Coastal Tourism Development

Ross Dowling and Christof Pforr

ISBN: 1-882345-54-1


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Chapter 1. Coastal Tourism Development: Planning and Managing Growth
Christof Pforr and Ross Dowling

Chapter 2. Historical Dimensions of Coastal Tourism
Anthea Wesley and Christof Pforr

Chapter 3. Coastal Morphodynamics: A Context for Tourism Development
Peta Sanderson


Chapter 4. Trends in Tourism in the Western Indian Ocean
Stefan Gössling

Chapter 5. Tourism Development Along Kenya’s Coastal Region: An Analysis of the Core–Periphery Relations
Wanjohi Kibicho

Chapter 6. The Morphology of a Coastal Cretan Municipality
Konstantinos Andriotis

Chapter 7. Policy and Planning of Coastal Tourism in Southeast Asia
Poh Poh Wong

Chapter 8. Coastal Tourism Planning and Policy in New Zealand
C. Michael Hall

Chapter 9. Tourism Planning in Small Tropical Islands: Methodological Considerations and Development Issues in Samoa
Douglas G. Pearce

Chapter 10. Contested Resort Development on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Erin Welk and Alison Gill

Chapter 11. Coastal Planning and Policy in Bryon Bay, Australia
Meredith Wray

Chapter 12. Connecting Tourism and Lifestyle in a Community: The Noosa Sustainable Tourism Strategy
Harold Richins

Chapter 13. Planning for Silence With Knowledge of the Visitors: A Case Study of the Luleå Archipelago, Sweden
Rosemarie Ankre

Chapter 14. Coastal and Marine Policy, Parks, and International Tourism in the Dominican Republic
Gregory Teal and Lynnaire Sheridan


Chapter 15. A Destination-Based Approach to Comparing Reef Tourism Destinations: The Case of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean
Alexandra Coghlan and Bruce Prideaux

Chapter 16. Challenges for Tourism Development and Management on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Coast
Gianna Moscardo

Chapter 17. Influences on Tourism Development Decision Making in Local Government Areas: Two Coastal Communities in Australia
Harold Richins and Gayle Mayes

Chapter 18. Coastal Tourism as Motor for Community Development: The Story of Kaikoura, New Zealand
Michael Lück and Roberto D. Altobelli

Chapter 19. Small and Medium Coastal Tourism Enterprises: A Case Study of Galle District, Sri Lanka
Acusha Felix, Ross Dowling, and G. Raguragavan

Chapter 20. Coastal Tourism in Germany: Changing Demand Patterns and New Challenges
Martin Lohmann


Chapter 21. Coastal Tourism Development: Issues and Challenges
Ross Dowling and Christof Pforr



List of Figures

5.1 Location map of Kenya
5.2 Coastal tourism plays a critical role in Kenya’s tourism industry
5.3 Tourists in a safari in Amboseli National Park
5.4 Rich wildlife heritage is the touchstone of Kenya’s safari tourism
5.5 Hand-made Maasai shukas
5.6 Water sports take place throughout the year
6.1 Municipality of Hersonissos on the north coast of Crete
6.2 Morphological zones of typical Cretan coastal resorts
6.3 The beachfront and the beach road of Hersonissos
6.4 The main raod of Limenas Hersonissou
6.5 Limenas Hersonissou: interior of the resort
6.6 Koutouloufari: traditional village in the municipality of Hersonissos
6.7 Water park and golf course
7.1 Countries in Southeast Asia
7.2 Priority areas for coastal tourism investment in Vietnam
7.3 Ad hoc development in the southern end of Pattaya Bay, Thailand
7.4 Simple chalet at Tua Ko’in ecotourism project, Atauro Island, Timor Leste
7.5 Post-tsunami channelized stream at Karon Bay, Phuket, Thailand
8.1 Hierarchy of plans: example of Westland District Council
9.1 Samoa: location and place names
10.1 Map of Tofino and Clayoquot Sound area
10.2 Tofino’s sheltered inner harbor
10.3 Tonquin Beach near the village of Tofino’s outer coast
11.1 Northern Rivers regional map
11.2 Interactions of institutional stakeholders in the Byron Bay policy and planning system
12.1 Noosa tourism offi ce, Tweantin, Noosa
12.2 Map of the location of Noosa
12.3 Integration of sustainable tourism assets within a community
12.4 Noosa River
12.5 Kaola in Noosa National Park
12.6 Near the mouth of the Noosa River
12.7 Tourism asset categories and summary of strategies
13.1 The Luleå archipelago, Sweden
13.2 Visitors by the frozen sea in the Luleä archipelago
13.3 The national, regional, and local level of Swedish planning
13.4 The sailors in the Luleå archipelago
13.5 The concept of silence
14.1 Map of the Dominican Republic and Parque Nacional del Este
15.1 Reef tourism destinations
15.2 A typical reef pontoon and reef cruise boat
15.3 The origin of visitors to the GBR and other reef destinations
15.4 Number of repeat visitors to the region
15.5 Factors that influence visitor satisfaction during the reef trip
15.6 Comparison of other destinations
16.1 Map of the Great Barrier Reef region with main tourist nodes
17.1 Port Stephens and environs
17.2 Whitsunday and environs
17.3 Interest orientation of Councilors in the LGAs
17.4 Preferences to focus on as a Councilor
18.1 Map of New Zealand
20.1 Hasselberg Beach near Gelting
20.2 Lübeck, Old Town with St. Marien Church
20.3 Beach near Behrensdorf
20.4 Lighthouse on the island of Amrum
20.5 Map of Germany
20.6 Basic structural model of tourism factors
20.7 Trends, framework dynamnics, and development
21.1 Kingfisher Bay Resort and village
21.2 Entrance to Kingfisher Bay Resort
21.3 Shangri-la’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa
21.4 The Omagine Resort project, Sultanate of Oman
21.5 The Blue City Resort project, Sultanate of Oman
21.6 Development plan for Sentosa Island, Singapore

List of Tables

4.1 Selected parameters for tourism in the Western Indian Ocean
4.2 Overview of tourism in selected WIO countries
4.3 Cases of theft reported by tourists in Mauritius
5.1 National earnings from leading export crops and tourism
5.2 Hotels closed during the off-peak season in 1998
5.3 Hotel jobs in the Malindi area
5.4 Monthly salaries of hotel employees in the Malindi area
5.5 Types of job positions occupied by Kenyans at the coastal region
5.6 Gross domestic product by region: Malindi district
5.7 Monthly pay by occupation in Malindi Town
6.1 Population of the municipality of Hersonissos by community
7.1 Tourist arrivals and other basic country indicators, Southeast Asia
8.1 Activities of international visitors in New Zealand
8.2 Categories of activities under the Resource Management Act
9.1 Basic dimensions of tourism in Samoa
9.2 Questions to identify the issues
9.3 Questions for the Infrastructure Strategy Workshop
9.4 Questions for the Marketing Strategy Workshop
9.5 Questions for the Savali Tourism Strategy Workshop
9.6 Visitor projections to 2006
9.7 Evolution of visitor arrivals to Samoa 2000–2006
10.1 Major development era and events in the evolution of Tofino
11.1 Stakeholder groups represented in this study
12.1 Working principles for the NCTB
12.2 Sustainable tourism development will be
12.3 Vision statements for sustainable tourism asset categories
12.4 Summary of key issues identified
12.5 Four primary asset categories and sustainable tourism strategic aims
12.6 Benefits to stakeholders
16.1 Usual place of residence for tourists
16.2 Recreational visits to the GBR
16.3 Reef visitation patterns
17.1 Representative characteristics of case studies
17.2 Councilor interests and preferences regarding tourism development
17.3 Actual tourism development projects: Port Stephens
17.4 Actual tourism development projects: Whitsunday
17.5 Influences in supporting an actual tourism development project
17.6 Influences in not supporting an actual tourism development project
18.1 Permits of whale and dolphin operations in Kaikoura
19.1 Characteristics of small and medium coastal tourism enterprises in Galle District
20.1 Development of arrivals and overnights in North Germany
20.2 Development of holiday trips
20.3 Characteristics of holiday travelers to Northern Germany
20.4 Characteristics of holiday trips to Northern Germany