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Volume 7, 2000-2001

VOLUME 7, NUMBER 6, 2001

Editorial: Periballogy
A. Alan Moghissi

The Effects of Four Federally Supported Projects on Selected Flora and Fauna in the Washington, DC Area
James Beers, Richard Mitchell, and James Tate

Emission of TVOCs From Consumer Products
Hai Guo and Frank Murray

Radon-Prone Geological Formations and Implications for Cave Users
Gavin K. Gillmore, Malcolm Sperrin, Paul Phillips, and Antony Denman

Updates and Extensions to Tests of the Linear-No Threshold Theory
Bernard L. Cohen

Book Reviews

Volume 7 Subject and Author Index

VOLUME 7, NUMBER 5, 2000

A. Alan Moghissi

Expert Reviews of Health Reports on CBS Television's 60 Minutes, 1978-1995
William M. London, Elizabeth M. Whelan, and Ruth Kava

Radioactive Contamination of the Techa River and its Effects
Dmitriy Burmistrov, Mira Kossenko, and Richard Wilson

Decommissioning the World's Premier Facility for Radiological Research: The JANUS Reactor
Anibal L. Taboas, Yvette T. Collazo, and Charles Fellhauer

Relationship Between Blood Fribrinogen Levels and Exposure to Elevated Levels of Airborne Pollution or Changes in Ambient Temperature
C. Hazell, P. Collins, G. Karani, and M. Burr

Voice of Science

Book Reviews

VOLUME 7, NUMBERS 2-4, 2000

A Festschrift for Merril Eisenbud

A Tribute to Merril Eisenbud
Steven L. Simon, Thomas F. Gesell, and A. Alan Moghissi

The Role of Merril Eisenbud and HASL in Monitoring the Marshall Islands During the Castle Nuclear Testing Series
Steven L. Simon

Merril Eisenbud and the Beryllium Saga
J. Newell Stannard

Scientific and Administrative History of the United States Transuranium and Uranium Registries
Ronald L. Kathren

Radon Risk Assessment: A Perspective Across the Century
Jonathan M. Samet

More Than Forty Years of Studies of Natural Radioactivity in Brazil
Anselmo S. Paschoa

Is There a Role for Chelation in the Management of Chronic Beryllium Disease?
Merril Eisenbud and Raymond A. Guilmette

Human Health and the Environment: Progress, Problems, and Prospects
Arthur C. Upton

Risk Assessment and Screening Strategies for Beryllium Exposure
Scott M. Bartell, Timothy K. Takaro, Rafael A. Ponce, Juliane P. Hill, Elaine M. Faustman, and Gilbert S. Omenn

The Potential Impact of Cellular and Molecular Biology on Radiation Risk Assessment
Antone L. Brooks

A Look at the Increasing Complexity of ICRP Respiratory Tract Models and the Effect on Dose Calculations
W. J. Bair

The Fernald Dosimetry Reconstruction Project
John E. Till, George G. Killough, Kathleen R. Meyer, Warren K. Sinclair, Paul G. Voillequé, Susan K. Rope, and Marilyn J. Case

Studies of 239Pu in Beagles at the University of Utah
Ray D. Lloyd

Reassessment of Cancer Mortality Among Employees at Oak Ridge National Laboratory With Follow-Up Through 1984: A Comparison With Results of Previously Published Studies
C. Suzanne Lea, P. A. Buffler, M. J. Durst, D. W. Merrill, and S. Selvin

Sources of 210Pb in Bone of Former Uranium Miners: Reference Values and Uncertainties
Richard W. Leggett and R. A. Guilmette

Presumptions in Radiation Protection
Harald H. Rossi

Breast Cancer Induced by Radiation
Mortimer M. Elkind

The HASL Gummed-Film Network and Its Use in the Reconstruction of Doses Resulting From Nuclear Weapons Tests
André Bouville and Harold L. Beck

Measuring Environmental Radioactivity: A Brief History
Bernd Kahn and Jeffrey Lahr

Geochemical Investigations by the U.S. Geological Survey on Uranium Mining, Milling, and Environmental Restoration
Edward R. Landa, Charles A. Cravotta III, David L. Naftz, Philip L. Verplanck, D. Kirk Nordstrom, and Robert A. Zielinski

Thorium Isotopes in Humans, Foodstuffs, and the Environment 397
Isabel M. Fisenne

Long-Term Measurement of Indoor and Outdoor 212Pb Decay Products, With Estimates of Aerosol Particle Size
Naomi H. Harley and Passaporn Chittaporn

Concentrations of 232Th, 226Ra, and 40K in Soil Around Rocky Flats and Along Colorado's Front Range Corridor
S. E. Hulse, S. A. Ibrahim, J. M. Stone, and F. W. Whicker

Radionuclide Accumulation, Radiation Exposure, and Regeneration for Granular Activated Carbon Removing Radon From Drinking Water
C. T. Hess, G. P. Bernhardt IV, J. J. Amsden, J. Ngue Mba, and R. Jones

Doses and Risks From Exposures to Naturally Occurring Thorium
J. R. Johnson

An Adjoint Method of Calculation of Solar-Particle-Event Dose Rates
Keran O'Brien and Herbert H. Sauer

Oak Ridge TSCA Incinerator: Health Risk or Newspaper-Induced Hysteria?
Frank L. Parker and Kenneth W. Ayers

Radioactive Fallout During Eisenbud's Career
L. VanMiddlesworth

The Status of Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal in the United States
Michael T. Ryan and Walter E. Newcomb

Indoor and Outdoor 222Rn Measurements in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand
Passaporn Chittaporn and Naomi H. Harley

Inventory Estimates of 239,240Pu in Soil East of Rocky Flats, Colorado
Scott B. Webb, Shawki A. Ibrahim, and F. Ward Whicker

Environmental Measurements Laboratory Fifty Years Later
Mitchell D. Erickson


Eisenbud's Review of Environmental Priorities: How Clean Is Clean? How Safe Is Safe?
John R. Cameron

Environmental Radioactivity, From Natural, Industrial, and Military Sources (4th Edition) (Merril Eisenbud and Thomas Gesell)
Steven L. Simon

VOLUME 7, NUMBER 1, 2000

Editorial: Assuring the Performance of Buildings and Infrastructures
R. V. Matalucci and D. S. Miyoshi

Los Angeles' Decaying Infrastructure
R. K. Haraga

Issues in Civil Infrastructure Systems Engineering
A. E. Aktan and A. Helmicki

Flood Damage, Risk, and Levees in a Changing Environment
J. A. Kelmelis

Anticipating Fire: A Sociotechnical Approach to Mitigation
L. K. Comfort

Vibration-Based Health Monitoring and Model Refinement of Civil Engineering Structures
C. R. Farrar and S. W. Doebling

Hazard Reduction in Structures Subjected to Explosive Threats
R. Smilowitz and M. Ettouney

Calculation of Shipboard Fire Conditions
J. A. Koski, S. D. Wix, and J. K. Cole

Full-Scale Testing for Structural Safety and Assessment
G. S. T. Armer

The Characterization of Non-Ideal Explosives
V. Romero and P. E. Williams

Assuring the Performance of Buildings and Infrastructures: Report of Discussions
R. L. Hunter

Commentary: Protection of Federal Buildings in an Urban Environment
J. A. Petkewich and W. Belcher

Commentary: Risk Management and Reliability Design for Buildings
R. L. Hunter , D. L. Berry, and R. M. Cranwell

Commentary: Guidelines for Use of the ICC Performance Code
R. D. Weber

Commentary: Design Professionals, Litigation, and Architectural Surety
L. Sandy

Voice of Science


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