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Editorial: Third International Dixy Lee Ray Memorial Symposium
A. A. Moghissi

Emerging Environmental Issues: Plenary Session
A. A. Moghissi, J. Parker, F. Seitx, J. Elter, J A. Hogan, and S. K. Padnos

The Norwegian CO2-Infrastructure Initiative: The Economics and Socioeconomics of Using CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery in the North Sea Basin
Carl-W. Hustad and Geir Bjønnes
Coal Processing Plants for Hydrogen Production With CO2 Capture
Michael D. Rutkowski, Michael R. DeLallo, Michael G. Klett, Joseph S. Badin, and Jerome R. Temchin

Biomass for Domestic Small-Scale Heating; Electricity as Energy Carrier Versus Small-Scale Combustion Evaluated by Resource Efficiency and Externalities
Sven-Olov Ericson and Marie Anheden

Life-Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
David E. Shropshire

The Impact of Ozone and Other Limitations on the Crop Productivity Response to CO2
E. L. Fiscus, J. E. Miller, F. L. Booker, A. S. Heagle, and C. D. Reid

A Comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis of a Biomass Energy System
Kiyoshi Dowaki, Hisashi Ishitani, Ryuji Matsuhashi, and Nalish Sam

Review of Life-Cycle Applications for Environmental Decision Making in the United States
Deborah Elcock

Life-Cycle Analysis of Advanced Power Generation Systems
Victor Gorokhov, Lynn Manfredo, Jay Ratafia-Brown, and Massood Ramezan, and Gary Stiegel

Evaluation of Uncertainty in LCA Based on Input-Output Analysis
Yoshikuni Yoshida, Hisashi Ishitani, Ryuji Matsuhashi, Yuki Kudoh, and Hiroyuki Okuma, Koji Morita, Ami Koike, Osamu Kobayashi, and Kanji Yoshioka

Proposed Methodology for Monetizing Adverse Health Effects to Workers Cleaning Up the U.S. Doe Complex
Jay Cornish

Life-Cycle Evaluation of Alternative Configurations for Shipping Low-Level Radioactive Waste to the Nevada Test Site
Philip M. Daling, Bruce M. Biwer, Peter R. Siebach, and Steven B. Ross

Elevation of the Efficiency of Cyanobacterial Carbon Dioxide Removal by Monoethanolamine Solution
Kazuhisa Ohtaguchi and Anondho Wijanarko

Commentary: The Emerging Focus on Life-Cycle Assessment in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Mary Ann Curran

Commentary: Design for Recycling®
Design Determines Destiny
Shelley E. Padnos

Commentary: Web-Based Risk and Hazard Identification and Screening
John L. Steele and Evaristo J. Bonano

Commentary: Issues in Scrap Tire Management
John R. Serumgard

Life Cycle Analysis for Sustainable Development: Panel 1
K. Moore, F. Young, M. A. Curran, and J. F. Elter

Economics of Global CO2 Management: Panel 2
C. O. Velzy, M. J. Hutzler, M. Thorning, and T. J. Grahame

Long-Term Stewardship: Panel 3
S. Prestwich, S. Livingstone, M. Erickson, D. Roelant, S. Smiley, and G. Swartz

Technology, Economics, and Policy Issues Associated with Stabilizing Global Atmospheric Carbon Concentrations: Panel 4
C. Frank, D. C. Thomas, R. Watts, and S. Gehl

Book Reviews



Editorial: Impact of Environmental Pollution on Development in the Gulf Region
Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al-Sarawi, Mohamed Fathi Hamoda, Mohamed Samir Massoud, and A. Alan Moghissi

Welcoming Address: The Environment of Kuwait and the Gulf is in our Hearts
Mohammad A. Al-Sarawi

Recommendations: Impact of Environmental Pollution on Development in the Gulf Region

The State of Marine Pollution in Kuwait: Northern Arabian Gulf
A. N. Al-Ghadban, N. Al-Majed, and S. Al-Muzaini

Recent Trace Metal Levels in Coastal Waters of Sulaibikhat Bay, Kuwait
M. A. Al-Sarawi, M. S. Massoud, S. R. Khader, and A. H. Bou-Olyan

Recent Trace Metal Pollution in Bottom Sediments of Sulaibikhat Bay, Kuwait
M. A. Al-Sarawi, M. S. Massoud, and S. R. Khader

Sewage Discharge Impact on the Development of the Shuwaikh Area
Saleh Al-Muzaini

A Status Report of Wastewater at a Large Petroleum Facility
Saleh Al-Muzaini

Environmental Impact Assessment of the Oil Sector Complex Construction Works Offshore Al-Shuwaikh Coast, Kuwait, II. Quality and Mercury Content of Ambient Air Before Construction
M. A. Al-Sarawi, M. S. Massoud, F. Al-Thoweini, and A. Abdulrassol

Bench-Scale Composting of Some Salt-Tolerant Plants
M. F. Hamoda and H. A. Abu Qdais

Ambient Lead Concentration in the Parking Area of Khaldia Campus, Kuwait University
Y. Makdisi and H. R. Saad

Work Environment in Kuwait National Petroleum Company
Talal F. Al-Azimi

Nutrient Variation in the Aquatic System of the Suez Bay
Amin M. Abdallah, Mohamed I. El-Samra, and Mohamed A. Hamed

Biodegradation of Gas Oil by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Zeinab H. Kheiralla and Abeer A. Rushdy

An Energy Management Assessment of the Gulf Region
Mohsen M. Aboul-Naga