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Volume 19, 2019

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Tourism, Culture & Communication is international in its scope and will place no restrictions upon the range of cultural identities covered, other than the need to relate to tourism and hospitality. The Journal seeks to provide interdisciplinary perspectives in areas of interest that may branch away from traditionally recognized national and indigenous cultures, for example, cultural attitudes toward the management of tourists with disabilities, gender aspects of tourism, sport tourism, or age-specific tourism.

The focus will be on high-quality research, and a double-blind referring process will be applied. Tourism, Culture & Communication will consist of main articles, major thematic reviews, position papers on theory and practice, and substantive case studies. A Reports section will provide coverage of specific initiatives and projects, of work in progress, and of major conferences and seminars.

Manuscript submission: Authors should submit Word document manuscripts electronically by email to the joint editors-in-chief, Professor Brian King and Assistant Professor Wantanee Suntikul at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Follow the guidelines below to prepare the manuscript, figures, and tables.

General manuscript preparation: Manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document, double spaced, with all pages numbered. A cover page with the title only should be included because manuscripts are sent out for blind review. Include figures and tables at the end of the file or provide figures in a separate file attachment. Do not incorporate the figures and tables within the manuscript text. Main and secondary headings should be clearly identifiable.

Title page: This should contain the title, all author names and corresponding affiliation(s) for each author, which includes Department, Institution, City (State), Country. The corresponding author must be clearly designated and a complete mailing address and email address for the corresponding author must be included (phone and fax numbers are optional). A short title should also be included.

Abstract and Key words: Provide an abstract of up to 300 words. It should contain an abreviated representation of the content of the manuscript. Major results, conclusions, and/or recommendations should be given, followed by supporting details of method, scope, or purpose as appropriate. Supply 3 to 5 keywords suitable for indexing.

Text: Clearly indicate all main and subheadings. Follow the APA Publication Manual (6th edition) guidelines for citing references in the text (see below) and for the reference list. All figures and tables must be cited in the text in the order in which they appear (do not incorporate figures and tables within the body of the text). The file should be arranged as: title-only cover page, title page (with names and affiliations), abstract and key words, main body text, reference list, figure legends and figures (or provide figures in a separate file), and tables.

References: The reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order. Follow APA Publication Manual (6th edition) for text and reference list citations, per the examples below. Include in the reference list only those cited in the text and ensure that all text citations have an entry in the reference list.

Text citations: (Gunn, 1990) or (Fesenmaier et al., 1994; Mazanec, 1992, 1993; Uysal & Gitelson, 1994) or (Crompton, 1979, p. 411) (for quoted material). Note that names are to be alphabetical within the paranthetical, NOT by date order.

Journal Article: Crouch, I. G. (1994). The study of international tourism demand: A review of findings. Journal of Travel Research, 33(1), 12-23.

Book: Witt, E. S., & Witt, C. A. (1992). Modeling and forecasting in tourism. London: Academic Press.

Book chapter in edited book: Frechtling, C. D. (1994). Assessing the impacts of travel and tourism: Measuring economic benefits. In J. R. Brent Ritchie & C. R. Goeldner (Eds.), Travel, tourism, and hospitality research (2nd ed., pp. 367-391). New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Internet Source: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. (2009). The impact of culture on tourism. Retrieved from

Please note that citations such as "personal communication'' should be cited parenthetically in the text only. Do not include in the reference list.

Figures: All figures should be provided in .doc, .jpg, .tif, or .pdf format, at high resolution. Do no incorporate figures within the text of the manuscript. Figures should be prepared without color unless the figure is to be printed in color (note there is a charge for printing figures in color). Avoid light shading that will not reproduce well. Labeling and figure detail must be large enough to be legible after reduction to fit page parameters. Each figure must be cited in the text and legends for all illustrations should be included at the end of the manuscript file. Do not incorporate the figure legend or figure number as part of the figure itself.

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Disclaimer: Although every effort is made by the publisher and editorial board to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or statement appears in this Journal, they wish to make it clear that the data and opinions appearing in the articles and advertisements herein are the sole responsibility of the contributor or advertiser concerned. Accordingly, the publisher, the editorial board, editors, and their respective employees, officers, and agents accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such inaccurate or misleading data, opinion, or statement.

ETHICS STATEMENT: The publishers and editorial board of Tourism Culture & Communication have adopted the publication ethics and malpractice statements of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) ( These guidelines highlight what is expected of authors and what they can expect from the reviewers and editorial board in return. They also provide details of how problems will be handled.

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Volume 19, Number 1

Tourism Systems Thinking: Towards an Integrated Framework to Guide the Study of the Tourism Phenomenon – 1
Santiago Rodriguez-Giron and Dominique Vanneste

Ethnocultural Empathy Among Frontline Hospitality and Tourism Employees – 17
Mohammad Sharifi-Tehrani, Ali Sanayei, Ali Kazemi, and Hoseein Rezaie Dolat Abadi

Entertaining Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) in Destination Settings: A Cross-Cultural Host Comparison – 31
Reyhan Arslan Ayazlar

The Dynamic Role of Augmented Reality in Tourism - 43
Bashar MaaiahAbdalla Al-Shorman, Omar Alananzeh, and Mohammad Al-Badarneh

How Domestic Visitors Relate to Te Papa Museum: The Other Roles of Modern Museums - 55
Ahmed Abdel Fattah and Mary E. Eddy-U



Thanatourism: Case Studies in Travel to the Dark Side (Pascal Mandelartz and Tony Johnston, Editors) – 77
Masood A. Naqvi

Tourism and Political Change (Richard Butler and Wantanee Suntikul, Editors) – 80
Siamak Seyfi and Mohammad Sharifi-Tehrani

Volume 18, Number 4

Guest Editor: John C. Crotts

Introduction: Pushing the Boundaries in Cross Cultural Tourism Research 225
John C. Crotts

Acculturation of Migrant Populations: An Exploratory Study Across Multiple Generations 227
John C. Crotts and Josef A. Mazanec

Hofstede’s Cultural Indices Revisited: The Relationship Between Cultural Values and International Tourism 241
Michael J. Ahn and Bob Mckercher

Cross-Cultural User Experience of Luxury Hotel Websites: A Conjoint Analysis 251
Xinran Y. LehtoZhi Shi, Joel Anaya, Mark R. Lehto, and Liping Cai

Perceived Personal Development Benefits From Backpacking: A Cross-Cultural Comparison 275
Songshan (Sam) Huang and Ganghua Chen

Local Strategies for Economic Survival in Touristically Volatile Times: An Indonesian Case Study of Microvendors, Gendered Cultural Practices, and Resilience 287
Kathleen M. Adams

Volume 18 Subject and Author Index 303

Volume 18, Number 3

“Yearning for the British Raj”: The Touristic Consumption of Colonial Nostalgia in India 163
Ranjan Bandyopadhyay and Graham Dann

How Experiences With Cultural Attractions Affect Destination Image and Destination Loyalty 177
Dwi Suhartanto, Michael D. Clemes, and Nono Wibisono

Food Preferences and Culture: The Influence of Nationality and Religion Among Tourists Visiting Goa 191
Nandakumar Mekoth and Albino Roshan Thomson

Political Crises and Destination Choice: An Exploratory Study of Swedish-Iranian Second-Home Buyers 205
Saeid Abbasian



Tourism in the Arab World: An Industry Perspective (Hamed AlmuhrziHafidh Alriyami, and Noel Scott) 221
Rami K. Isaac

Asian Genders in Tourism (Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore and Paolo Mura, Editors) 223
Saurabh Kumar Dixit

Volume 18, Number 2

Elephants in Norway: Meanings and Authenticity of Souvenirs From a Seller/Crafter Perspective 85
Hannelene Schilar and E. Carina H. Keskitalo

Food Tourism and the Use of Authenticity in Thailand 101
Thanya Lunchaprasith and Donald Macleod

Tourist Perceptions of Living Authenticity in Indigenous Tourism Destinations: The Case of Smangus Village in Taiwan 117
Pei-Hsin Hsu

Using Couchsurfing.Com and its Association With Generalized Trust 133
Alexander Ronzhyn



Slum Tourism: A Review of State-of-the-Art Scholarship 149
Rodanthi Tzanelli


Heritage Tourism in China: Modernity, Identity and Sustainability (Hongliang Yan) 157
Christian Kahl

Cultural Tourism in Southern Africa (Haretsebe Manwa, Naomi Moswete, and Jarkko Saarinen, Editors) 159
Richard George

New Series of Review Articles on “State-of-The-Art” Matters

Volume 18, Number 1

Guest Editors: Donna Chambers and Tijana Rakić

Critical Considerations on Gender and Tourism: An Introduction 1
Donna Chambers and Tijana Rakić

Female Tourism Entrepreneurs in Zanzibar: An Enactment Perspective 9
Nelly MalivaMaartje Bulkens, Karin Peters, and Rene van der Duim

Women of the Kokoda: From Poverty to Empowerment in Sustainable Tourism Development 21
Carmel Foley, Simone Grabowski, Jennie Small, and Stephen Wearing

A Critical Approach to the Gender Wage Gap in Tourism Labor 35
Fiona Eva Bakas, Carlos Costa, Zelia Breda, and Marilia Durao

The Gendered Natures of Polar Bear Tourism 51
Olga Yudina, Bryan S. R. Grimwood, Lisbeth A. Berbary, and Heather Mair

Tourism Development in the Russian Arctic: Reproducing or Challenging Hegemomic Masculinities of the Frontier? 67
Susanna Heldt Cassel and Albina Pashkevich

Critical Considerations on Gender and Tourism: A Postscript 81
Donna Chambers and Tijana Rakić

Volume 17, Number 4

Travel Career Patterns: The Motivations of Indonesian and Malaysian Muslim Tourists 231
Hera Oktadiana, Philip L. Pearce, Arif Kamisan Pusiran, and Manisha Agarwal

Land, Family, and Chinese-Ness: The Influence of Chinese Values on the Study of Tourism 249
Yunzi Zhang and Liping Cai

Tourists’ Attitudes Toward Religious Commercialization 259
Keji Huang, Philip Pearce, and Junjie Wen

Tourism as a Perpetuator of Harmful Traditional Practices in Ethiopia’s Hamer Community 271
Ermias Kifle and Azmach Tensay

The Role of Tour Operators and Suppliers in the Resident–Visitor Relationship: Chinese Mass Tourism in East Malaysia 289
Robert Francis Peters



Commercial Nationalism and Tourism: Selling the National Story (Leanne White, Editor) 301
Wenhui (William) Wang

Attracting Visitors to Ancient Neighbourhoods: Creation and Management of the Tourist-Historic City of Plymouth, UK (Daniel Barrera-Fernández) 303
Cláudia Ribeiro De Almeida

Volume 17 Subject and Author Index 305

Volume 17, Number 3

Being a Female Surfer in Morocco: The Norms and Social Uses of the Beach 159
Christophe Guibert and Chadia Arab

Speaking of “Travel” in English and Russian: Lexical Semantics in Tourist Reviews 173
Tatiana M. Permyakova, Irina S. Morozova, and Elena A. Smolianina

Older Tourists, Bars, and Instant Conviviality in Pub Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia 191
Claudia Bell

Does International Travel Boost One’s Interest in Foreign Policy? Attitude Change Among Tourists 201
Kevin Carder and Satoshi Machida


Communication Skills in the Tourism Sector: The Speech Culture of Tour Guides 217
Jasna Potočnik Topler



De Foum Zguid à Foum El HisnInventaire du Patrimoine Culturel de Tata (From Foum Zguid to Foum El Hisn: Inventory of Cultural Heritage of Tata) (Mustapha Nami, Mohamed Belatik, and Mustapha Atki) 227
Mohamed AbiouiLhassan M’Barki, and Mohammed Benssaou


A Case of “Disneyization”? The Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Hong Kong 229
Hiu Yan Lee

Volume 17, Number 2

Destination Encounters With Local Food: The Experience of International Visitors in Indonesia 79
Serli Wijaya, Brian King, Alison Morrison, and Thu-Huong Nguyen

Neither Here nor There? The Transformation of Place, Performance, People, and Power Relations Through Travelers’ Social Web 93
Andrew Duffy

A Case of “Disneyization”? The Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Hong Kong 107
Lee Hiu Yan

Intention to Attend the Rainforest World Music Festival: Local Visitor Perspectives 119
Hiram Ting, Mary Wan MeringShahren Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, and Mumtaz Ali Memon


Indigenous Self-Determination and the Culinary Tourist 131
Ann Allen



Transformational Host Communities: Justice Tourism and the Water Regime in Palestine 139
Rami K. Isaac

Volume 17, Number 1


Guest Editors: Rami K. Isaac and Erdinç Çakmak

Exploring the Role of Science and Power Relations in Tourism Studies: An Introduction to the Special Issue 1
Rami K. Isaac and Erdinҫ Ҫakmak

The Rise and Fall of Orientalism in Travel, Tourism, and Pilgrimage: Report From Palestine/Israel 7
Tom Selwyn

The Irreducible Ethics in Reflexivity: Rethinking Reflexivity in Conducting Ethnography in Shangri-La, Southwest China 19
Jundan Zhang

The Inclusion of the Communist/Socialist Heritage in the Emerging Representations of Eastern Europe: The Case of Bulgaria 31
Milka Ivanova

Power Struggles Within and Between Organizations in Tourism Business: A Bourdieusean Approach to Organizational Analysis 47
Rafiq Ahmad

Time for Fluid Acumen: A Call for Improved Tourism Studies Dialogue With the Decolonizing World 61
Keith Hollinshead and Rukeya Suleman

A Future Perspective About Tourism and Power: A Polyphonic Dialogue in the Agora 75
Erdinҫ Ҫakmak and Rami K. Isaac

Volume 16, Number 3

The Power of Words at Mega-Event Opening Ceremonies 97
Mitja Gorenak and Jasna Potočnik Topler

The Impact of Tourism Advertising on Corporate Attitudes and Tourism Intentions: Country and Corporation Interactions in the Halo Effect and Public Diplomacy 109
Young Ju JinWonjung Min, and Jae-Woong Yoo

How Do Leisure Constraints Influence the Revisit Intentions of Music Festival Visitors? 123
Maikel Nuijten, Pieter De Rooij, and Laurent Snoeckx

The Use of Sina Weibo and Twitter by International Luxury Hotels 137
Wen Wu, Melissa Clark, Bomi Kang, and Monica Fine

Does Korean Drama Have a Real Influence? An Analysis of Malaysia Outbound Tourists to South Korea 147
Pek Yen Teh and Hong Ching Goh


Conceptualizing Spiritual Tourism: Cultural Considerations and a Comparison With Religious Tourism 161
Gregory Brian Willson



Making Sense of Reality: Culture and Perception in Everyday Life (Tia DeNora) 171
Jundan (Jasmine) Zhang

Tourism Marketing for Developing Countries: Battling Stereotypes and Crises in Asia, Africa and the Middle East (Eli Avraham and Eran Ketter) 173
Rob Law

Volume 16 Subject and Author Index 175

Volume 16, Numbers 1/2

Cultural Representation Theory in Constructing Representations of the United States in Chinese and US Media 1
Yasong (Alex) Wang

Cruise Tourist Dress Behaviors and Local–Guest Reactions in a Muslim Country 15
Manuela Gutberlet

Hunting the Light in the High Arctic: Interest Development Among English Tourists Aboard the Coastal Steamer Hurtigruten 33
Christian B. Ekeland and Tove I. Dahl

Still a White Paradise? Photographic Representations of Jamaica as a Tourism Destination 59
Nicole Hay Walters and Susanna Heldt Cassel

“Tourism Is for Foreigners”: Resident Views About Community Participation in Zambia’s Tourist Capital 75
Kabwe Harnadih Mubanga and Bridget Bwalya Umar



Social Theory for Today: Making Sense of Social Worlds (Alex Law) 93
Antonio Miguel Nogués-Pedregal

Identity and Capitalism (Marie Moran) 95
Heather Mair

ADVANCED NOTICE: Pilot Short Course on Advanced “Soft Science” Approaches (NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda, The Netherlands, in collaboration with The University of Bedfordshire, England, November 16–18, 2016)

Volume 15, Number 3


Guest Editors: Nazia Ali and Milka Ivanova

Introduction—Diasporas and Identity: Tourism, Being, and Becoming 169
Nazia Ali and Milka Ivanova

The Diversiform Character of Diasporas Today: Mapping and Monitoring the Polymorphous and/or the Protean 173
Keith Hollinshead

Diasporas Disentangled: The Cultivation of an Open/Spiral Imagination in Tourism Studies 183
Milka Ivanova and Keith Hollinshead

Anchoring to Identity Through Exploring Another Land: The Iranian Diaspora in New Zealand 195
Mitra Etemaddar, Hazel Tucker, and Tara Duncan

Expressions of Diasporic Identity: Travel and Food as Signifiers of Polish Identity 205
Joanna (Asia) Alder

Whose Diwali Is It? Diaspora, Identity, and Festivalization 215
Alison Booth

Standing Stones, Festival, and the Celtic Diaspora 227
Jo Mackellar and Ros Derrett

Identity, Adjustment, and Transnational Activity Patterns of Fourth-Wave Ukrainian Diaspora in the United States 237
Svitlana Iarmolenko and Deborah Kerstetter

Endnote: Diasporas and Identity 249
Nazia Ali and Milka Ivanova

Volume 15 Subject and Author Index 253

Volume 15, Number 2

These Are a few of my Favorite Things: The Search for Authenticity in
Sound of Music Tourism 69
Terri Toles Patkin

I Remember it Well: Epiphanies, Nostalgia, and Urban Exploration as Mediators of Tourist Memory 87
Peter Robinson

Resident Perceptions of Community Tourism in Cape Verde 103
Ana María Castillo Canalejo, Julia Nuñez Tabales, José María Cerezo López, and Fernando J. Fuentes-García

Reversing Visitor Harassment Through Deliberate Intelligence Building Strategies 121
Annmarie Nicely

Managing Heritage Tourism in the Decapolis Sites of Jordan: Planning Opportunities and Challenges 141
Abdelkader Ababneh


Agglomeration Effects and Firm Performance in Cultural Value Chain 157
Belén Usero and Jesús Del Brío



Cultural Relativism and International Politics (Derek Robbins) 167
Amitabh Upadhya

Volume 15, Number 1

“Mobile Cultures” as Leisure Pursuits and Tourist Attractions: Gauchos, Cowboys, and Indians 1
Erik Cohen

A Vacation Within a Vacation: Children’s Day Programs and Parental Satisfaction 21
Joel R. Agate, Sarah T. Agate, and Kathrin Birchler

Tourism Impacts in a Multiethnic Society: The Case of Baluchis in Iran 33
Ahmad Reza Sheikhi

The Role of Cultural Activities in Tourism Development: An Urban–Rural Perspective 47
Harald Pechlaner, Anna Bialk-Wolf, and Daniel Zacher


Beyond Historical Adversaries: Exploring New Grounds for Peace Through Tourism Between Iran and the US 59
Yeganeh Aghazamani and Carter A. Hunt



An Introduction to Leisure Studies: Principles and Practice (Peter Bramham and Stephen Wagg) 67
Neil Carr

Volume 14, Number 3

What Influences Visitor Mindfulness at World Heritage Sites? 139
Shuhaida Md Noor, S. Mostafa RasoolimaneshMastura Jaafar, and Vithya Ganesan

Intercultural Interactions in Tourist Bars: Yangshuo, China 151
Lingxu Zhou and Geoffrey Wall

Exchange and Change in Northern Norway: On Reciprocity in Nature-Based Tourism 169
Gaute Svensson

Analyzing Responsible Corporate Identity in the Hospitality Sector: A Case Study 183
Patricia Martínez and Ignacio Rodríguez Del Bosque

Drama in the Snowfield: Audience Reaction to a Fatal Tourist Incident 199
Pekka Iivari

Volume 14 Subject and Author Index 215

Volume 14, Number 2

Bidding for World Heritage: Singapore’s Botanic Gardens 63
Joan C. Henderson

Turkey as a Destination: A Study of Sensory Brand Associations 77
Nergis Aziz, Efstathios Kefallonitis, and Barry A. Friedman

The Preservation of Macau’s Intangible Colonial Heritage: The Case of Patúa 91
Cora Un In Wong

An Inquiry Into Jamaican Perspectives on Tourism 103
Todd M. Vanden Berg

Spanish Travelers’ Expectations of Service Encounters in Domestic and International Settings 117
Lucía Fernández-AmayaMaría De La O Hernández-López, and Pilar Garcés-Conejos Blitvich



Transformational Tourism: Tourist Perspectives (Yvette Reisinger, Editor) 137
Philip L. Pearce


Heritage Tourism in Thai Urban Communities 1
Erik Cohen

Visitors to Cultural Heritage Attractions: An Activity-Based Integrated Typology 17
Gyan P. Nyaupane and Kathleen L. Andereck

Tourism, Visual Culture, and the State in Northern Thailand 27
Mary Mostafanezhad

Representations of a Destination Brand in Online Tourism Information Sources: The Case of Slovenia 41
Velvet Nelson



Securing Paradise: Tourism and Militarism in Hawai’i and the Philippines (Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez) 55
Patrick J. Holladay

Tourism in China: Destinations, Planning and Experiences [Chris Ryan and Songshan (Sam) Huang, Editors] 57
Feifei Xu

Dangerous Others, Insecure Societies (Michaelis Lianos, Editor) 59
Michael O’ Regan

Fundamentals of Sustainable Development [Niko Roorda (with Peter Blaze Corcoran and Joseph P. Weakland)] 61
Hélène Robert


The Social Identities of Japanese Backpackers
Huong T. Bui, Hugh C. Wilkins, and Young-Sook Lee

Singles and Solo Travel: Gender and Type of Holiday
Bente Heimtun and Birgit Abelsen

Building Muslim Women’s Resistance Through Tourism Employment
Lubna Al Mazro’ei and Susan M. Shaw

An Islamic Past in Contemporary Spanish and Portuguese Tourism Narratives
Katherine A. Bueno (O’Dowd), Carla Almeida Santos, Sebnem Ozkan, and Javier Irigoyen-García

Critical Reviews Section

Critical Book Reviews

Necroromanticism: Travelling to Meet the Dead, 1750–1860 (Paul Westover)
Tony Seaton

Event Tourism and Cultural Tourism: Issues and Debates (Larry Dwyer and Eugenia Wickens, Editors)
Nikola Naumov

Mataran Contradictions: Architecture, Preservation and Politics (Anne Parmly Toxey)
Michela Zonta and Allan Scott Mills

Touring Beyond the Nation. A Transnational Approach to European Tourism History (Eric G. E. Zuelow, Editor)
Dirk Reiser

Volume 13 Subject and Author Index


Ethnic Cultures, Globalization, and Tourism: Eurasians in Singapore
Joan C. Henderson

Concepts of Culture and Tourism Adaption to Climate Change in Tuvalu
Anna Hübner

Taxi Tour Guides as Culture Brokers on Jeju Island in South Korea
So Young Bae, Erwei Dong, Garry Chick, and Deborah Kerstetter

Tourist Visitation to Ebenezer Aboriginal Mission Station, Victoria, Australia, 1859–1904: A Case Study
Ian D. Clark and Eva McRae-Williams



Between You and Me: Making Messes With Constructivism and Critical Theory
Kellee Caton


Working-Class Organizations and Popular Tourism, 1840–1970 (Susan Barton)
Jim Macbeth

Heritage Tourism in Southeast Asia (Michael Hitchcock, Victor T. King, and Michael Parnwell, editors)
Noel B. Salazar

Mapping Cultures: Place, Practice, Performance (Les Roberts, editor)
Sabina Owsianowska

The Holiday Makers: Magazines, Advertising, and Mass Tourism in Postwar America (Richard K. Popp)
Mary Neilan Stansfield


Guest Editors: Elisa Backer and Brian Hay

Introduction: Social Media Special Issue
Elisa Backer and Brian Hay, Guest Editors

A Flash of Culinary Tourism: Understanding the Influences of Online Food Photography on People’s Travel Planning Process on Flickr
Bingjie Liu, William C. Norman, and Lori Pennington-Gray

The Acceptance or Rejection of Social Media: A Case Study of Rochford Winery Estate in Victoria, Australia
Paul Strickland, Warwick Frost, Kim M. Williams, and Jennifer Laing

Student Tourism and Destination Choice: Exploring the Influence of Traditional, New, and Social Media: An Australian Case Study
Rhianna Davies and Grant Cairncross

The Social Media Capital of the Universe: What Does This Mean for Brazilian Tourists to the US?
Lori Pennington-Gray and Ashley Schroeder


Let’s Talk Destination: Exploring Social Media (and) Marketing Strategies for the Destination Marketing Organization VVV Hof van Twente, The Netherlands
Thijs Zwienenberg, Inge Hermann, and Christa Barkel


Body Piercing in “Modern Primitivism” and in Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival: A Comparative Study
Erik Cohen

Politics of Heritage Promotion: Branding the Identity of the Greek State
Androniki Kavoura

Perceptions of Authenticity of Cultural Events: A Host–Guest Analysis
Juan Gabriel Brida, Marta Disegna, and Linda Osti

Determinants of Place Identity and Dependence: The Case of International Tourists in Tanzania
Shogo Mlozi, Ossi Pesämaa, Antti Haahti, and Sandeep Salunke

Featuring Iconic Individuals on NTO Websites: A Catalyst for Cultural Tourism?
Maurice J. Kane

Sightseeing for the Sightless and the Soundless: Tourism Experiences of the Deafblind
Elizabeth Dann with Graham M. S. Dann


The Use and Abuse of “Clearly” in Tourism Research
Graham M. S. Dann

Message From Paradise: Critical Reflections on the Tourism Academy in Jerusalem
Rami K. Isaac, Vincent Platenkamp, and Erdinç Çakmak

Ethnography of Hope in Extreme Places: Ahrendt’s Agora in Controversial Tourism Destinations
Rami K. Isaac and Vincent Platenkamp


Mapping Cultures. Place, Practice, Performance (Les Roberts, editor)
Sabina Owsianowska

Volumes 11 and 12 Subject and Author Index



Tourism, Culture & the Creative Industries: Exploring the Linkages. University of the West Indies 2nd International Tourism Conference
Acolla Cameron and Donnal Chambers, Guest Editors

Tourism, Culture, and the Creative Industries: Reviving Distressed Neighborhoods With Arts-Based Community Tourism
Jessica Aquino, Rhonda Phillips, and Heekyung Sung

Póvoa Dão Village: An Instance of “Heritagization” for Tourist Attraction and Local Development
Orlando Simões and Vivina Almeida Carreira

Greening of the Pride Toronto Festival: Lessons Learned
Rachel Dodds and Sonya Graci

Mementos of Place: Souvenir Purchases at the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal in Barbados
Jenny Cave, Lee Jolliffe, and Delysia De Coteau


Built Heritage Conservation, Urban Development, and Tourism: Singapore in the 21st Century
Joan C. Henderson

Moving From Pilgrimage to “Dark” Tourism: Leveraging Tourism in Palestine
Rami K. Isaac and Gregory J. Ashworth

The Semiotic Construction of a Holiday Country: The Case of Croatia
Mislava Bertoša, Vesna Muhvić-Dimanovski, and Anita Skelin Horvat

Cross-Cultural Comparison of International Tourist Destination Images
Hsuan-Hsuan Chang



Faiths on Display: Religion, Tourism, and the Chinese State (Tim Oakes and Donald S. Sutton, editors)
Geoffrey Wall

Places of the Imagination: Media, Tourism, Culture (S. Reijinders)
Alan Clarke


Why the Gunarsa Art Museum Fails as a Tourism Attraction
Neil Leiper and Sun-Young Park

Culture as a Tourism Resource: The Case of North Cyprus (TRNC)
Tacgey Debes and Habib Alipour

Understanding Cambodian Tourism Development Through Contextual Education
Ariane Portegies, Theo de Haan, Rami Isaac, and Lucette Roovers

Evaluating the Economic and Fiscal Impact of an International Cultural Heritage Festival on a Regional Economy: Folkmoot USA
Sandra Grunwell, Inhyuck Ha, and Susan L. Swanger



The Discovery of Tourism (Stephen L. J. Smith, editor)
Thomas Iverson

Tourism and Visual Culture, Volume 2: Methods and Cases (P. M. Burns, J. M. Lester, and I. Bibbings, editors)
Sean T. Ruane


The Legacy of Mining: Visual Representations and Narrative Constructions of a Swedish Heritage Tourist Destination
Susanna Heldt Cassel and Cecilia Mörner

Towards a Religious View of Tourism: Negotiating Faith Perspectives on Tourism
Daniel H. Olsen

Promoting Tourism in Linguistic Minority Spaces on the Web: A Study of Linguistic and Visual Resources on Tourist Websites for Dingle, Ireland and Inari, Finland
Helen Kelly-Holmes, Sari Pietikäinen, and Máiréad Moriarty

I–Thou Relationships in Tourism: The Case of Cross-Cultural Interaction Between Okinawan Locals and Japanese Tourists
Graham K. Henning, Shinsuke Kawabata, and Keiko Miyajima



Cooperative Business Organizations: Intrinsic in Every Strategically Functional Tourism Industry
Neil Leiper, Matthew Lamont, and Nerilee Hing


Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having and Being (Michael R. Solomon)
Vangelos Vantzos

Volume 10, Number 3


Creative Industries and Experiences: Development, Marketing and Consumption
Pandora Kay and Michael Polonsky, Guest Editors

From Passenger to Driver: Creativity and Culture in Rural Communities
Patrick Mitchell and Ron Fisher

The Reciprocal Relationship Between Corporate and Regional Brands in the Creative Industries: The Case of Sustainable Architecture in Portland, Oregon, USA
Ian Parkman

Exploring Urban Creativity: Visitor Experiences of Spitalfields, London
Ilaria Pappalepore, Robert Maitland, and Andrew Smith

Creating High and Low Art: Experimentation and Commercialization at Fringe Festivals
Elspeth A. Frew and Jane Ali-Knight

Social Identity and Indie Music: Me or We?
Julia Chan and Rosemary Polegato



Events and Festivals: Current Trends and Issues (M. Robertson and E. Frew, editors)
Dimitrios P. Stergiou

Volume 10 Subject and Author Index

Volume 10, Number 2

Paradise Without People: Exclusive Destination Promotion
Charlotte M. Echtner

Sense of Place, Community, and Nature Management in Ogasawara, Japan: Investigating the Obeikei Narrative
Paul A. Cunningham

Dinosaurs in Thai Culture and Tourism
Erik Cohen

Burnishing Nationalism: Touring Burns and Authenticity in Scotland
Kalyan Bhandari

The Commodification of Culture in Jeolla Province, Korea: The Frame of Cultural Tourism
Youngsun Shin

Promoting Norway Abroad: A Content Analysis of Photographic Messages of Nature-Based Tourism Experiences
May Kristin Vespestad



Developments in Tourism Research (J. Tribe and D. Airey, editors)
Chris Ryan

Tourism Development Revisited: Concepts, Issues and Paradigms (S. S. Babu, S. Mishra, and B. B. Parida)
Brian King

Volume 10, Numbers 2-3

Volume 10, Number 1

Volume 9, Numbers 1-3

Volume 8, Numbers 1-3

Volume 7, Numbers 1-3

Volume 6, Numbers 1-3

Volume 5, Numbers 1-3

Volume 4, Numbers 1-3

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Volume 2, Numbers 1-3, 2000

Volume 1, Numbers 1-2, 1998


Brian King
Professor, Associate Dean, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
17 Science Museum Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: 3400 2182

Wantanee Suntikul
Assistant Professor, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
17 Science Museum Road, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, China
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tel: 3400 2177

Lindsay Turner
Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Keith Hollinshead, Luton Business School, The University of Bedfordshire, Putteridge Bury, Luton, UK

Honggen Xiao, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Jerome Agrusa, Hawaii Pacific University, USA
Elizabeth Agyeiwaah, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau
Tracey Berno, Lincoln University, New Zealand
Wu Bihu, Peking University, China
David Bojanic, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA 
Erik Cohen, Hebrew University, Israel 
Chris Cooper, Oxford Brooks University, UK
Jennifer Craik, RMIT University, Australia 
Graham DannFinmark University College, Norway 
Kadir Din, University of Utara, Malaysia 
Hillary Du Cros, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Anne-Marie Hede, Victoria University, Australia
William G. Feighey, Tourism 21, Switzerland
Thor Flognfeldt, Lillehammer College, Norway 
David Harrison, University of the South Pacific, Fiji 
Jafar Jafari, University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA 
Myriam Jansen-Verbeke, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium
Alan Lew, Northern Arizona University, USA 
Alastair Morrison, Purdue University, USA 
Wiendu Nuryanti,  International Centre for Culture & Tourism (ICCT), Indonesia 
Abraham Pizam, University of Central Florida, USA 
Brent Ritchie, University of Calgary, Canada 
Glenn Ross, James Cook University, Australia 
Chris Ryan, University of Waikato, New Zealand 
Carla Santos, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Tony Seaton, University of Bedfordshire, UK 
Tom Selanniemi, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland 
Myra Shackley, Nottingham Trent University, UK 
David Simmons, Lincoln University, New Zealand 
Tej Vir Singh, Centre for Tourism Research & Development, India 
Valene Smith, California State University, USA 
Peter Spearritt, University of Queensland, Australia

Tourism Culture & Communication: Volumes 2-16  (Scroll down)

Volume 18: Author Index

Abbasian, S., 205
Adams, K. M., 287
Ahn, M. J., 241
Anaya, G. J., 251

Bakas, F. E., 35
Bandyopadhyay, R., 163
Berbary, L. A., 51
Breda, Z., 35
Bulkens, M., 9

Cai, L., 251
Chambers, D., 1, 81
Chen, Ganghua, 275
Clemes, M. D., 177
Costa, C., 35
Crotts, J. C., 225, 227

Dann, G., 163
Dixit, S. K., 223
Durão, M., 35

Foley, C., 21

George, R., 159
Grabowski, S., 21
Grimwood, B. S. R., 51

Heldt Cassel, S., 67
Hsu, Pei-Hsin, 117
Huang, Songshan (Sam), 275

Isaac, R. K., 221

Kahl, C., 157
Keskitalo, E. C. H., 85

Lehto, M. R., 251
Lehto, X. Y., 251
Lunchaprasith, T., 101

Macleod, D., 101
Mair, H., 51
Maliva, N., 9
Mazanec, J. A., 227
McKercher, B., 241
Mekoth, N., 191

Pashkevich, A., 67
Peters, K., 9

Rakić, T., 1, 81
Ronzhyn, A., 133

Schilar, H., 85
Small, J., 21
Suhartanto, D., 177

Thomson, A. R., 191
Tzanelli, R., 149

van der Duim, R., 9

Wearing, S., 21
Wibisono, N., 177

Yudina, O., 51

Volume 18: Subject Index

Acculturalization, 227
Adventure tourism, 67
Arctic tourism, 67
Authenticity, 85, 101

Backpacking, 275
Brand identity, 251
British Empire, 163

Capitalism, 149
Chinese culture, 275
Colonial nostalgia, 163
Conjoint analysis, 251
Consumption, 149
Couchsurfing, 133
Cross-cultural analysis, 275
Cross-cultural users, 251
Cultural attraction, 177
Cultural values, 227, 241
Culture, 191

Destination food, 191
Destination image, 177
Destination loyalty, 177
Discourse analysis, 51

Empowerment, 21
Enactment, 9
Epistemology, 149
Experience quality, 177

Female tourism entrepreneurs, 9

Feminist economics, 35
Food, 101
Food preference, 191

Gaze, 149
Gender, 9, 287
Gender wage gap, 35
Gendered bodies, 51
Gendered landscapes, 51
Generalized trust, 133

Handicrafts, 287
Hegemonic masculinities, 67
Hofstede, 227, 241

Indigenous tourism, 85, 117
Indonesia, 287
Intention to revisit, 117
International tourism, 241

Kokoda, 21

Labor, 35
Living authenticity, 117
Luxury hotel websites, 251

Microbusiness, 21
Migrants, 227

Nature-based tourism, 51
Nenets Autonomous District (NAD), 67
Northern Europe, 85

Personal development, 275
Political crises, 205
Portugal, 35

Raj tourism, 163
Religion, 191
Representation, 51
Resilience, 287
Russian Arctic, 67

Sámi, 85
Second homes, 205
Slum tourism, 149
Social media, 133
Souvenirs, 85
Spain, 205
Stakeholders, 101
Sustainable tourism, 21
Swedish-Iranians, 205

Thailand, 101
Tourism, 35
Tourist, 191
Tourist learning, 275
Tourist satisfaction, 177
Traditional market, 101
Trust formation, 133
Turkey, 205

Weick, 9
Women, 21

Zanzibar, 9

Volume 17: Author Index

Abioui, M., 227
Adruce, S. A. Z., 119
Agarwal, M., 231
Ahmad, R., 47
Allen, A., 
Arab, C., 159

Bell, C., 

CaiLiping, 249
Çakmak, E., 1, 75

Carder, K., 

Duffy, A., 

Guiberg, C., 

Hollinshead, K., 
Huang, Keji
Isaac, R. K., 1, 75, 139
Ivanova, M., 31

Kifle, E., 
King, B., 79

Lee, Hiu Yan,  (229)

Memon, M. A., 119
Mering, M. W., 119
Morozova, I. S., 173
Morrison, A., 79

Nguyen, T.-H., 79

Oktadiana, H., 231

Pearce, P. L., 231, 259
Permyakova, T. M., 
Peters, R. F., 
Pusiran, A. K., 231

Ribeiro de Almeida, C., 303

Selwyn, T., 7
Smolianina, E. A., 173
Suleman, R., 61

Tensay, A., 271
Ting, H., 
Topler, J. P., 

Wang, Wenhui (William), 301
Wen, Junjie, 259
Wijaya, S., 

Zhang, Jundan, 19
Zhang, Yunzi, 249

Volume 17: Subject Index

Absent presence, 93
Ambassador tourism, 139

Bars, 191
Body, 159
Bourdieu, 47
Buddhist sites, 259
Bun festival, 107

Cambodia, 191
Cheung Chau, 107
Chinese outbound tourists, 
Chinese values, 249
Commercial behavior, 259
Communication, 217
Communist, 31
Conversation, 191
Cosmology, 61
Critical tourism studies, 19
Cross-cultural, 249
Culinary tourism, 79
Cultural heritage tourism, 107
Cultural studies, 93

Dining expectation, 79
Disneyization, 107
Domination, 47

English, 173
Ethical practice, 19
Ethnography, 19

Fantasmatics, 61
Food tourism, 131

Great Buddhist Mountains, 259
Guest, 289

Habitus, 47
Hamer community, 271
Harmful traditional practice (HTP), 271
Heritage, 31
Hong Kong, 107
Hospitality, 289
Host, 289
Host–guest interaction, 93

Identity, 31
Impact, 271
Indigeneity, 131
Indigenous community, 19
Indonesia, 231
Intention, 119
Interculture, 289
Interest in foreign policy, 201
Intergroup contact theory, 201
International visitors, 79

Israel, 7

Justice tourism, 139

Language, 217
Local Indonesian food, 79

Malaysia, 231
Mobile methods, 191
Morocco, 159
Muslim tourists, 231

Neocolonialism, 61
New sense, 61

Online survey, 201
Orientalism, 7
Othering, 61

Palestine, 7, 139
Pilgrimage, 7
Postcolonial, 131
Power, 31
Power struggles, 47
Pronunciation, 217

Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), 119
Reappropriation, 131
Religious tourism, 259
Representation, 31
Retirees, 191
Russian, 173

Sarawak, 119
Self-determination, 131
Self-reflexivity, 19
Shangri-La, 19
Silences, 31
Smartphones, 93
Socialization, 159
Social media, 93
Social norms, 159
Speech, 217

The agora, 139
Theory of planned behavior (TPB), 119
Totalitarian, 31
Tour guide, 217
Tourism, 47, 119, 173, 201, 271
Tourism motivation, 231
Tourists, 191
Tourists’ attitudes, 259
Tourists’ reviews, 173
Transformations, 139
Travel, 93, 173
Travel agencies, 47
Travel and tourism, 7
Travel career patterns, 231

Water, 139
Women surfers, 159

Volume 16: Author Index

Cassel, S. H., 59
Clark, M., 137

Dahl, T. I., 33
De Rooij, P., 123

Ekeland, C. B., 33

Fine, M., 137

Goh, H. C., 147
Gorenak, M., 97
Gutberlet, M., 15

Jin, Young Ju, 109

Kang, Bomi, 137

Law, R., 173

Mair, H., 95
Min, Wonjung, 109
Mubanga, K. H., 75

Nogués-Pedregal, A. M., 93
Nuijten, M., 123
Snoeckx, L., 123

Teh, P. Y., 147
Topler, J. P., 97

Umar, B. B., 75

Walters, N. H., 59
Wang, Yasong (Alex), 1
Willson, G. B., 161
Wu, Wen, 137

Yoo, Jae-Woong, 109

Zhang, Jundan (Jasmine), 171

Volume 16: Subject Index:

Advertiser, 109
Arctic winter tourism, 33

China, 1
Colonial discourse, 59
Content analysis, 59
Cross-cultural, 161
Cross-cultural communication, 15
Cruise tourists, 15
Cultural representation, 1

Decision making, 75
Destination marketing, 59
Drama pilgrimage, 147
Dress behavior, 15

Emotion, 33
Event management, 97
Events, 123

Festivals, 123
Film tourism, 147

Guidebooks, 1

Halo effect, 109

Interest development, 33
International luxury hotels, 137

Jamaica, 59
John Furlong, 97

Korean drama, 147

Leisure constraints, 123
Livingstone, 75

Malaysian tourists’ segmentation, 147
Marketing strategy, 137
Microblogs, 137
Mindfulness, 15
Multimethod triangulation, 33
Music, 123
Olympic Games, 97
Overseas advertising, 109

Pilgrimage, 161
Public diplomacy, 109

Questionnaire survey, 15

Religion, 161
Revisit intention, 123

Sina Weibo, 137
Speech analyses, 97
Spiritual, 161
Sultanate of Oman, 15

Tourism, 97
Tourism development, 75
Tourism representations, 59
Tourist motivation, 147
Twitter, 137
Typology of participation, 75

United States, 1

Visual images, 59

Website, 1

Volume 15: Author Index

Ababneh, A., 141
Agate, J. R., 21
Agate, S. T., 21
Aghazamani, Y., 59
Alder, J. (A.), 205
Ali, N., 169, 249

Bialk-Wolf, A., 47
Birchler, K., 21
Booth, A., 215

Canalejo, A. M. C., 103
Carr, N., 67
Cohen, E., 1

Del Brío, J., 157
Derrett, R., 227
Duncan, T., 195

Etemaddar, M., 195

Fuentes-García, F. J., 103

Hollinshead, K., 173, 183
Hunt, C. A., 59

Iarmolenko, S., 237
Ivanova, M., 169, 183, 249

Kerstetter, D., 237

López, J. M. C., 103
Mackellar, J., 227

Nicely, A., 121

Pechlaner, H., 47

Robinson, P., 87

Sheikhi, A. R., 33

Tabales, J. N., 103
Toles Patkin, T., 69
Tucker, H., 195

Upadhya, A., 167
Usero, B., 157

Zacher, D., 47

Volume 15: Subject Index

Acculturation, 237
Adjustment, 237
Affordances, 21
Agglomeration, 157
Attraction systems, 47
Authenticity, 69

Celtic diaspora, 227
Challenges and opportunities, 141
Community festivities, 215
Community tourism, 103
Conjoint knowledge/coherent knowledge, 183
Contact hypothesis, 59
Cowboys, 1
Critical tourism studies, 183
Culture, 205
Cultural activities, 47
Cultural firms, 157

Decapolis sites, 141
Development, 33, 103
Diaspora tourism, 195
Diaspora travel, 205
Difficult psychological spaces, 173
Diwali, 215

Enunciation, 173
Experience, 87

Family, 87
Family holiday, 21
Family recreation, 21
Family tourism, 21
Family vacation, 21
Festival, 215, 227
Festivalization, 215
Film, 69
Food, 205

Gauchos, 1

Heritage, 227
Heritage tourism, 141
Home, 195

Identity, 195, 205, 227, 237
Identity politics, 1
Imaginative inquiry, 183
Indian diaspora, 215
Indians, 1
Interstitial groups, 173
Iran, 59
Iran’s Baluchistan, 33
Iranian diaspora, 195

Jordan, 141

Knowledge transfer, 121

Learning, 121
Leisure pursuits, 1
Location, 157

Management and planning, 141
Microtrade, 121
Mobile cultures, 1
Multiethnic societies, 33
Multiple identities, 173
Negotiated selfhood, 173
New Zealand domestic tourism, 195
Nostalgia, 87

Ontological commitment, 183
Open transdisciplinarity, 183

Peace, 59
Perception, 103
Performance, 157
Performativity, 69
Polish diaspora, 205
Politics, 59
Preformulated knowledge, 183

Repeat visitation, 87
Representations, 1
Residents, 103
Restless populations, 173
Ritual, 227

Third-space peoples, 173
Tourism, 33, 59, 69
Tourism development, 47
Tourist establishments, 1
Tourist gaze, 87
Transdisciplinarity, 183
Transgressive affiliations, 173
Transnational activity, 237

Ukrainian diaspora, 237
United States, 59
Unity, 33
Urban exploration, 87
Urban–rural relationship, 47

Value chain, 157
Visitor harassment, 121

Wicked problem, 183

Volume 14: Author Index

Andereck, K. L., 17
Aziz, N., 77

Cohen, E., 1

Fernández-Amaya, L., 117
Friedman, B. A., 77

Ganesan, V., 139
Garcés-Conejos Blitvich, P., 117

Henderson, J. C., 63
Hernández-López, M. de la O, 117
Holladay, P. J., 55

Iivari, P., 199

Jaafar, M., 139

Kefallonitis, E., 77

Martínez, P., 183
Md Noor, S., 139
Mostafanezhad, M., 27

Nelson, V., 41
Nyaupane, G. P., 17
O’Regan, M., 59

Pearce, P. L., 137

Rasoolimanesh, M., 139
Rodríguez del Bosque, I., 183

Svensson, G., 169

Vanden Berg, T. M., 103

Wall, G., 151
Wong, C. U. I., 91

Xu, F., 57

Zhou, L., 151

Volume 14: Subject Index

Accident, 199
Authentication, 1

Behavior, 183
Botanic Gardens, 63
Build heritage, 1

Chat group, 199
Colonial intangible heritage, 91
Communication, 117, 139, 183
Community tourism, 103
Content analysis, 41
Corporate identity, 183
Corporate social responsibility, 183
Creole, 91
Crisis management, 199
Cross-cultural communication, 117
Culture, 151
Cultural heritage, 17
Culture shock, 151
Customer expectations, 117

Destination branding, 77

Experiential branding, 41

Globalization, 103

Heritage tourism, 1
Highlanders (“Hill Tribes”), 27
Hospitality interaction, 117
Hospitality sector, 183
Host perspectives, 103

Intangible, heritage, 17
Intercultural communication, 103, 151

Jamaica, 103

Macau, 91
Management, 199

Mindfulness, 139

Nature-based tourism, 169
Norms, 169
Northern Norway, 169
Northern Thailand, 27

Patúa, 91
Politeness, 117
Postcards, 27

Reciprocity, 169

Segmentation, 17
Sensory branding, 77
Setting factor, 139
Singapore, 63
Slovenia, 41
Social interaction, 151
Social media, 199
Social sanctions, 169

Tangible heritage, 17
Thailand, 1
Tourism, 63, 139
Tourism destination brands, 41
Tourism safety, 199
Tourism websites, 41
Tourist typology, 17
Turkey, 77

Visitors’ features, 139
Visual culture, 27
Visual identity, 183

World Heritage, 63
World Heritage Site (WHS), 139

Volume 13: Author Index

Abelsen, B., 161
Al Mazro’ei, L., 175

Backer, E., 1
Bae, S. Y., 95
Barkel, C., 61
Bueno (O’Dowd), K. A., 191
Bui, H. T., 147

Cairncross, G., 29
Caton, K., 127
Chick, G., 95
Clark, I. D., 113

Davies, R., 29
Dong, E., 95

Frost, W., 19

Hay, B., 1
Heimtun, B., 161
Henderson, J. C., 67
Hermann, I., 61
Hübner, A., 79

Irigoyen-García, J., 191

Kerstetter, D., 95

Laing, J., 19
Lee, Y.-S., 147
Liu, B., 5

Macbeth, J., 139
McRae-Williams, E., 113
Mills, A. S., 212

Naumov, N., 209
Norman, W. C., 5

Owsianowska, S., 143
Ozkan, S., 191

Pennington-Gray, L., 5, 43

Reiser, D., 214

Salazar, N. B., 141
Santos, C. A., 191
Schroeder, A., 43
Seaton, T., 205
Shaw, S. M., 175
Stansfield, M. N., 145
Strickland, P., 19

Wilkins, H. C., 147
Williams, K. M., 19

Zonta, M., 212
Zwienenberg, T., 61

Volume 13: Subject Index

Aboriginal missions, 113

Backpacker, 147
Brazilians, 43

Climate change, 79
Crisis, 43
Culinary tourism, use and gratification, 5
Cultural theory, 79
Culture brokers, 95

Destination choice, 29
Destination marketing organization (DMO), 61
Dimensions of cultural mediation, 95
Domestic tourism, 95

Ebenezer, 113
Ethnic cultures, 67
Eurasians, 67
European Union, 191

Feminism, 161
Flickr, 5
Food photography, 5

Globalization, 67

Identity, 147
Indigenous tourism, 113
Information source, 43
In-group, 147
Islam, 191

Japanese, 147
Jeju Island, 95

Moravian missionaries, 113
Muslim women, 175

Oman, 175
Out-group, 147

Paradigm debate, 127
Platforms, 19
Portugal, 191

Qualitative research, 127

Reflexivity, 127
Researcher–participant relationship, 127
Research ethics, 127
Resistance, 175
Risk perception, 43
Rochford Wine Estate, 19

Scholarly identity, 127
Singapore, 67
Small island developing states (SIDS), 79
Social change, 175
Social interactions, 147
Social media, 5, 19, 29
Social media (and) marketing strategy, 61
Social technographics ladder, 61
South Korea, 95
Spain, 191
Student tourists, 29
Student travel market, 161

Taxi tour guides, 95
The solo tourist experience, 161
Tourism adaptation, 79
Tourism discourse, 191
Tourism employment, 175
Tourism spaces, 161
Tourists, 43
Tuvalu, 79

Web 2.0 technology, 19
Wineries, 19

Volume 12: Author Index

Aquino, J., 5

Brida, J. G., 85

Çakmak, E., 159
Cameron, A., 1
Carreira, V. A., 19
Cave, J., 39
Chambers, D., 1
Cohen, E., 51

Dann, E., 125
Dann, G. M. S., 125, 141
De Coteau, D., 39
Disegna, M., 85
Dodds, R., 29

Graci, S., 29

Haahti, A., 97

Isaac, R. K., 159, 173

Jolliffe, L., 39

Kane, M. J., 115
Kavoura, A., 69

Mlozi, S., 97

Osti, L., 85
Owsianowska, S., 187

Pesämaa, O., 97
Phillips, R., 5
Platenkamp, V., 159, 173

Salunke, S., 97
Simões, O., 19
Sung, H., 5

Volume 12: Subject Index

Agora, 173
Arts and culture, 5
Atmospherics, 39
Authenticity, 85

Barriers, 29
Body modification, 51
Body mutilation, 51
Brand identity, 69

Canada, 29
Capacity, 5
Caribbean, 39
Clearly, 141
Community-based tourism, 5
Counterdiscourse, 159
Critical Theory, 173
Cruise, 39
Cultural event, 85
Cultural heritage, 19
Cultural tourism, 115

Deafblind tourists, 125
Distinction, 115

Etymology, 141
Everyday speech, 141
Everyday way of life, 115
Expectation, 97

Gender, 39
Greek official narrative, 69
Greening, 29

Hearing, 125
Heritage processes, 19
Heritagization, 19

Host–tourist analysis, 85

Ideals, 115
Ideological assumptions, 141
Imagined community, 69

Jerusalem, 159

Local development, 19
Logit model, 85

Mega-festivals, 29
Mode 3, 173
Modern primitives, 51

Neighborhood-level development and revitalization, 5

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conference, 159

Palestine, 159
Place dependence, 97
Place identity, 97
Pluralist normativity, 173
Politics of heritage, 69
Promotional stories, 115

Reflexivity, 125, 141
Rural tourism, 19

Satisfaction, 97
Self-other, 173
Slow questions, 159
Smell, 125
Social interactions, 5
Social theory of knowledge, 159
Southern Thailand, 51
Souvenirs, 39
Spirit mediums, 51

Taste, 125
Touch, 125
Tourism opportunities, 173
Tourism research, 141

Vegetarian Festival, 51

World Heritage list, 69

Volume 11: Author Index

Alipour, H., 83
Ashworth, G. J., 149

Bertoša, M., 165

Cassel, S. H., 1
Chang, H.-H., 183
Clarke, A., 205

Debes, T., 83
De Haan, T., 103
Duhvić-Dimanovski, V., 165

Grunwell, S., 117

Ha, I., 117
Henderson, J. C., 137
Henning, G. K., 43
Hing, N., 57
Horvat, A. S., 165

Isaac, R. K., 103, 149
Iverson, T., 133

Kawabata, S., 43
Kelly-Holmes, H., 31

Lamont, M., 57
Leiper, N., 57, 71

Miyajima, K., 43
Moriarty, M., 31
Mörner, C., 1

Olsen, D. H., 17

Park, S.-Y., 71
Pietikäinen, S., 31
Portegies, A., 103

Roovers, L., 103
Ruane, S. T., 134

, S. L., 117

Vantzos, V., 69

Wall, G., 203

Volume 11: Subject Index

Art museum, 71
Asian perspectives, 103
Authenticity and identity, 83

Bali, 71
Built heritage, 137
Business strategy, 57

Cambodia, 103
Competition, 57
Conservation, 137
Contextual education, 103
Cooperation, 57
Cross-cultural, 43
Cross-cultural study, 183
Cultural commoditization, 83
Cultural heritage, 1, 71
Cultural heritage tourism, 117
Cultural/heritage tourism, 83
Cultural institutions, 83

Dark tourism, 149
Destination image, 183

Economic impact, 117

Festivals, 117

Gender, 1

Industrial heritage, 1
Intercultural, 43
Irish Sámi, 31
ITMC student encounters, 103

Knowledge production in tourism, 103

Local–tourist relationship, 43

Martin Buber, 43
Minority languages, 31

Narrative constructions, 1

Palestine, 149
Partial industrialization, 57
Pilgrimage, 149

Regional tourism, 117
Religious leaders, 17
Religious tourism, 17

Semiotic valorization, 165
Semiotics of marketing, 165
Singapore, 137
Special events, 117
Strategic management, 57, 71
Suffering, 149

Theology, 17
Tourism developments in Siem Reap, 103
Tourism, 57, 137
Tourism image, 183
Tourism marketing, 165
Tourism (semiotic perspective), 165
Tourist attraction, 71
Tourist destination, 1
Tourist expenditures, 117
Tourist night market, 183
Tourist websites, 31
Transformation, 43
TRNC (North Cyprus), 83

Urban development, 137

Virtual ethnography, 31
Visual representations, 1

Wall, 149

Volume 10

Author Index

Ali-Knight, J., 231

Bhandari, K., 137
Bhat, S., 78

Chan, J., 247
Cohen, E., 117
Cunningham, P. A., 101

du Cros, H., 80

Echtner, C. M., 83

Fisher, R., 187
Francis, R., 33
Frew, E. A., 231

Kay, P., 181
King, B., 15, 77, 179

Mainil, T., 59
Maitland, R., 217
Maruyama, N. U., 1
Mitchell, P., 187

Pappalepore, I., 217
Parkman, I., 201
Platenkamp, V., 59
Polegato, R., 247
Polonsky, M., 181

Richards, G., 47
Ryan, C., 177

Shin, Y., 149
Smith, A., 217
Stergiou, D. P., 267
Stronza, A. L., 1

Truong, T.-H., 15

Vespestad, M. K., 159

Weber, I., 1

Subject Index

Adelaide, 231
Atmosphere, 217
Attractiveness, 47
Authenticity, 137, 201

Brochure, 83
Brochure and Internet promotion, 159

Chinese American, 1
Civil offenses, 33
Commercialization, 231
Commodification, 149
Community, 101
Consumer behavior, 247
Content analysis, 159
Contextuality, 59
Corporate branding, 201
Corporate identity, 201
Creative areas, 217
Creative industries, 187, 201, 231
Creativity, 47
Crime, 33
Criminality, 33
Cross-cultural comparison, 159
Cultural tourism, 47, 149
Cultural values, 15
Culture, 47

Diaspora, 1
Dinosaurs, 117
Distinctiveness, 47
Diversity, 47
Doxas, 59

Ecotourism, 101
Edinburgh, 231

Festival, 231
Fringe, 231

Gentrification, 217
Globalism, 1

Hybridity, 59

Identity negotiation, 1
Image, 83
Indie music, 247
Island, 83

Japan, 101
Jeolla Province, 149

Korea, 149

London, 217

Marketing, 83
Museums, 137

Narrative methodology, 59
Nationalism, 137
Nature-based experiences, 159
Nature management, 101
Network society, 59
Norway, 159

Offenses, 33
Ogasawara, 101

Place, 101

Representation, 83
Roots tourism, 1

Scotland, 137
Service quality, 15
Silent voices, 59
Social identity, 247

Thai culture, 117
Thailand, 117
The arts, 187Tourism, 33, 117, 187
Tourism policy, 47
Tourist destination, 149

Vietnam, 15
Visitor experience, 217

Author & Subject Indexes: Volumes 2-9


Author Index

Baum, T., 1
Bruggmann, C., 29
Buzinde, C., 125

Cave, J., 65
Collins, J., 79

Devine, F., 1
Diekmann, A., 93
Drakopoulos, R., 29

Frost, W., 107

Hearns, N., 1


Janta, H., 5
Jones, T., 186
Jordan, K., 79

Ladkin, A., 5
Laing, J., 107
Lin, J., 49
Lovelock, B., 29
Lyon, A., 17

Maccarrone-Eaglen, A., 151
Mason, P., 187
Maulet, G., 93
Mena, M. M., 190
Miles, A. K., 165
Morais, D. B., 125
Mura, P., 29

O'Mahony, B., 115

Reeves, K., 107
Ringer, G., 183
Rozier-Rich, S., 137

Santos, C., 137
Sledge, S., 165
Sulcova, D., 17

Vieregge, M., 49

Wang, Y., 125
Wheeler, F., 107

Subject Index

Australia, 115
Authenticity, 29, 49

Ceremonial and informal economies, 65
China, 125
Commodification, 151
Community, 93
Community-initiated tourism, 65
Critical discourse analysis, 125
Cuisine, 107
Cultural product, 65
Cultural tourism, 107
Culture, 151

Deviance, 137
Diasporas, 107
Discourse, 137

Employees, 165
Employer perceptions, 17
Ethnic district, 29
Ethnic entrepreneurs, 79
Ethnicity, 107
Ethnic precincts, 79
Ethnic restaurants, 49
Ethnic tourism, 79, 93

Heritage, 107
Hospitality, 5
Hotel industry, 165

Immigrants' perceptions, 49
Irish, 115
Irish theme pubs, 115

Job satisfaction, 165

Leichhardt, 29

Migrants, 65
Migrant workers, 17
Migration, 115
Motivation, 165
Multicultural quarter, 93

Netnography, 5

Pacific Islanders, 65
Polish migrants, 5
Product, 151

Quality, 17

Recruitment, 5
Representation, 125
Resident perceptions, 29
Retention, 5

Switzerland, 49
Symbolic representation, 151

Tourism, 79
Tourist perceptions, 29
Travel writing, 137

Users, 93

Villages, 107
Vineyards, 107



Author Index

Bandyopadhyay, R., 183
Bolan, P., 147

Clarke, A., 207
Cooper, M., 55
Cubero, C., 71

Delemere, F. M., 13

Eriksson, P. E., 159

Gregoriç Bon, N., 123

Hair, Jr., J., 159
Havitz, M. E., 13
Henderson, J., 1, 135
Hottola, P., 45

Leiper, N., 169
Lin, C.-H., 183
Lin, J.-L., 183
Lindley-Highfield, M., 85

Maoz, D., 27
Martin, K., 57, 59, 97

O'Connor, N., 147
Okech, R., 195

Pearce, P. L., 27
Pesämaa, O., 159

Rollason, W., 109

Shaw, S. M., 13

Subject Index

Africa, 195
Authenticity, 59, 109

Backpacker studies, 27
Backpacking, 45
Branding, 147

Chulalongkorn, 169
Colonial nostalgia, 183
Commodification, 59
Cooperation, 159
Core products, 169
Culture, 195
Custom, 97

Destination promotion, 135
Development, 71, 109
Discourse analysis, 27
Dress, 45

Ethnic cultures, 1
Experience themes, 27

Families, 13
Family vacations, 13
Fiction, 27
Film-induced tourism, 147

Globalization, 59, 195
Grand tourism, 169

Heritage, 195

Identity, 85
Insularity, 71
Interfirm relationships, 159
Islam, 85, 135

Locality and belonging, 123

Memories, 13
Motivation, 183
Museums, 1
Muslim countries as destinations, 135
Muslimization, 85

Narnia, 147
Nationalism, 71
Nation building, 1
Nature-based tourism destinations, 159
Neoliberalism, 71
Northern Ireland, 147

Opposition, 59

Papua New Guinea, 97, 109
Political economy, 97
Postcolonialism, 109
Postcommunism, 123
Prisoner's dilemma, 159
Puerto Rico, 71

Race, 109
Religion, 85
Religion and tourism, 135
Rubbish, 123

Senior travelers, 183
Singapore, 1
Social construction, 13
Social stratification, 97
South Asia, 45
Southern Albania, 123

Taiwan, 183
Thailand, 169
Tourism, 45, 85, 195
Tourism's impacts, 169
Tourist-generating countries, 169


Author Index

Baum, T., 49, 117
Botterill, D., 1, 19
Buzinde, C., 159

Chan, B., 207
Chan, J. K. L., 117
Cohen, E., 169
Cox, C., 183

Flognfeldt, Jr., T., 133

Goodall, B., 57

Holloway, D., 161
Hunter-Jones, P., 39

Iverson, T., 157

Jones, E., 19

King, B., 83, 227
Klemm, M., 1

Lee, S. H., 183

Maitland, R., 7
Manyara, G., 19
Miller, G., 7
Minnaert, L., 7
Munar, A. M., 99

Pan, S., 85
Picken, F., 81

Ryan, C., 85

Stephens, J., 149

Valdez M., R., 197

Subject Index

Acculturation, 183
Aging, 161
Air travel, 49
Attraction failure, 133
Australia, 183
Authenticity, 169

Behavior, 39

Caregiving, 39
Carnival dances, 197
Citizenship, 99
Community-based enterprises, 19
Conservation planning, 57
Cross-culture understanding, 85
Cultural identity, 197
Cultural tourism, 197

Destination image, 85
Disability discrimination legislation, 57
Disabled access, 57

Ecolodge, 117
Economic development and poverty alleviation, 19
En route travelers, 133
Ethics, 7

Film-induced tourism, 207
Framing, 85

Global economy, 99
Globalization theory, 99
Gray nomads, 161
Guest satisfaction, 117

Heritage attractions, 57
Herzberg's Motivator and Hygiene Factor Theory, 117

Individually owned enterprises, 19
Intellectual access, 57

Korean immigrants, 183
Korean television drama, 207
Korean Wave, 207

Low-cost airlines, 49

Marginalized participation, 39
Media, 161
Methodological triangulation, 117
Mythical event, 169

Naga fireballs, 169
Nationalism, 99
New Zealand, 85

Postmodern approach, 169
Primary attractions, 133

Respite, 39
RVing, 161

Satisfiers and dissatisfiers, 117
Social and cultural identity, 99
Social exclusion, 7, 49
Social inclusion, 49
Social tourism, 7
Sparsely populated areas, 133

Tlaxcala, 197
Tourism, 161
Tourism theory, 99
Tourist motivation, 207
Transformationalism, 99
Travel behavior, 183
Travel lifestyle, 183
Travelogue, 85

Usage patterns, 133


Author Index

Agarwal, S., 19

Beeton, S., 157, 161, 220
Botterill, D., 1
Brunt, P., 19
Buchmann, A., 181

Cooper, C., 155
Croy, G., 157

Donald, S. H., 171

Edelheim, J. R., 67


Frew, E., 205
Frost, W., 157, 215, 219

Gammack, J., 171

Henning, G. K., 153
Hughes, H., 51

James, D., 37
James, J., 191
Jones, E., 37

Kay, A., 209
King, R., 161
Klemm, M., 1, 7

Macleod, D., 71

Pitchford, S. R., 85

Ross, G. F., 121

Simonsen, R., 107
Stephenson, M. L., 65

Von Wald, D., 191

Wanhill, S., 137
White, A., 37


Subject Index

Adventure tourism, 161
Australian indigenous tourism, 107

Cape York, 107
Career values, 121
Cinema, 191
Citizenship, 51
City branding, 171
Collective identity, 85
Color, 171
Comedy festivals, 205
Commodification, 71
Crime, 19
Culture, 71

Destination, 71

Economics, 137
Employment and social inclusion, 37
England, 19
Equality of opportunity, 37
Erewhon, 181
Ethnic minorities, 7 
Ethnic movements, 85
Ethnic tourism, 85
Events, 137

Film locations, 205
Film studies, 171
Film tourism, 181

Gagudju, 107
Gay men, 51
Gender bias, 37
Government policy, 107

Heritage tourism, 85
Holidays, 51
Humor, 205

Identity tourism, 85
Inclusion, 51
Interdisciplinary research, 171

Joint ventures, 107

Literary tourism, 181
Lord of the Rings, 181

Marketing, 191
Mass media, 161
Media, 191, 209
Motivation, 205
Multiculturalism, 7
Myth making, 181

Narrative, 171
Nationalist movements, 85

Opera festival, 137
Organizational values, 121

Personal ethics, 121
Photography, 191
Policy-makers, 71
Power in the workplace, 37
Predictive associations, 121
Product placement, 209

Restructuring, 19
Risk perception, 161

Satisfaction, 205
Seaside resort, 19
Secrets, 191
Service quality values, 121
Sitcoms, 205
Social exclusion, 19
Song, 209
South Australia, 191

Tourism, 209
Tourism workplace, 37
Traineeship interest, 121
Travel, 7, 209

Youth travelers, 161


Author Index

Beech, J., 23
Beeton, S., 121
Brammer, N., 23
Burns, P., 1

Crouch, D., 75

Davis, P., 45
Deutschlander, S., 59
Digance, J., 119

Hall, M., 117
He, A., 177
Higgins-Desbiolles, F., 3
Huxley, L., 37

Jaworski, A., 93

Lew, A. A., 124
Lewis, M., 139

Maguire, D. W., 123
Mason, D., 105
Matheson, C. M., 149
Miller, L. J., 59
Milne, S., 105

O'Mahony, G. B., 71

Pellinen-Chavez, T., 191
Polonsky, M., 72

Rowe, D., 127

Speidel, U., 105

Thurlow, C., 93
Tomlinson, A., 83

Weaver, A., 165
West-Newman, T., 105
White, L., 187
Wijesinghe, G., 139

Yamamura, T., 177
Ylänne-McEwen, V., 93

Zhang, T., 177

Subject Index

Afforestation, 177
ATSI tourism, 3
Australia, 139
Authenticity, 37, 149

Backpackers, 37
Blackfoot culture, 59
Brochure, 165

Commodity fetishism, 165
Communities, 45
Community informatics, 105
Consultancy, 127
Consumption, 165
Cross-cultural education, 139
Cruise ship, 165
Cultural tourism, 45
Cultural understanding, 139
Culture, 37

Democracy, 45
Destination image, 83
Development, 23

Ecomuseums, 45
Ecotourism, 45
Emergent strategy, 23
Ethnic representation, 93

Festivals, 149

Gap year, 37
Globalization, 3
Global tourism, 139
Goa, 23

Host-tourist communication, 93

Indigenous cultures, 59
Indigenous rights, 3
Indigenous tourism, 3
Information and communication technologies, 105
Intended strategy, 23
Interaction, 37
International broadcast, 83

Kiwitrails, 105

Lijiang, China, 177
Local economic development, 105

NGO, 177

Opening ceremonies, 83

Partnership, 177
Planning, 127
Political equality, 59
Postcards, 93
Production, 165

Regional cultural tourism, 127
Research, 127

Social relations, 149
State, 23
Sustainability, 23
Symbolic content, 83

Visual discourse, 93

Winter Olympics, 83


Author Index

Bras, K., 163
Brown, T. J., 51

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Clark, I. D., 123
Cooke, S., 153
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Holden, A., 179

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Mehmetoglu, M., 137

Nguyen, T.-H., 95

Olsen, K., 137

Pavlovich, K., 41
Pizam, A., 17


Ravenscroft, N., 1
Roessingh, C., 163
Ruthe, J., 29
Ryan, C., 29

Shaw, S., 55
Swaffield, S. R, 57

Turner, L., 95

Ujma, D., 119

Wong, A., 83


Subject Index

Aboriginal history, 123
Adventure tourism, 29
Authentic experience, 137
Authenticity, 137, 163

Belize, 163

China, 83
Consumer evaluation, 17
Consumption, 153
Cross-cultural differences, 17
Culture, 57

Diaspora, 83

Economic impacts, 83
Emic approach, 137
Ethnic networks, 83
Ethnic tourism, 163
Ethnicity, 71, 163
Existential tourism, 83
Experiences, 57


Festivals, 1

Goldfields, 123
Grounded theory, 137
Guangdong Province, 83

Heritage tourism, 153

Image, 153
Interconnections, 41
Interpretation, 1

Landscape, 57
Language, 29
Locals, 57
Lofoten Islands, 137

Masculinity, 17
Migrant culture, 95
Museums, 153

Nation building, 163
National identity, 71, 153
Networks, 41
New Zealand, 29

Organizations, 41
Overseas Chinese, 83

Patterns, 57
Power-distance, 17

Q method, 57

Service quality, 17
Social impacts, 83
Social relations, 1
Solitary traveler, 137
Strategy, 41

Tourism, 41, 57
Tourism promotion, 71
Tourist perceptions, 29
Travel behavior, 95

Victoria, 123
Vietnamese diaspora, 95
Visitors, 57


Author Index

Armstrong, K., 111

Beeton, S., 15

Cole, S., 114

Dann, G. M. S., 1

Epstein, A. D., 37

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King, B. E. M., 103, 131

Labropoulos, T., 165
Lee, Y.-S., 93

MacLeod, N. E., 183
Mavondo, F., 61
McKercher, B., 101
Mills, J. E., 165
Morrison, A., 165

Reisinger, Y., 61

Turner, L. W., 131

Wallace, T., 112
Weber, S., 61
Weed, M., 147
Weiler, B., 81

Yu, X., 81

Subject Index

Advantages and disadvantages, 1
Australia, 61, 81

Balanced scorecard, 165

China, 131
Chinese pleasure travelers, 81
Cliché in tourism promotion, 1
Colonial cities, 117
Community, 15
Conservation, 117
Croatia, 61
Cultural tourism, 165

Destination portrayal, 71

Etymology, qualities, and types of cliché, 1
Eurocentrism, 93
European Union, 165
Examples of self-admitted use, 1

Far East perspective, 71
Film-induced tourism, 15

Heritage, 117
High yield, 15
History, 131
Holy Land, 37

Identity, 37
Irresponsible communication, 1

Jerusalem, 37

Leisure behavior, 81

Marketing, 165
Media of the language of tourism, 1

National identity, 27

Organizational structure, 147

Package tours, 81
Path analysis, 61
Pilgrimage, 37
Policy, 147

Roots, 37
Russian Jews, 37

Singapore, 27, 117
South Korea, 93
Sports tourism, 147
Student market, 61

The arts, 27
Tourism, 37
Tourism brochures, 71
Tourism development, 131
Tourism promotion, 27
Tourist gaze, 93
Tourist satisfaction, 81

Universal concept, 93

Western perspective, 71
World Wide Web (WWW), 165

Youth travel, 61


Author Index

Augustyn, M. M., 153

Berno, T., 61
Bowen, H., 203

Dow, C., 111
Dwyer, L., 1

Ericksen, H., 99

Hall, C. M., 29
Hughes, G., 51

Jones, A., 177

Kemp, S., 1
Kleinert, S., 67
Klidas, A., 191
Knowles, T., 206
Kotsi, F., 146

Leiper, N., 13
Lutz, J., 143

Macleod, N. E., 165
McGehee, N. G., 64
Mistilis, N., 13
Mitchell, R., 29

Nolte, S., 208

Onderwater, L., 39

Ravenscroft, N., 145
Richards, G., 39, 149

Shaw, S. J., 165
Stam, S., 39

Taylor, K., 69
Teal, G., 1
Timothy, D. J., 63

Wah, C. Y., 1
Winn, P., 85

Zeppel, H., 123

Subject Index

Aboriginal cultures, 123
Aboriginal-tourist interaction, 111
Aborigines, 111
Agency, 99
Australia, 123

Banda Islands, 85

Colonialism, 99
Context, 69
Cuisine, 29
Cultural heritage, 111
Cultural tourism, 85
Culture, 69, 177, 191

Empowerment, 191

Gippsland, 111
Globalization, 29
Growth, 153


Heritage, 177
Hofstede, 191
Hotels, 191

Identity, 29, 69
Indonesia, 1, 85
Innovative strategies, 153
ISO 9000, 153

Landscape, 69, 99

Manufacturing SCTEs, 153
Maori, 99

National tourism development, 13
National tourism policy, 13
Nature, 69

Oral history, 13
Organizational culture, 1

Purchasing behavior, 39

Resort hotel, 1

Small cultural tourism enterprises (SCTEs), 153
Souvenirs, 39
Strategic management, 1

Textile souvenirs, 39
Tourism, 177
Tourism history, 13
Tourist gaze, 85
Tourist interactions, 123
Tourist marketing, 123
Traditions, 29
Travelogues, 123

Urban cultural tourism, 165
Urban renewal, 165
Urban tourism, 165

Wales, 177

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