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Emerging Pretreatments for Enhanced Digestion of Biosolids
Kevin Kennedy

Role of Anaerobic Treatment Technology in Minimizing Waste Sludge Production in Sewage Treatment Plants
Henri Spanjers, Adriaan Mels, Jules van Lier, Grietje Zeeman, and Gatze Lettinga

Solid Waste Management at Municipal Sewerage Company in Budapest
Sandor Bodas

Review of Treatment Processes, Current Disposal Practices And Quality of Sewage Sludge Produced by Major Wastewater Treatment Plants in Syria
Marwan Dimashki, Zakaria Al-Assali, and Daed Naser

Matrix Filter System for Algae and Phosphorous Removal
Mervat El-Hoz

Biosolids: A Promising Option for Sewage Sludge Utilization
Syed E. Hasan

Land Application of Biosolids as an Environmentally Sound Technology for Wastewater Sludge
Basel Al-Yousfi

Assessment of Dewatering Sludge and Utilization
Saleh Al-Muzaini

Suitability of Sewage Sludge to be Used as Manure for Green Leafy Plant; Parsley - A Case Study
Tamama H. A. Abdullah, Nadia H. S. Al-Baqsami, and Mamta Tomar

Management of Waste at the Shuaiba Industrial Area
Saleh Al-Muzaini

Aerobic Waste Sewage Sludge Biotreatment for Enhanced Environmental Safety
Nader Al-Awadhi, Marc A. Deshusses, and Geoffrey Hamer