The Bonus Years: Women and Retirement

Phyllis Hall

ISBN: 0-9715870-1-9


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About the Author

Phyllis Hall was a professional actress in her teens, a comedy writer in her twenties, and a programmer and systems analyst in her thirties. After a seven-year absence from the workforce, she started a career in publishing as an editor at Prentice-Hall. She became a Senior Vice President at Pergamon Press in 1983 and the Director of Publishing for the IEEE (institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) in 1990. She retired in 1995. The Bonus Years is her first book.



Note to the Reader


1    Another Myth Debunked

2    Early Expectations

3    The Women's Movement

4    Work

5    Money

6    Relationships--Self--Friends--Family

7    Living Alone

8    Time

9    We're Doing It All

10    Doing It Our Way

11    Group Description
        Laura J. Hall