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Chemopreventive Effect of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs on 9,10-Dimethylbenz[a]anthracene-Induced Lung Carcinogenesis in Mice
R. K. Saini and S. N. Sanyal

Angiogenic Pathway Inhibition of Corydalis yanhusuo and Berberine in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
Jian-Li Gao, Jun-Min Shi, Simon Ming-Yuen Lee, Qing-Wen Zhang, and Yi-Tao Wang

Effects of a-Adrenoceptor Antagonist Doxazosin on MDR1-Mediated Multidrug Resistance and Transcellular Transport
Kohji Takara, Toshiyuki Sakaeda, Mikio Kakumoto, Yusuke Tanigawara, Hironao Kobayashi, Katsuhiko Okumura, Noriaki Ohnishi, and Teruyoshi Yokoyama

Hemin Counteracts the Repression of Bcl-2 and Nrf2 Genes and the Cell Killing Induced by Imatinib in Human Bcr-Abl(+) CML Cells
Ioannis D. Bonovolias and Asterios S. Tsiftsoglou

Evaluation of Global Genome Methylation in Gastritis Lesion and its Correlation With Clinicopatological Findings
Rouhallah Najjar Sadeghi, Homayon Zojaji, Seyed Reza Mohebbi, Mohsen Chiani, Mohsen Vahedi, Dariush Mirsattari, Mahsa Molaei, Reza Mashayekhi, and Mohamad Reza Zali

Gemcitabine Plus Irinotecan as First-Line Weekly Therapy in Locally Advanced and/or Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer
B. Neri, G. Cipriani, R. Grifoni, E. Molinara, P. Pantaleo, S. Rangan, A. Vannini, P. Tonelli, A. Valeri, D. Pantalone, A. Taddei, and P. Bechi

Weekly Administration of Docetaxel and Epirubicin as First-Line Treatment for Hormone-Refractory Prostate Carcinoma
B. Neri, E. Molinara, P. Pantaleo, S. Rangan, A. Crisci, A. Della Melina, A. Raugei, D. Villari, and G. Nicita

Expression and Mutation Analysis of TIG1 (Tazarotene-Induced Gene 1) in Human Gastric Cancer
Min Soo Son, Min-Ju Kang, Ho Chul Park, Sung-Gil Chi, and Yong Ho Kim

A Bone Metastasis Model With Osteolytic and Osteoblastic Properties of Human Lung Cancer ACC-LC-319/bone2 in Natural Killer Cell-Depleted Severe Combined Immunodeficient Mice
Shinsaku Otsuka, Masaki Hanibuchi, Kenji Ikuta, Seiji Yano, Hisatsugu Goto, Hirokazu Ogino, Tadaaki Yamada, Soji Kakiuchi, Yasuhiko Nishioka, Takashi Takahashi, and Saburo Sone

Cloning of a Novel Splicing Variant of RIN1 and its Expression in Gastric and Colon Cancer
Masako Fujioka, Takanori Goi, Yasuo Hirono, Kanji Katayama, and Akio Yamaguchi

Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Mouse Melanoma Cell Line B16, a Metastatic Descendant B16F10, and B16 Overexpressing the Metastasis-Associated Tyrosine Phosphatase PRL-3
Sang Hee Kim, Yongmo Kim, Moonil Kim, Dae Shick Kim, Sang Chul Lee, Seung-Wook Chi, Do Hee Lee, Sung Goo Park, Byoung Chul Park, Kwang-Hee Bae, and Sunghyun Kang

Knockdown of Bmi-1 Impairs Growth and Invasiveness of Human Gastric Carcinoma Cells
Jun Xiao and Changsheng Deng

Antitumor Effects of Targeting hTERT Lentivirus-Mediated RNA Interference Against KB Cell Lines
Dan Chen, Hongzhang Huang, Chaobin Pan, Jianguang Wang, Bin Zhang, and Anxun

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Potentiation of Proliferation of Some But Not All Human Colon Carcinoma Cell Lines by Immobilized Hepatic Asialoglycoprotein Receptor 1
Jinbo Fang, Ryota Izawa, Laura Gomez-Santos, Suguru Ueno, Tomoya Sawaguchi, Katsuaki Usami, Yoshiaki Nodera, Hideyuki Takeuchi, Yoshimi Ohashi, Nobuaki Higashi, and Tatsuro Irimura

Bcl-2 in Combination to Myeloid Antigen Expression in Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Prognostic Outcome
Zahra Amirghofran, Yahya Daneshbod, and Naser Gholijani

Effects of Genomic Imbalances on Telomerase Activity in Gastric Cancer: Clues to Telomerase Regulation
Güvem Gümüs-Akay, Atilla Halil Elhan, Ali Ekrem Ünal, Ahmet Demirkazik, Asuman Sunguroglu, and Ajlan Tükün

Hepal-6 Derived RNA Electroporated Murine Spleen B Cells Induced Antitumor Effects In Vivo
SuNan Shen, YanFei Xu, and Feng Yu

Establishment and Characterization of MACL-1 and MGSO-3 Cell Lines Derived From Human Primary Breast Cancer
C. R. Correa, C. M. Bertollo, and A. M. Goes

Evaluation of Molecular Markers in a Rat Model of Mammary Carcinogenesis
G. Vinothini, R. Senthil Murugan, and S. Nagini


Clinical and Biological Relationship Between Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis and Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
Alfredo Antonaci, Fabrizio Consorti, Stefania Mardente, and Gloria Giovannone


Evaluation of Fluoren-NU as a Novel Antitumor Agent
Asama Mukherjee, Sushanta Dutta, Gousia Chashoo, Madhulika Bhagat, Ajit Kumar Saxena, and Utpal Sanyal

Prevalence of CYP1A1 and GST Polymorphisms in the Population of Northeastern India and Susceptibility of Oral Cancer
Sumana Chatterjee, Sila Chakrabarti, Bani Sengupta, Sandeep Poddar, Debolina Biswas, Sarthak Sengupta, and Geeta Talukder

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor C and Microvessel Density in Gastric Carcinoma: Correlation With Clinicopathological Factors. Our Experience and Review of the Literature
Paolo Aurello, Simone Rossi Del Monte, Francesco D'Angelo, Claudia Cicchini, Antonio Ciardi, Riccardo Bellagamba, Matteo Ravaioli, and Giovanni Ramacciato

Transcriptional Activation of hTERT in Breast Carcinomas by the Her2-ER81-Related Pathway
Dimitra Vageli, Maria G. Ioannou, and George K. Koukoulis

In Vitro Expression and Redistribution of Nucleolar Proteins Following the Treatment With cis-Dichloro-1,2-propylenediamine-N,N,N´,N´-tetraacetato Ruthenium (III) (RAP)
Fatima Azzahra Delmani, José Torreblanca, Javier Moreno, Gregorio García-Herdugo, Rosario Vilaplana, and Francisco González-Víltchez


Bone Marrow-Derived Progenitor Cells Could Modulate Pancreatic Cancer Tumorigenesis via Peritumoral Microenvironment in a Rat Model
Jen-Jung Pan, Seh-Hoon Oh, Wayne C. Lee, and Bryon E. Petersen

COX-2 Polymorphisms in Patients With Familial Adenomatous Polyposis
Wilbert H. M. Peters, Rene H. M. te Morsche, Hennie M. J. Roelofs, Elisabeth M. H. Mathus-Vliegen, Marloes Berkhout, and Fokko M. Nagengast

Identification of Endogenous Reference Genes for qRT-PCR Analysis in Normal Matched Breast Tumor Tissues
Bala Gur-Dedeoglu, Ozlen Konu, Betul Bozkurt, Gulusan Ergul, Selda Seckin, and Isik G. Yulug

Breast Cancer Risk Associated With Polymorphisms of IL-1RN and IL-4 Gene in Indian Women
Rituraj Konwar, Preeti Chaudhary, Sandeep Kumar, Deepti Mishra, Naibedya Chattopadhyay, and Hemant Kumar Bid

Sodium Selenite Induces Apoptosis in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia-Derived NB4 Cells Through Mitochondria-Dependent Pathway
Bingshe Han, Yun Ren, Liying Guan, Wei Wei, Fangyuan Hua, Yang Yang, Tao Yang, Tingming Cao, Hua Dong, Huazhen Pan, and Caimin Xu


Endothelin-1 Inhibition by Ambrisentan as a Potential Treatment Adjunct After Debulking Surgery in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
R. E. Kast


Eulogy: Dr. Takashi Tsuruo

Laboratory Research

Development of Pluronic Micelle-Encapsulated Doxorubicin and Formaldehyde-Releasing Prodrugs for Localized Anticancer Chemotherapy
Michal Ugarenko, Chee-Kai Chan, Abraham Nudelman, Ada Rephaeli, Suzanne M. Cutts, and Don R. Phillips

Suppression of Prometastatic Phenotype of Highly Metastatic Androgen-Independent Rat Prostate Cancer MLL Cell Line by PI3K Inhibitor LY294002
Chaiwat Prawettongsopon, Sariya Asawakarn, and Tuangporn Suthiphongchai

Effects of Cardiotoxin III on NF-kB Function, Proliferation, and Apoptosis in Human Breast MCF-7 Cancer Cells
Chien-Chih Chiu, Kuei-Li Lin, Ching-Ming Chien, Long-Sen Chang, and Shinne-Ren Lin

Clinical Research

Genetic Polymorphism in UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase 2B7 and Colorectal Cancer Risk
E. M. J. van der Logt, R. H. M. te Morsche, N. Groenendaal, H. M. J. Roelofs, M. de Metz, J. W. van der Stappen, F. M. Nagengast, and W. H. M. Peters

Relationship Between FDG Uptake and Expressions of Glucose Transporter Type 1, Type 3, and Hexokinase-II in Reed-Sternberg Cells of Hodgkin Lymphoma
Hye Kyung Shim, Won Woo Lee, So Yeon Park, Haeryoung Kim, and Sang Eun Kim



Gene Therapy for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Present and Future
Yuji Tada, Yuichi Takiguchi, Kenzo Hiroshima, Hideaki Shimada, Taro Ueyama, Makoto Nakamura, Koichiro Tatsumi, Takayuki Kuriyama, and Masatoshi Tagawa

Laboratory Research

Neutral pH Hydrogen-Enriched Electrolyzed Water Achieves Tumor-Preferential Clonal Growth Inhibition Over Normal Cells and Tumor Invasion Inhibition Concurrently With Intracellular Oxidant Repression
Yasukazu Saitoh, Hajime Okayasu, Li Xiao, Yoshikazu Harata, and Nobuhiko Miwa

Therapeutic Efficacy of Curcumin/TRAIL Combination Regimen for Hormone-Refractory Prostate Cancer
Tanja Andrzejewski, Dorrah Deeb, Xiaohua Gao, Andrew Danyluk, Ali S. Arbab, Scott A. Dulchavsky, and Subhash C. Gautam

Clinical Research

Expression of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-II mRNA Binding Protein 3 (IMP3) in Osteosarcoma
Sung-Im Do, Youn Wha Kim, Hye-Rim Park, and Yong-Koo Park

Deletion at Dickkopf (Dkk)-3 Locus (11p15.2) Is Related With Lower Lymph Node Metastasis and Better Prognosis in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas
Naoki Katase, Mehmet Gunduz, Levent Beder, Esra Gunduz, Mathieu Lefeuvre, Omer Faruk Hatipoglu, Silvia Susana Borkosky, Ryo Tamamura, Susumu Tominaga, Noboru Yamanaka, Kenji Shimizu, Noriyuki Nagai, and Hitoshi Nagatsuka


Laboratory Research

In Vitro Antioxidative Potential of Lactoferrin and Black Tea Polyphenols and Protective Effects In Vivo on Carcinogen Activation, DNA Damage, Proliferation, Invasion, and Angiogenesis During Experimental Oral Carcinogenesis
P. Vidjaya Letchoumy, K. V. P. Chandra Mohan, J. J. Stegeman, H. V. Gelboin, Y. Hara, and S. Nagini

Maximizing Immune Responses: The Effects of Covalent Peptide Linkage to Beta-2-Microglobulin
Stephen M. Bauer, Marc A. Williams, Alan P. Howell, Edward Schwarz, Ernest S. Smith, and Maurice Zauderer

Recombinant Human Monoclonal IgA Antibody Against CEA to Recruit Neutrophils to CEA-Expressing Cells
Jun Zhao, Motomu Kuroki, Hirotomo Shibaguchi, Lin Wang, Qun Huo, Noboru Takami, Toshihiro Tanaka, Tetsushi Kinugasa, and Masahide Kuroki

Synergistic Effect of 5-Aza-2´-Deoxycytidine and Genistein in Combination Against Leukemia
Noël J.-M. Raynal, Michel Charbonneau, Louise F. Momparler, and Richard L. Momparler


Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor in Ovarian Surface Epithelium and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Chinmoy K. Bose


Laboratory Research

Aberrant Promoter CpG Islands Methylation of Tumor Suppressor Genes in Cholangiocarcinoma
Kyung-Ok Uhm, Eun Soo Lee, Yun Mi Lee, Hyeon Soo Kim, Young-Nyun Park, and Sun-Hwa Park

Association of Interleukin-18 Gene Promoter Polymorphism on the Risk of Cervix Carcinogenesis in North Indian Population
Ranbir Chander Sobti, Mohammad Shekari, Dor Mohammad Kordi Tamandani, Keyanoosh Malekzadeh, and Vanita Suri

Interaction of EGFR 497Arg>Lys With EGF +61A>G Polymorphism: Modulation of Risk in Esophageal Cancer
Rohit Upadhyay, Meenu Jain, Shaleen Kumar, Uday Chand Ghoshal, and Balraj Mittal

Retinoic Acid and Sodium Butyrate as Cell Cycle Regulators in the Treatment of Oral Squamous Carcinoma Cells
Anxun Wang, Rongsheng Zeng, and Hongzhang Huang

Clinical Research

Expression of Heparanase in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Has Prognostic Significance: A Tissue Microarray Study
Gang Chen, Yi-Wu Dang, Dian-Zhong Luo, Zhen-Bo Feng, and Xiao-Ling Tang



Laboratory Research

Investigation of Pericytes, Hypoxia, and Vascularity in Bladder Tumors: Association With Clinical Outcomes
Martina B. O'Keeffe, Andrea H. Devlin, Alan J. Burns, Tom A. Gardiner, Ian D. Logan, David G. Hirst, and Stephanie R. McKeown

Antiproliferative and Apoptotic Effects of Two New Pd(II) Methylsarcosinedithiocarbamate Derivatives on Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells In Vitro
Donatella Aldinucci, Lara Cattaruzza, Debora Lorenzon, Lorena Giovagnini, Dolores Fregona, and Alfonso Colombatti

Aurora-A Transcriptional Silencing and Vincristine Treatment Show a Synergistic Effect in Human Tumor Cells
Laura Lentini, Angela Amato, Tiziana Schillaci, Lavinia Insalaco, and Aldo Di Leonardo

Clinical Research

Association of Polymorphisms in Base Excision Repair Genes With the Risk of Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study in North Indian Women
Amit Kumar Mitra, Neetu Singh, Ashok Singh, Vivek Kumar Garg, Amit Agarwal, Mandira Sharma, Rashmi Chaturvedi, and Srikanta Kumar Rath

Long-Term Results of Dose-Intensive Chemotherapy With G-CSF Support (TCC-NHL-91) for Advanced Intermediate-Grade Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: A Review of 59 Consecutive Cases Treated at a Single Institute
Miyuki Akutsu, Saburo Tsunoda, Tohru Izumi, Masaru Tanaka, Susumu Katano, Koichi Inoue, Seiji Igarashi, Kaoru Hirabayashi, Yusuke Furukawa, Ken Ohmine, Kazuya Sato, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Keiya Ozawa, Keita Kirito, Takahiro Nagashima, Satoshi Teramukai, Masanori Fukushima, and Yasuhiko Kano



Natriuretic Peptides: Biochemical Markers of Anthracycline Cardiac Toxicity?
D. Urbanova, L. Urban, K. Danova, and I. Simkova

Laboratory Research

aPKC Inhibitors Might be the Sensitizer of Chemotherapy and Adoptive Immunotherapy in the Treatment of hASIPa-Overexpressed Breast Cancer
Yi-ting Jin, Xue-xiang Ying, Yi-hong Hu, Qiang Zou, Hong-ying Wang, and Yong-hua Xu

RNASET2 as a Tumor Antagonizing Gene in a Melanoma Cancer Model
Laura Monti, Monica Rodolfo, Girieca Lo Russo, Douglas Noonan, Francesco Acquati, and Roberto Taramelli

Pretreatment With Black Tea Polyphenols Modulates Xenobiotic-Metabolizing Enzymes in an Experimental Oral Carcinogenesis Model
P. Vidjaya Letchoumy, K. V. P. Chandra Mohan, J. J. Stegeman, H. V. Gelboin, Y. Hara, and S. Nagini

Clinical Research

CCR5-D32 Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Cervical Cancer: Association With Early Stage of Cervical Cancer
Hariom Singh, Rekha Sachan, Meenu Jain, and Balraj Mittal



Hyperinduction of Wnt Activity: A New Paradigm for the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer?
Michael Bordonaro, Darina L. Lazarova, and Alan C. Sartorelli

Laboratory Research

Epoxyquinol B Shows Antiangiogenic and Antitumor Effects by Inhibiting VEGFR2, EGFR, FGFR, and PDGFR
Hiroshi Kamiyama, Hideaki Kakeya, Takeo Usui, Kiyohiro Nishikawa, Mitsuru Shoji, Yujiro Hayashi, and Hiroyuki Osada

Hepatocyte Growth Factor Promotes Cell Survival by Phosphorylation of BAD in Gastric Cancer Cells
Kyung Hee Lee, Eun Young Choi, Min Kyoung Kim, Myung Soo Hyun, Jong Ryul Eun, Byung Ik Jang, Tae Nyeun Kim, Sang Woon Kim, Sun Kyo Song, Jung Hye Kim, and Jae-Ryong Kim

Silencing of YY1 Downregulates RIZ1 Promoter in Human Osteosarcoma
Ciro Abbondanza, Filomena de Nigris, Caterina De Rosa, Raffaele Rossiello, Giovanni Alfredo Puca, and Claudio Napoli

Clinical Research

Distribution of Microsatellite Instability in Danish Ovarian Tumor Patients and the Prognostic Value in Ovarian Cancer Patients
Farah D. Begum, Claus K. Høgdall, Susanne K. Kjær, Jan Blaakær, Lise Christensen, Andy Ryan, Ian J. Jacobs, and Estrid V. Høgdall