Sewage Sludge: Technology & Management : (Supplement to Technology - Vol. 10)

ISSN: 1072-9240 (supplement)


Single Issue (supplement to Technology
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Table of Contents

Page 1: Foreword
Page 3: Preface
Page 5: Emerging Pretreatments for Enhanced Digestion of Biosolids
Page 35: Role of Anaerobic Treatment Technology in Minimizing Waste Sludge Production in Sewage Treatment Plants
Page 53: Solid Waste Management at Municipal Sewerage Company in Budapest
Page 61: Review of Treatment Processes, Current Disposal Practices, and Quality of Sewage Sludge Produced by Major Wastewater Treatment Plants in Syria
Page 77: Matrix Filter System for Algae and Phosphorous Removal
Page 91: Biosolids: A promising Option for Sewage Sludge Utilization
Page 101: Land Application of Biosolids as an Environmentally Sound Technology for Wastewater Sludge
Page 123: Assessment of Dewatering Sludge and Utilization
Page 133: Suitability of Sewage Sludge to be Used as Manure for Green Leafy Plant; Parsley - A case study
Page 149: Management of Waste at the Shuaiba Industrial Area
Page 159: Aerobic Waste Sewage Sludge Biotreatment for Enhanced Environmental Safety

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