introduction
Hannes Werthner

Stefan Klein


Small Is Beautiful: ICT and Tourism SMEs: A Comparative European Survey
Graeme Evans, Janet Bohrer, and Greg Richards

A Typology of Tourism-Related Web Sites: Its Theoretical Background and Implications
Bing Pan and Daniel Fesenmaier

Perceptions of Marketing Managers of the Effectiveness of the Internet in Tourism and Hospitality
Timothy H. Jung and Richard Butler

Evaluating Electronic Channels of Distribution in the Hotel Sector: A Delphi Study
Peter O'Connor and Andrew J. Frew

Benchmarking Hotel Operations on the Internet: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
Karl W. Wöber

Design of a Multilevel Intelligent Decision Support System for the Improvement of Tourist Satisfaction
Bozidar Klicek


A History of Australian Travel and Tourism (John I. Richardson)
Nina Mistilis

The Other Side of Paradise: Tourism, Conservation, and Development in the Bay Islands (Susan C. Stonich)
Pauline J. Sheldon

Conference and Workshop Announcements

Volume 3 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 2, 2000

Editor's Introduction
Hannes Werthner


Preparing for the New Tourism Economy: The Use of the Internet and Intranet in American Convention and Visitor Bureaus
Yu-Lan Yuan and Daniel R. Fesenmaier

Increasing the Quality of Hotel Management Information Systems by Applying Workflow Technology
José L. Caro, Antonio Guevara, Andrés Aguayo, and Sergio Gálvez

Information Technology and Tourism: A Research Agenda
Andrew J. Frew

A Possible Solution for the Problem of Heterogeneity
Marion Kaukal


Business Information Systems--A Process Approach (Brian Warboys, Peter Kawalek, Ian Robertson, and Mark Greenwood)
A. Min Tjoa

Asia-Pacific Tourism: Regional Co-operation, Planning and Development (K. Pookong and B. King)
Gavan Cushnahan

Information Technology and Tourism--A Challenging Relationship (Hannes Werthner and Stefan Klein)
Peter O'Connor

Tourism and Small Entrepreneurs. Development, National Policy, and Entrepreneurial Culture: Indonesia Cases (Heidi Dahlas and Karin Bras, editors)
Dimitrios Buhalis

Forest Tourism and Recreation: Case Studies in Environmental Management (X. Font and J. Tribe, editors)
Pramod Sharma and Dean Carson

Conference and Workshop Announcements

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 1, 2000

Editor's Introduction
Hannes Werthner


Education and Australian Government Policy: Delivering Information Technology Outcomes for Tourism Businesses?
Nina Mistilis and Roberto Daniele

Internet Tourism Networks and Marketing: A Case Study of the Potential and Gaps in the Former Homelands of the Northern Province in South Africa
Godfrey Anyumba

Rostering-Integrated Services and Crew Efficiency
Johannes König and Christine Strauss

Destination Management Systems: Criteria for Success--An Exploratory Research
Dimitrios Buhalis and Antonella Spada


Sustainable Tourism Management (John Swarbrooke)
Thomas Iverson

Tourism Policy: The Next Millennium (David Edgel)
Dimitrios Buhalis

Internet Distribution of European Travel and Tourism Services(Carl Marcussen)
Stefan Klein

Hospitality Information Technology. Learning How to Use It (4th Edition) (Galen R. Collins and Tarun Malik)
Marja J. Verbeeten

Embracing and Managing Change in Tourism: International Case Studies (E. Law, B. Faulkner, and M. Moscardo, editors)
Paul Weeks

Conference and Workshop Announcements