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VOLUME 2, NUMBER 3/4, 1999

Editor's Introduction
Hannes Werthner

Karsten Kärcher and Stefan Klein


Sites for Sore Eyes: An Analysis of Australian Tourism and Hospitality Web Sites
Paul Weeks and Ian Crouch

Tourism on the World Wide Web: A Comparison of Web Sites of United States- and French-Based Businesses
J. Drew Procaccino and F. Roy Miller

Business Models for Electronic Commerce in the Travel Services
Pirjo Järvelä, Jyri Loikkanen, Markku Tinnilä, and Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen

The Effects of Internet Distribution of Travel and Tourism Services on the Marketing Mix: No-Frills, Fair Fares, and Fare Wars in the Air
Carl H. Marcussen

Intelligent Assistants for Retail Travel Agents
Paul F. O'Brien


Ecotourism: An Introduction (David A. Fennell)
David Timothy Duval

Computer Communications: Principles and Business Applications (Andy Sloane)
Jose Luis Caro Herrero

Electronic Information Distribution in Tourims and Hospitality (Peter O'Connor)
Karsten Kärcher

An Introduction to Tourism and Antrhopology (Peter M. Burns)
Melanie Smith

Database Design & Management Using Access (Nick Dowling)
Peter O'Conor

Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism: Proceedings of the International ENTER Conference in Innsbruck, Austria, 1999 (D. Buhalis and W. Schertler, editors)
Simon Milne

Highlights of the 27th Annual Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC)
Marianna Sigala and Dimitrios Buhalis

Conference and Workshop Announcements

Volumes 1 and 2 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2, 1999

Editor's Introduction
Hannes Werthner


Information Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Tourism Enterprises: Adaptation and Benefits
Dimitrios Buhalis

Marketing Small Hotels on the World Wide Web
Alastair M. Morrison, Stephen Taylor, Alison J. Morrison, and Allison D. Morrison

Local Authorities in England and Wales and the Development of Tourism Internet Sites
D. R. Vaughan, A. Jolley, and P. Mehrer

The Analysis of Demographic Profiles and Prospects of Internet Users in National Tourism Organizations. Case Study: National Tourism Organization (KNTO)
Hung-Soo Jung


The Business of Tourism (5th edition) (J. Christopher Holloway)
Andrew J. Frew

Strategic Planning Systems in Hospitality and Tourism (P. A. Phillips and L. Moutinho)
Karl W. Wöber

Tourism: Principles and Practice (2nd edition) (Cooper, Fletcher, Gilbert, Shepherd, and Wanhill)
Gilbert Archdale

Tourism and Cultural Conflicts (M. Robinson and P. Boniface, editors)
Nina Mistilis

The Economic Geography of the Tourist Industry (Dimitri Ioannides and Keith G. Debbage, editors)
Erlet Cater

Conference and Workshop Announcements

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1, 1999

Editor's Introduction
Hannes Werthner


Destination Marketing System Strategies in Scotland and Ireland: An Aproach to Assessment
Andrew J. Frew and Peter O'Connor

Improving the Position of Business Travel Agencies: Coping With the Information Challenge
Johan van Rekom, Wim Teunissen, and Frank Go

Developing a Knowledge-Based Tourism Marketing Information System
Daniel R. Fesenmaier, A. W. Leppers, and Joseph T. O'Leary

Business Process Reengineering in the Hospitality Industry: Process Improvement in ALPHA Flight Services
Michael Baker and Gerry Sweeney


Tourism Information Technology (Pauline J. Sheldon)
Roberto Daniele

Information Technology for Travel and Tourism (G. Inkpen)
Valeria Minghetti

Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 1998 (Dimitrios Buhalis, A. Min Tjoa, and Jafar Jafari, editors)
Pauline J. Sheldon

The IFITT White Paper on Open Issues and Challenges in IT and Tourism
H. Werthner and R. Carter


A New Era in Information Technology: Its Implications for Tourism Policies
Hannes Werthner

IT & T Special Issue on Electronic Commerce and Tourism

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

Conference and Workshop Announcements