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Volume 6, 1999

VOLUME 6, NUMBERS 4-6, 1999

Editorial:  Environmental Communication: In Need of Urgent Attention
Anibal L. Taboas, A. Alan Moghissi, and Regina L. Hunter

Bomb Fallout and Thyroid Cancer: Statistical Sheep in Real Wolves' Clothing
Russell A. Brown

Chemical Agent Incinerator Health Risk Assessment
Hsieng-Ye Chang and Jeffrey W. Schuliger

Application of a Cybernetic Model to the Analysis of Health and Safety Policies
Sorin R. Straja and A. Alan Moghissi

Site Technology Coordination Groups as a Communication Vehicle
Michael J. Barainca

Maximizing Acceptance and Effectiveness of Environmental-Restoration Decisions
Anibal L. Taboas

Mercury in Fish: A Collaborative Multimedia Health Education Approach
Lisa Weaver and Barbara Hager

Microbes, Food Safety, and the Environment: Issues in Risk Analysis
Alwynelle (Nell) S. Ahl and Jennifer Kuzma

Risk Communication Issues at Nuclear Defense Facilities in Nevada
W. B. Andrews and Earle Dixon

Sharing Technical Information on Contaminated Sites Using Modern Information and Communication Technologies
Werner Geiger, Matthias Reissfelder, and Rainer Weidemann

Using "Best Science" in Conveying Risk to the Public
Martin C. Edelson

Evaluation of a Radon Policy Based on Cost-Benefit Methodology
Alfred J. Cavallo

Dioxin in Missouri: Environmental Communication 1971-1997
Gale M. Carlson

Minimizing Potential Liabilities From Inequalities in Stakeholder Involvement in Environmental Decision Making
Evaristo J. Bonano and Alberto A. León

Prioritization Systems of the U.S. Department of Energy Environmental Program:  Integrated Priority Lists and the Stakeholder
Mark E. Bollinger, Loren J. Habegger, and Thomas D. Wolsko

Incorporating Community Concerns Into the Inhalation Risk Assessment for an Industrial Area in Korea
Young-Soo Chang, Margaret M. MacDonell, Young Sung Ghim, and K. C. Moon

Application of a Bubble Approach for Decommissioning of an Urban Industrial Facility
A. Alan Moghissi, Sorin R. Straja , and Betty R. Love

Coming To Closure: Bridging the Gap Between Stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to Speed Decontamination and Decommissioning
Regina Lundgren and Kristin Manke

Computer-Facilitated Groundwater Remediation Design
George P. Karatzas, George F. Pinder, and David P. Ahlfeld

Using Stakeholder Input to Develop Environmental Regulatory Approaches: A Case Study
Deborah Elcock, John Gasper, Arthur M. Hartstein, and David O. Moses

Commentary:  Risk Communication: An Interface Between Science and Public Policy
Alvin L. Young

Commentary:  Evaluating Environmental Cancer Risks: Separating Reality From Fantasy
John S. Neuberger

Commentary:  Conflicting Interpretations of Risk: The Case of Brookhaven's Spent Fuel Rods
Robert P. Crease

Table of Contents: Volume 6, Numbers 1-6

Author Index: Volume 6, Numbers 1-6

VOLUME 6, NUMBERS 1-3, 1999

Editorial: Science Serving the Society
A. Alan Moghissi

Tribute to Elizabeth M. Whelan and Fredrick J. Stare
A. Alan Moghissi

Tribute: Fredrick J. Stare and Elizabeth M. Whelan
Robert E. Olson

Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Human Reproduction: Its Effect on Male and Female Fecundity
Panayiotis M. Zavos and P.N. Zarmakoupis-Zavos

Nicotine Maintenance for Inveterate Smokers
Brad Rodu and Philip Cole

Cancer Testing
Michael Gough

Validity of the Linear-No Threshold Theory of Radiation Carcinogenesis in the Low Dose Region
Bernard L. Cohen

Measuring Public Confidence in Hazard Claims: Results of a National Survey
John D. Graham, Roberta J. Glass, Kim M. Clemente, and Nicole Pasternak

Measuring Confidence in Hazard Claims: Scientists Versus Laypeople
John D. Graham, Kim M. Clemente, Roberta J. Glass, and Nicole Pasternak

Irradiated Food for the Protection of Consumer Health with Special Emphasis on Irradiated Meat
Frank C. Lu

Homeopathy and Science: A Closer Look
David W. Ramey, Mahion Wagner, Robert H. Imrie, and Victor Stenger

Meeting Global Food Needs: The Environmental Trade-Offs Between Increasing Land Conversion and Land Productivity
Indur M. Goklany

Antioxidants and Mortality Among a National Sample
James E. Enstrom

The Hastings, Nebraska Ground Water Contamination Superfund Site: A Case Study in Logic and Illogic
Roy F. Spalding, Mary E. Exner, Daniel D. Snow, and Marty E. Stange

Application and Implication to Public Health When Using Indicator Bacteria for Assessing Water Quality
Ernst M. Davis

Selenium in Human Health
James E. Oldfield

Is Wine or its Polyphenolic Components Beneficial for the Prevention of Heart Disease?: A Review and Comment
Michael A. Dubick

The Psychodynamics of Threat in Environmental Rhetoric
Glenn Swogger, Jr.

Chlorine - Element from Hell or Gift from God? The Scientific Side of the Chlorine Story
Gordon W. Gribble

Effect of Nutrition and Dietary Supplements on Mood and Cognitive Performance
G. Richard Jansen

THE ABC's of HRT: Epidemiology of Hormone Replacement Therapy
Madelon Lubin Finkel and Heather Mahoney

The Early Regulation of Figs in the United States
James Harvey Young

Commentary: Food Irradiation
Edward S. Josephson and Henry A. Dymsza

Commentary: The FDA Still Needs Legislative Reform
Henry I. Miller

Commentary: Admissible Scientific Evidence in Court
F. J. Francis

Commentary: A New Perspective on the DDT Controversy
Thomas R. DeGregori

Commentary: The CDC's 1997 Lead Guidelines:A Move Towards Reasonableness
William O. Robertson

Commentary: Childhood Lead Poisoning and Tainted Science
Edgar J. Schoen

Commentary: Conservation of Threatened Medicinal Forest Plants
Karl Maramorosch

Commentary: Radiation in Perspective
Dade W. Moeller

Commentary: High-Tech Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders: The Misuse of Technology
John E. Dodes and Myer Leonard