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Volume 12, Numbers 1-12



Wilms' Tumor: A Paradigm for the New Genetics
Karim Malik, Pearlly Yan, Tim H.-M. Huang, and Keith W. Brown

Short Communication

Novel mdm2 Splice Variants Identified in Pediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma Tumors and Cell Lines
Frank Bartel, Alan C. Taylor, Helge Taubert, and Linda C. Harris

Laboratory Research

Mutation and Functional Analysis of IL-13 Receptors in Human Malignant Glioma Cells
Mariko Kawakami, Pamela Leland, Koji Kawakami, and Raj K. Puri

Involvement of Claudin-1 in the b-Catenin/Tcf Signaling Pathway and its Frequent Upregulation in Human Colorectal Cancers
Nobutomo Miwa, Mikio Furuse, Shoichiro Tsukita, Norio Niikawa, Yusuke Nakamura, and Yoichi Furukawa

Antitumor Activity of ER-51785, a New Peptidomimetic Inhibitor of Farnesyl Transferase: Synergistic Effect in Combination With Paclitaxel
Katsuji Nakamura, Atsumi Yamaguchi, Masayuki Namiki, Hiroshi Ishihara, Takeshi Nagasu, James J. Kowalczyk, Ana Maria Garcia, Michael D. Lewis, and Kentaro Yoshimatsu

Antisense of ATP Synthase Subunit e Inhibits the Growth of Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells
Hao Ying, Yanlin Yu, and Yonghua Xu

Molecular Characterization of the DICE1 (DDX26) Tumor Suppressor Gene in Lung Carcinoma Cells
Ilse Wieland, Albrecht Röpke, Markus Stumm, Christian Sell, Ulrich H. Weidle, and Peter F. Wieacker

Antitumor Effect of VNP20009, an Attenuated Salmonella, in Murine Tumor Models
Xiang Luo, Zujin Li, Stanley Lin, Trung Le, Martina Ittensohn, David Bermudes, Jacob D. Runyab, Shu-ying Shen, Jianping Chen, Ivan C. King, and Li-mou Zheng

Volume 12 Subject and Author Index



Antagonistic Effect of the Combination Gemcitabine/Topotecan in Ovarian Cancer Cells
Mariagrazia Distefano, Cristiano Ferlini, Rosa De Vincenzo, Cristiana Gaggini, Salvatore Mancuso, and Giovanni Scambia

Cytotoxicity, DNA Damage, and Cell Cycle Perturbations Induced by Two Representative Gold(III) Complexes in Human Leukemic Cells With Different Cisplatin Sensitivity
Marcella Coronnello, Giordana Marcon, Stefania Carotti, Barbara Caciagli, Enrico Mini, Teresita Mazzei, Pierluigi Orioli, and Luigi Messori

Cell-Cell Adhesion-Independent Killing Due to Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cells Against Glioblastoma Cell Lines
Fumio Komatsu and Tomoko Masuda

Prostaglandin A1 Inhibits Stress-Induced NF-kB Activation and Reverses Resistance to Topoisomerase II Inhibitors
Yoonkyung C. Boller, Lori M. Brandes, Rosalind L. Russell, Z. Ping Lin, Steven R. Patierno, and Katherine A. Kennedy

Induction of Apoptosis by Cidofovir in Human Papillomavirus (HPV)-Positive Cells
Graciela Andrei, Robert Snoeck, Dominique Schols, and Erik De Clercq

Effects of Photodynamic Therapy With Hypericin in Mice Bearing Highly Invasive Solid Tumors
Michael Blank, Gad Lavie, Mathilda Mandel, and Yona Keisari

Synergistic Effects of Clinically Achievable Concentrations of 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate in Combination With all-trans Retinoic Acid, 1a,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3, and Sodium Butyrate on Differentiation in HL-60 Cells
Xi Zheng, Richard L. Chang, Xiao-Xing Cui, Kathleen A. Kelly, Weichung Joe Shih, Yong Lin, Roger Strair, Junghan Suh, Zheng Tao Han, Arnold Rabson, and Allan H Conney

Growth Inhibitory Effects and Radiosensitization Induced by Fatty Aromatic Acids on Human Cervical Cancer Cells
Gabriella Ferrandina, Perla Filippini, Cristiano Ferlini, Nicola Maggiano, Andrea B. Stoler, Erika Fruscella, Simona Mozzetti, Salvatore Mancuso, Ralph S. Freedman, Giovanni Scambia, and Franco O. Ranelletti



Characterization and Drug Sensitivity of Four Newly Established Colon Adenocarcinoma Cell Lines to Antifolate Inhibitors of Thymidylate Synthase
Giuseppe S. A. Longo, Julie Izzo, Richard Gorlick, Debabrata Banerjee, Suresh C. Jhanwar, and Joseph R. Bertino

Selective Susceptibility of Transformed T Lymphocytes to Induction of Apoptosis by PSC 833, an Inhibitor of P-Glycoprotein
Janeen Azare, Irene Pankova-Kholmyansky, Konstantin Salnikow, Dalia Cohen, and Eliezer Flescher

4-[3-(2-Nitro-1-imidazolyl)propylamino]-7-chloroquinoline Hydrochloride (NLCQ-1), a Novel Bioreductive Agent as Radiosensitizer In Vitro and In Vivo: Comparison With Tirapazamine
Maria V. Papadopoulou, Ming Ji, Mira K. Rao, and William D. Bloomer

Demethylation by 5-aza-2´-deoxycytidine (5-azadC) of p16INK4A Gene Results in Downregulation of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression in Human Lung Cancer Cell Lines
Keisuke Miki, Eiji Shimizu, Seiji Yano, Kenji Tani, and Saburo Sone

ATF3 Gene Regulates Cell Form and Migration Potential of HT29 Colon Cancer Cells
Tatsuaki Ishiguro and Hirokazu Nagawa

Human Papilloma Virus 16 E7 Oncogene Does Not Cooperate With RET/PTC 3 Oncogene in the Neoplastic Transformation of Thyroid Cells in Transgenic Mice
Giuseppe Portella, Cristina Borselli, Massimo Santoro, Diego Gerbasio, Maria Rosaria D'Armiento, Jacques E. Dumont, Catherine Ledent, Jay L. Rothstein, Giancarlo Vecchio, and Alfredo Fusco



A 2001 Millennium International Conference of Molecular and Tumor Biology
"Stem Cell Differentiation, Genetic Reprogramming and Programmed Cell Death"
Program and Abstracts
Nomikos Congress Center, Santorini, Greece
September 2-7, 2001

VOLUME 12, NUMBER 5, 2000


Bone Metastasis Model With Multiorgan Dissemination of Human Small-Cell Lung Cancer (SBC-5) Cells in Natural Killer Cell-Depleted SCID Mice
Toyokazu Miki, Seiji Yano, Masaki Hanibuchi, and Saburo Sone

Indoloquinoxaline Compounds That Selectively Antagonize P-Glycoprotein
Charles D. Smith, Cynthia B. Myers, Jack T. Zilfou, Staci N. Smith, and David S. Lawrence

Differences in the Induction of DNA Damage, Cell Cycle Arrest, and Cell Death by 5-Fluorouracil and Antifolates
H. H. J. Backus, H. M. Pinedo, D. Wouters, C. M. Kuiper, G. Jansen, C. J. van Groeningen, and G. J. Peters


Angiogenic and Immune Parameters During Recombinant Interferon-a2b Adjuvant Treatment in Patients With Melanoma
Didier Dréau, Mareva Foster, Melanie Hogg, Jeanene Swiggett, Walter D. Holder, and Richard L. White

VOLUME 12, NUMBER 4, 2000


Induction of Hepatic Metallothioneins in Tumor-Bearing IL-6-Null Mice
Andrei Molotkov, Masahiko Satoh, and Chiharu Tohyama

Human Interferon-g Enhances Expression of Ganglioside GM2 on Human Lung Cancer Cells and Their Susceptibility for Antiganglioside GM2 Monoclonal Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
Masaki Hanibuchi, Yasuhiko Nishioka, Hiroaki Yanagawa, Seiji Yano, Prahlad Parajuli, Mika Bando, and Saburo Sone

Expression of the ATF3 Gene on Cell Lines and Surgically Excised Specimens
Tatsuaki Ishiguro and Hirokazu Nagawa

4-[3-(2-Nitro-1-imidazolyl)propylamino]-7-chloroquinoline Hydrochloride (NLCQ-1), a Novel Bioreductive Compound as a Hypoxia-Selective Cytotoxin
Maria V. Papadopoulou, Ming Ji, Mira K. Rao, and William D. Bloomer

Sodium Butyrate-Induced Differentiation of Human LIM2537 Colon Cancer Cells Decreases GSK-3b Activity and Increases Levels of Both Membrane-Bound and APC/Axin/GSK-3b Complex-Associated Pools of b-Catenin
Elizabeth Vincan, Christine S. F. Leet, Nancy I. Reyes, Rodney Dilley, Robert J. S. Thomas, and Wayne A. Phillips


Angiogenesis and p53 Expression in the Colorectal Adenoma-Carcinoma Sequence
Stylianos A. Kakolyris, Loukas G. Kaklamanis, Michael J. Koukourakis, Alexandra Giatromanolaki, Maria Rousomoustakaki, John C. Souglakos, Despina K. Reppa, Vassilis A. Georgoulias, Kevin C. Gatter, and Adrian L. Harris

VOLUME 12, NUMBER 3, 2000


Structure-Activity Studies of Novobiocin Analogs as Modulators of the Cytotoxicity of Etoposide (VP-16)
Germana Rappa, Krishnamurthy Shyam, Aurelio Lorico, Øystein Fodstad, and Alan C. Sartorelli

Induction of Hepatocellular Carcinoma With High Metastatic Potential in WS/Shi Rats: Discovery of an Inbred Strain Highly Susceptible to the Liver Carcinogen N-Nitrosomorpholine
Takashi Murai, Satoru Mori, Motoko Hosono, Yoshiko Iwakura, Akira Takashima, Reiji Takeda, and Shoji Fukushima

Tumor Amplified Protein Expression Therapy: Salmonella as a Tumor-Selective Protein Delivery Vector
Li-mou Zheng, Xiang Luo, Ming Feng, Zujin Li, Trung Le, Martina Ittensohn, Mark Trailsmith, David Bermudes, Stanley L. Lin, and Ivan C. King

Schedule-Dependent Interaction Between Raltitrexed and 5-Fluorouracil in Human Colon Cancer Cell Lines In Vitro
Yasuhiko Kano, Miyuki Akutsu, Kenichi Suzuki, Yasuo Yazawa, Saburo Tsunoda, and Yusuke Furukawa

Radiation-Induced Cell Cycle Delays and p53 Status of Early Passage Melanoma Cell Lines
Jayamala Parmar, Elaine S. Marshall, Geoffrey A. Charters, Karen M. Holdaway, Andrew N. Shelling, and Bruce C. Baguley

Smad Protein Expression and Activation in Transforming Growth Factor-b Refractory Human Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells
Wu Yan, Vincent F. Vellucci, and Michael Reiss

VOLUME 12, NUMBER 2, 2000


Antitumor Activity of a-Galactosylceramide, KRN7000, in Mice With the Melanoma B16 Hepatic Metastasis and Immunohistological Study of Tumor Infiltrating Cells
Ryusuke Nakagawa, Isao Serizawa, Kazuhiro Motoki, Miyuki Sato, Hitomi Ueno, Rieko Iijima, Hiromi Nakamura, Akihiro Shimosaka, and Yasuhiko Koezuka

Differential Gene Expression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using cDNA Microarray Analysis
Wan-yee Lau, Paul B. S. Lai, Mun-fai Leung, Billy C. S. Leung, Nathalie Wong, Gong Chen, Thomas W. T. Leung, and Choong-tsek Liew

Activation of PTHrP Gene Expression in Squamous Carcinoma Cell Lines by Mutant Isoforms of the Tumor Suppressor p53
John Foley, Connie S. King, Juan A. Jiménez, John J. Wysolmerski, and William M. Philbrick

Apoptosis Cascade Proteins Are Regulated In Vivo by High Intracolonic Butyrate Concentration: Correlation With Colon Cancer Inhibition
Carmel Avivi-Green, Sylvie Polak-Charcon, Zecharia Madar, and Betty Schwartz

Interleukin 8: An Autocrine Growth Factor for Human Ovarian Cancer
Lei Xu and Isaiah J. Fidler


Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Gene Amplification as a Prognostic Marker in Glioblastoma Multiforme: Results of a Meta-Analysis
Michael Huncharek and Bruce Kupelnick

VOLUME 12, NUMBER 1, 2000


Molecular Polarity in Endothelial Cells and Tumor-Induced Angiogenesis
Vincenzo Chiarugi, Marco Ruggiero, and Lucia Mangelli


Mutational Alterations of the p16CDKN2A Tumor Suppressor Gene Have Low Incidence in Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma
Dae Kyung Bae, Yong-Koo Park, Sung Gil Chi, Chun Woo Lee, and K. Krishnan Unni

Coamplification of 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase Genes in Methotrexate-Resistant Human Leukemia Cell Lines
Srinivasan Srimatkandada, Shyam K. Dube, Mark Carmen, and Joseph R. Bertino

CD18/CD54(+CD102, CD2/CD58 Pathway-Independent Killing of Lymphokine-Activated Killer (LAK) Cells Against Glioblastoma Cell Lines T98G and U373MG
Fumio Komatsu and Michiko Kajiwara

Inhibitory Effect of Liposomal MDP-Lys on Lung Metastasis of Transplantable Osteosarcoma in Hamster
Yasuaki Nitta, Takashi Sugita, Yoshikazu Ikuta, and Teruo Murakami


Angiogenic Interactions of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, of Thymidine Phosphorylase, and of p53 Protein Expression in Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer
A. Giatromanolaki, M. I. Koukourakis, G. P. Stathopoulos, A. Kapsoritakis, G. Paspatis, S. Kakolyris, E. Sivridis, V. Georgoulias, A. L. Harris, and K. C. Gatter

Expression of p53 and bcl-2 in Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer Before and After Neo-Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy
Anna M. Cesinaro, Mario Migaldi, Giovanni Ferrari, Giovanni Castagnetti, Alberto Dotti, Carmela De Gaetani, Paolo Ferrari, and Gian P. Trentini