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Human Advancement · Environmental Protection  · Industrial Development

Volume 7, Supplement 1, 2000


Editorial: Second International Dixy Lee Ray Memorial Symposium
A. A. Moghissi

Carbon dioxide recovery in a power plant with chemical-looping combustion
M. Ishida, M. Yamamoto, and T. Ohba

The economics of CO2 separation and capture
H. J. Herzog

Development of the technologies for carbon dioxide recovery from power plant flue gas
Z. Xianzhong, G. Bing, C. Changhe, and X. Xuchang

Forecasting world food supplies: The impact of the rising atmospheric CO2 concentration
C. D. Idso and K. E. Idso

Atmospheric CO2 enrichment: Implications for ecosystem biodiversity
K. E. Idso, C. D. Idso, and S. B. Idso

CO2, global warming and coral reefs: Prospects for the future
S. B. Idso, C. D. Idso, and K. E. Idso

A zero-CO2 emission power cycle using coal
J. Ruether, P. Le, and C. White

Potential economic benefits of developing carbon sequestration technology for use in stabilizing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere
D. Beecy, C. Schmidt, P. DiPietro, and J. Carey

Carbon dioxide sequestration by ex-situ mineral carbonation
W. K. O'Connor, D. C. Dahlin, P. C. Turner, and R. P. Walters

Deep ocean sequestration of captured CO2
H. Sarv and J. John

Carbon dioxide utilization-mircoalgae biofixation
Y. Ikuta, J. C. Weissman, and J. R. Benemann

Production of extracellular polymers by a freshwater microalga, Chlamydomonas sp. strain YM-1
K. Hon-Nami and A. Hirano

Spatial and temporal distribution of 14C in cellulose in tree rings in central and eastern Canada: Comparison with long-term atmospheric and environmental data
T. G. Kotzer and W. L. Watson

U.S. trends in crude death rates due to extreme heat and cold ascribed to weather, 1979-97
I. M. Goklany and S. R. Straja

Soft energy path synthesis from carbon dioxide to biofuel ethanol through cyanobacterial biotechnology
K. Ohtaguchi

Potential consequences of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration compared to other environmental problems
I. M. Goklany

Commentary: Enhanced atmospheric carbon dioxide: The effect on life on earth: A historical perspective
S. H. Wittwer

Utilization of fossil fuel-generated carbon dioxide in agriculture and industry: Plenary Session
E. Daman, S. Gehl, H. Herzog, F. Palmer, T. Pyle, and F. Wuerfmannsdobler

Assessment of uncertainties of predicted global climate change modeling: Panel 1
R. Balling, M.C. MacCracken, P. Michaels, and A. Robock

Impact of increasing global CO2 concentrations on biological productivity: Panel 2
J. T. Baker, B. N. Dunlop, J. A. Hogan, K. E. Idso, H. Johnson, and S. H. Wittwer