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VOLUME 11 - 2

Dedication: Frederick Seitz


An Independent Peer Review Process Developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for the U.S. Department of Energy
Charles O. Velzy, Ernest L. Daman, Nathan H. Hurt, Anibal L. Taboas, Yvette Collazo, A. Alan Moghissi, Betty R. Love, and Sorin R. Straja

Independent Peer Review and Independent Scientific Assessment: The Process and its Application
A. Alan Moghissi, Betty R. Love, and Sorin R. Straja

Multiple Attribute Decision Making: Application to Prioritize Projects for Peer Review
Sorin R. Straja, Charles L. Nalezny, Yvette T. Collazo

Stakeholder Participation: A New Process and its Application to Environmental Decisions
Betty R. Love, Sorin R. Straja, James R. Streeter, Sharon D. Jones and A. Alan Moghissi

Metrics for Assessment of Environmental Benefits: Results of an Independent Scientific Assessment
Melvin W. Carter, Peter Maggiore, A. Alan Moghissi, Betty R. Love, Sorin R. Straja

Comparison of Two Peer Review Processes
Sorin R. Straja, Michael C. Kirkland

Commentary: Peer and Organizational Review in the Post Vannevar Bush Era
Dennis K. McBride

VOLUME 11 - 1

J. Cohn, C. Forsythe, A. A. Moghissi, and D. McBride

Editorial: The New Technology
J. Cohn and C. Forsythe

Promises and Perils of Cognitive Performance Tools: A Dialogue
E. Viirre, F. Baylis, and J. Downie

Planning for Performance Enhancement Technologies: Research Method, Trends, and Forecasts
W. E. Halal

Ethical Issues in Performance Enhancing Technologies: From Bench to Headline
E. Racine, D. DuRousseau, and J. Illes

Developing Cognitive Systems Technologies With a Focus on the Ethical and Legal Issues
W. Shaneyfelt and J. Gluck

Cognitive Enhancement Technologies: Implications for Determination of Causality, Responsibility and Liability
C. Balaban

Advanced Training Systems: Benefits, Limitations, and Some Policy Considerations
K. M. Stanney, A. Costello, and R. S. Kennedy

The Effective Use of Performance Enhancing Technologies: Mechanisms, Applications and Policies
J. Cohn and C. Forsythe

The Federal Government as the Venture Fund for Research in the United States
R. J. Hansen, K. M. Ford, and W. Mularie