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Volume 11, Numbers 1-12, 1999

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 11/12, 1999


Characterization of a Novel Immunocytolytic Factor Secreted by Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma
Celia M. Divino, Luz P. Angel, Steven T. Brower, and Shu-Hsia Chen

Inhibition of Metastatic Carcinoma Cell Growth in Livers by Poly(I):Poly(C)/Cationic Liposome Complex (LIC)
Kazuko Hirabayashi, Junichi Yano, Hisashi Takesue, Noriko Fujiwara, and Tatsuro Irimura

Growth Inhibition and Antimetastatic Effect of Antisense Poly-DNP-RNA on Human Breast Cancer Cells
Kun Ru, Shawn Schmitt, William I. James, and Jui H. Wang

Significant Increase of Adenovirus Infectivity in Glioma Cell Lines by Extracellular Domain of hCAR
Toshiki Mori, Hirofumi Arakawa, Takashi Tokino, Katsuyoshi Mineura, and Yusuke Nakamura


P450 Expression in Brain Tumors
Heike Knüpfer, Matthias M. Knüpfer, Marc Hotfilder, and Rainer Preiß

A Clinical-Pharmacological Evaluation of Percutaneous Isolated Hepatic Infusion of Doxorubicin in Patients With Unresectable Liver Tumors
Wen-Jen Hwu, Ronald R. Salem, Jeffrey Pollak, Melvin Rosenblatt, Elizabeth D'Andrea, Janine J. Leffert, Susan Faraone, John C. Marsh, and Guiseppe Pizzorno

Elevated Antibody Levels to Epstein-Barr Virus Antigens in Patients With Hairy Cell Leukemia Compared to Controls in Relation to Exposure to Pesticides, Organic Solvents, Animals, and Exhausts
Marie Nordström, Annika Linde, Lotti Schloss, Åsa Näsman, and Lennart Hardell

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VOLUME 11, NUMBER 10, 1999


Photokilling Mechanisms Induced by Zinc(II)-Phthalocyanine on Cultured Tumor Cells
Angeles Villanueva, Verónica Domínguez, Silvia Polo, Viíctor D. Vendrell, Cristina Sanz, Madealena Cañete, Angeles Juarranz, and Juan C. Stockert

Cell Death in Paclitaxel-Dependent Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Is Initiated by the Loss of Telomeric DNA Repeats
Asha S. Multani, Joya Chandra, David J. McConkey, Subrata Sen, Fernando Cabral, and Sen Pathak

Involvement of TNF-a in Enhancement of Invasion and Metastasis of Colon 26-L5 Carcinoma Cells in Mice by Social Isolation Stress
Wenjuan Wu, Takeshi Yamaura, Koji Murakami, Masaru Ogasawara, Kazuko Hayashi, Jun Murata, and Ikuo Saiki

Cytotoxic Effects Toward Human Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells and Tumor Cell Lines of Paclitaxel, Docetaxel, and Newly Developed Analogues IDN5109, IDN5111, and IDN5127
Cristiano Ferlini, Mariagrazia Distefano, Luca Pierelli, Giuseppina Bonanno, Antonella Riva, Ezio Bombardelli, Iwao Ojima, Salvatore Mancuso, and Giovanni Scambia

Antimetastatic and Anti-Invasive Ability of Phospho-ascorbyl Palmitate Through Intracellular Ascorbate Enrichment and the Resultant Antioxidant Action
Jian-Wen Liu, Norio Nagao, Katsuhiro Kageyama, and Nobuhiko Miwa

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 9, 1999


The Role of Mismatch Repair in DNA Damage-Induced Apoptosis
Guo-Min Li

Targeted Antiestrogens for the Prevention of Breast Cancer
David J. Brentrem and V. Craig Jordan


Expression of Ribosomal Protein S5 Cloned Gene During Differentiation and Apoptosis in Murine Erythroleukemia (MEL) Cells
Ioannis S. Vizirianakis, Ioannis S. Pappas, Dimitrios Gougoumas, and Asterios S. Tsiftsoglou

Human N-ras, TRK-T1, and RET/PTC3 Oncogenes, Driven by a Thyroglobulin Promoter, Differently Affect the Expression of Differentiation Markets and the Proliferation of Thyroid Epithelial Cells
Giuseppe Portella, Donatella Vitagliano, Cristina Borselli, Rosa Marina Melillo, Domenico Salvatore, Jay L. Rothstein, Giancarlo Vecchio, Alfredo Fusco, and Massimo Santoro

Attenuation of the Induced Differentiation of HL-60 Leukemia Cells by Mitochondiral Chaperone HSP70
Jian Xu, Helen Hong Xiao, and Alan C. Sartorelli


Market Variation of Thymidylate Synthase and Folylpolyglutamate Synthetase Gene Expression in Human Colorectal Tumors
Enrico Mini, Cristina Biondi, Maria Morganti, Cristina Napoli, Paolo Mazzoni, Fabio Cianchi, Francesco Tonelli, Camillo Cortesini, Sergio Capaccioli, Ferdinando Ficari, Alessandro Quattrone, Susanna Rosi, and Teresita Mazzei

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 8, 1999


Natural Killer Cells as Potential Tools in Melanoma Metastatic Spread Control
Roberto Nasca and Ennio Carbone


Mechanisms Involved in the Potentiation of Melphalan by the Bioreductive Compound THNLA-1 In Vitro
Maria V. Papadopoulou, Ming Ji, Shariq H. Khan, and William D. Bloomer

Morphologic Aspect of the Placenta in Young and Adult Pregnant Rats Bearing Walker 256 Carcinoma
Mércia Tancredo Toledo and Maria Cristina Cintra Gomes-Marcondes

Comparison of Flow Cytometry and RT-PRC for the Detection of Ovarian Cancer Cells in Peripheral Blood
Margit Stimpfl, Bernd C. Schmid, Andreas Obermair, Dan Tong, Ingrid Schiebel, Gerald Gitsch, Sepp Leodolter, and Robert Zeillinger

Influence of the Fluoroquinolone Ofloxacin on the Intrinsic Expression of Multidrug Resistance Phenotype in HCT-8 Human Colon Carcinoma Cells
Sophie Marchal, Jean Louis Merlin, Pascal Colosetti, and Chantal Finance

Combination Studies of Antifolates With 5-Fluorouracil in Colon Cancer Cell Lines
Clasina van der Wilt, Catherina M. Kuiper, and Godefridus Peters

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 7, 1999


Microsatellite Instability and Frameshift Mutations in Genes Involved in Cell Cycle Progression or Apoptosis in Ovarian Cancer
Anna Maria Cogegoni, Francesco Bertoni, Gennaro Colella, Giovanna Caspani, Laura Grassi, Maurizio D'Incalci, and Massimo Broggini

Effects of Mitomycin C and Carboplatin Pretreatment on Multidrug Resistance-Associated P-Glycoprotein Expression and on Subsequent Suppression of Tumor Growth by Doxorubicin and Paclitaxel in Human Metastatic Breast Cancer Xenografted Nude Mice
Michael A. Ihnat, Angela M. Nervi, Stephen P. Anthony, Ronald C. Kaltreider, Amy J. Warren, Carrie A. Pesce, Stacey A. Davis, Jean P. Lariviere, and Joshua W. Hamilton

c-erbB-2 mRNA in Breast Cancer Specimens That Exhibit Membrane or Cytoplasmic Immunoreactivity for c-erbB-2
Sue L. Taylor, Philip S. Rudland, and Roger Baraclough

Establishment of a Quantitative Mouse Dorsal Air Sac Model and its Application to Evaluate a New Angiogenesis Inhibitor
Yasuhiro Funahashi, Toshiaki Wakabayashi, Taro Semba, Jiro Sonoda, Kyosuke Kitoh, and Kentaro Yoshimatsu

Sodium Butyrate Modulates p53 and Bcl-2 Expression in Human Retinoblastoma Cell Lines
Michele C. Madigan, Geeta Chaudhri, Philip L. Penfold, and Robert M. Conway

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 6, 1999


Inhibition of the Action of the Topoisomerase II Poison Amsacrine by Simple Aniline Derivatives: Evidence for Drug-Protein Interactions
Graeme J. Finlay, Graham J. Atwell, and Bruce C. Baguley

The Protective Effect of Estrogen Against Chemically Induced Murine Colon Carcinogenesis Is Associated With Decreased CpG Island Methylation and Increased mRNA and Protein Expression of the Colonic Vitamin D Receptor
Patricia Smirnoff, Yair Liel, Julia Gnainsky, Shraga Shany, and Betty Schwartz

Influence of Static Magnetic Field on the Antiproliferative Effects of Vitamin D on Human Breast Cancer Cells
Stefania Pacini, Stefano Aterini, Paolo Pacini, Carla Ruggiero, Massimo Gulisano, and Marco Ruggiero

Growth Inhibition of a Human Ovarian Tumor by a Novel Paclitaxel Derivative in SCID Mice
Imran Ahmad, Gregg R. Masters, James J. Schupsky, Josephine Nguyen, Shaukat Ali, Andrew S. Janoff, and Eric Mayhew

Identification of Seven Genes Regulated by Wild-Type p53 in a Colon Cancer Cell Line Carrying a Well-Controlled Wild-Type p53 Expression System
Shu Okamura, Ching C. Ng, Kumiko Koyama, Yoshiki Takei, Hirofumi Arakawa, Morito Monden, and Yusuke Nakamura

Neuroprotective Interactions in Rats Between Paclitaxel and Cisplatin
Mark J. McKeage, Gabi G. Haddad, Li Ding, Peter Galettis, Daniela Screnci, Li Zhuang, and Bruce C. Baugley

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 5, 1999


Characteristics of Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type-1 (HTLV-1)-Infected Cell Line MT-2, Which Is Not Killed by a Natural Killer Cell Line NK-92 But Is Killed by Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cells
Fumio Komatsu and Sayaka Yoshida

Therapeutic Efficacy of a New Topoisomerase I and II Inhibitor TAS-103, Against Both P-Glycoprotein-Expressing and\T\\Nonexpressing Drug-Resistant Human Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Prahlad Parajuli, Seiji Yano, Yasuhiko Nishioka, Hiroshi Nokihara, Masaki Hanibuchi, Naoki Nishimura, Teruhior Utsugi, and Saburo Sone

Anticancer Potential of Cleistanthin A Isolated From the Tropical Plant Cleistanthus collinus
Chhalliyil P. Pradheepkumar and Govindaswamy Shanmugam

Carbohydrate Epitopes and Mucins Expressed by 17 Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cell Lines
Yutaka Tamada, Shin-ichiro Iida, Daisuke Aoki, Shiro Nozawa, and Tatsuro Irimura

Ribavirin and Quercetin Synergistically Downregulate Signal Transduction and Are Cytotoxic in Human Ovarian Carcinoma Cells
W. Li, F. Shen, and G. Weber

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 4, 1999


The Metastatic Process: Basic Research and Clinical Implications
Ann F. Chambers

Cellular Basis of Breast Cancer Susceptibility
J. Russo and I. H. Russo


The Effects of Vasodilating Drugs on pH in Tumors
Eisuke Adachi and Ian F. Tannock

Inhibition of Interleukin-8 Reduces Human Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Propagation in Nude Mouse Model
Gabriella Galffy, Kamal A. Mohammed, Najmunnisa Nasreen, Melisa J. Ward, Veena B. Antony

9-(2-Phosphonylmethoxyethyl)-N6-Cyclopropyl-2,6-Diaminopurine: A Novel Prodrug of 9-(2-Phosphonylmethoxyethyl)Guanine With Improved Antitumor Efficacy and Selectivity in Choriocarcinoma-Bearing Rats
Lieve Naesens, Sigrid Hatse, Constant Segers, Erik Verbeken, Erik De Clercq, Mark Waer, and Jan Balzarini


Intratumoral Angiogenesis: A New Prognostic Indicator for Stage I Endometrial Adenocarcinomas?
Alexandra Giatromanolaki, Efthimios Sivridis, Michael I. Koukourakis, Vassilios Georgoulias, Kevin C. Gatter, and Adrian L. Harris

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 3, 1999


The Development of Awareness of the Carcinogenic Hazard of Inhaled Iron
Eugene D. Weinberg

Short-Term Cultures of Clinical Tumor Material: Potential Contributions to Oncology Research
Bruce C. Baguley, Elaine S. Marshall, and Graeme J. Finlay


Induction of Apoptosis in T98G Glioblastoma Cells by Transfection of GML, a p53 Target Gene
Kazuki Ueda, Yasuo Miyoshi, Takashi Tokino, Masahiro Watatani, and Yusuke Nakamura

Antitumor Effect of Vaccinia Virus in Glioma Model
Tatyana M. Timiryasova, Jun Li, Bind Chen, Daneil Chong, William H. Langridge, Daila S. Gridley, and Istvan Fodor

Biological Evaluation on Different Human Cancer Cell Lines of Novel Colchicine Analogs
Rosa De Vincenzo, Cristiano Ferlini, Mariagrazia Distefano, Christiana Gaggini, Antonella Riva, Ezio Bombardelli, Paolo Morazzoni, Bruno Danieli, Giovanni Capelli, Salvatore Mancuso, and Giovanni Scambia

In Vivo Studies of Adenovirus-Mediated p53 Gene Therapy for cis-Platinum-Resistant Human Ovarian Tumor Xenografts
Kaimei Song, Kenneth H. Cowan, and Birandra K. Sinha

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 2, 1999


BRCA1 and BRCA2 Gene Mutation Analysis: Visit to the Breast Cancer Information Core (BIC)
Dejun Shen, Jaydutt V. Vadgama, and Breast Cancer Information Core


Differences in Apoptosis Induced by Anticancer Drugs in Sublines (SKG-3a, SKG-3b) From a Human Uterine Cervical Epidermoid Carcinoma
Motoo Takahashi, Shiro Kataoka, Eiichi Kobayashi, Yasuhiro Udagawa, Daisuke Aoki, Shinji Oie, Akiko Kozu, and Shiro Nozawa

Mechanism of Antimitogenic Action of Vitamin D in Human Colon Carcinoma Cells: Relevance for Suppression of Epidermal Growth Factor-Stimulated Cell Growth
Wei-Min Tong, Harald Hofer, Adolf Ellinger, Meinrad Peterlik, and Heide S. Cross

Downregulation of TNF Receptor-Associated Protein-2/p97 in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Marike J. J. G. Stassar, Claudia Pitzer, and Margot Zöller

Dimerization of Mitochondrial Bax Is Associated With Increased Drug Response in Bax-Transfected A253 Cells
Bin Guo, Ming-biao Yin, Károly Tóth, Shousong Cao, Rami G. Azrak, and Youcef M. Rustum


Infrequent Genetic Alterations of p53, p16 Genes and Polymorphism in fhit Gene in Indian Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Karuppiah Kannan, Reeja Tharu, P. M. Gopinath, T. P. R. Bharadwaj, Arasampattu K. Munirajan, Nobuo Tsuchida, and Govindaswamy Shanmugam

Reproduction of Figures
Marjo Seppänen, Tiina Henttinen, Lin Lin, Juha Punnonen, Seija Grénman, Reijo Punnonen, and Kimmo K. Vihko

VOLUME 11, NUMBER 1, 1999


In Situ Gene Therapy for Prostate Cancer
Timothy C. Thompson


Sterically Stabilized Anti-GM3, Anti-Lex Immunoliposomes: Targeting to B16BL6, HRT-18 Cancer Cells
Sang Min Nam, Hong Sung Kim, Woong Shick Ahn, and Yong Serk Park

Osteoblasts Modulate Secretion of Urokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator (uPA) and Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) in Human Prostate Cancer Cells Promoting Migration and Matrigel Invasion
Claudio Festuccia, Daniela Giunciuglio,  Fulvio Guerra, Ida Villanova, Adriano Angelucci, Paola Manduca, Anna Teti, Adrianna Albini, and Mauro Bologna

Verotoxin Induces Apoptosis and the Complete, Rapid, Long-Term Elimination of Human Astrocytoma Xenografts in Nude Mice
Sara Arab, James Rutka, and Clifford Lingwood

Characterization of Selective Induction and Alteration of Xenobiotic Biotransforming Enzymes by Vanadium During Diethylnitrosamine-Induced Chemical Rat Liver Carcinogenesis
Anuspam Bishayee, Shyamal Roy, and Malay Chatterjee


Melanoma-Inhibitory Activity Protein Concentrations in the Blood of Melanoma Patients Treated With Immunotherapy
D. Dréau, A. K. Bosserhoff, R. L. White, R. Buettner, and W. D. Holder