Nature and Tourists in the Last Frontier: Local Encounters with

Lee Cerveny

ISBN: 1-882345-53-3


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Chapter 1. Introduction

  • Travel and Tourism in Context
  • Tourism as a Global Process
  • Tourism Development and Rural Communities
  • Nature-Based Tourism in Rural Alaska
  • Political Ecology of Tourism
  • Structure of the Book
Chapter 2. Rainforest Economy: Lure of the Last Frontier
  • Geographical and Sociocultural Setting
  • Explorations, Trade, and Occupations in the Alaska Territory
  • Development of Resource-Based Industries
  • Federal Role in Alaska’s Natural Resource Policy
  • Southeast Alaska in Contemporary Context
  • Conclusion
Chapter 3. Fish and Ships: Political Ecology of Alaska Tourism
  • Alaska and the Tourist Imagination
  • Alaska Tourism: From Steamship to Cruise Ship
  • Cruise Ships on the Alaska Coast
  • Alaska as a Fishing Destination
  • Nature Travel and Adventure: Independent and Package Tourism
  • Tourism and the Regional Economy
  • Southeast Alaska Tourism Issues
  • Conclusion
Chapter 4. Haines, Alaska: Cruise Ships and the Nature Destination
  • Community Geography and History
  • Tourism Growth
  • Tourism Industry Dynamics in 2000
  • Tourism and the Growing Influence of Global Cruise Lines
  • Cruise-Based Tourism and Resource Effects
  • Resident–Visitor Interactions in Local Recreation Areas
  • Local Efforts Mitigate Tourism Effects
  • Cruise Industry Response
  • Cruise Ships and Nature-Based Tourism: Lessons From Haines
Chapter 5. Hoonah, Alaska: Nature, Culture, and Cruise Ships
  • Community Geography and History
  • Tourism in the Huna Territory
  • Protecting Rural Lifestyles and Cultural Resources
  • Icy Strait Point: The Making of a Destination
  • Out With the Tide, in With the Tide: Resident Reactions to Icy Strait Point
  • Nature, Culture, and Cruise Ships: Lessons From Hoonah
Chapter 6. Craig, Alaska: Consumptive Tourism off the Beaten Path
  • A Fishing Village
  • Fishing and the Growth of Tourism
  • Charter-Based Tourism and Resource Effects
  • Charter Fishing and the New Economy: Sociocultural Implications
  • Consumptive Tourism: Lessons Learned From Craig
Chapter 7. Local and Global Encounters in the Last Frontier
  • Alaska as the Last Frontier
  • The Nature of Tourism in the Nature Destination
  • Nature, Tourism, and the Power in the Periphery
  • Rural Livelihoods, Rural Lifestyles
  • Tourism and Transformation of Local Places
  • Nature, Tourism, and Culture in Coastal Communities
  • Planning for and Managing Future Tourism
  • Conclusion


List of Figures

1.1 Map of Alaska showing Alaska Panhandle
1.2 The tourism system
1.3 Scope of analysis
2.1 Map of Southeast Alaska and Tongass National Forest
3.1 Cruise ship passengers to Southeast Alaska: 1980–2005
3.2 Cruise travel to Southeast Alaska ports: 1980–2005
3.3 Registered charter vessels in Southeast Alaska
3.4 Sport fishing licenses among Alaska residents and nonresidents: 1980–205
4.1 Map of Haines and the Chikat Valley
4.2 Cruise passengers to Haines: 1990–2000
4.3 Cruise visitors to Haines: 1994–2007
5.1 Map of Hoonah and Icy Strait
5.2 Visitors to Glacier Bay National Park: 1980–2004
6.1 Prince of Wales Island and Craig, Alaska
6.2 Per capita income for Prince of Wales and State of Alaska
6.3 Unemployment rates for Alaska and Prince of Wales Borough
6.4 Registered charter fishing vessels on Prince of Wales Island: 1986–2000
6.5 Prince of Wales sport harvest of halibut and king salmon: 1980–1999

List of Tables

3.1 Market share for global cruise destinations: Selected years
3.2 Analysis of shore excursions marketed on cruise ships
4.1 Percent employment by industry: Haines Borough
4.2 Haines tourism businesses: 2000
4.3 Growth in select tourism segments: 1994–2000
5.1 Hoonah tourism businesses: 2001
6.1 Percentage employment by industry for Prince of Wales Island
6.2 Tourism businesses by category in Craig and Klawock: 2001

List of Photos

1.1 Glacier Bay National Park
2.1 Fishing boat in Hoonah Harbor, Hoonah, Alaska
2.2 Totem pole in Klawock, Alaska
3.1 Cruise ship queue in Juneau, Alaska
3.2 Tourist activity in Ketchikan, Alaska
3.3 Fisherman displaying salmon, Inside Passage, Alaska
3.4 Kayakers in Ketchikan, Alaska
4.1 View of Davidson Glacier, Haines, Alaska
4.2 Cruise ship at Ft. Seward dock, Haines, Alaska
4.3 Guides appealing to cruise ship guests, Haines, Alaska
4.4 Tourists (and author) on kayak tour, Haines, Alaska
5.1 Glacier view from cruise ship at Glacier Bay National Park
5.2 View of downtown Hoonah, Alaska
5.3 Pint Sophia Cannery (Icy Strait Point), Hoonah, Alaska
5.4 Welcome Center at Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, Alaska
5.5 Heritage center at Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, Alaska
6.1 View of downtown Craig, Alaska
6.2 Klawock totem park, Klawock, Alaska
6.3 Halibut: a day’s catch in Southeast Alaska
7.1 Cruise ship deck, Glacier Bay National Park
7.2 Closed sign in Ketchikan, Alaska
7.3 Cruise ship docked in Juneau, Alaska