Pacific Island Tourism

David Harrison

ISBN: ISBN 1-882345-37-1


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Chapter 1. Themes in Pacific Island Tourism
David Harrison

  • The Background
  • Tourism in Pacific Islands
  • The Pattern of Pacific Tourism
  • Pacific Island Tourism and Development
  • Tourism and Sustainability
  • Tourism in the Pacific: Issues Arising
Chapter 2. Ecotourism as Mining or as Services: Enclaves, Preserves, and National Policies and Their Impacts on Resource Sustainability
Peter B. Meyer
  • Introduction
  • The Nature of Common Pool Resources
  • Ecotourism as Mining or Services Provision
  • Ecotourism Experience: Evidence of Sustainability and Depletion
  • Problems in Managing and Allocating Common Pool Ecological Resources
  • Conclusion: Management Principles and Implementation Problems
Chapter 3. Ecotourism in Practice: Trekking the Highlands of Makira Island, Solomon Islands
Diane Russell and Jessica Stabile
  • Introduction
  • Ecotourism in the Pacific
  • The Makira/Central Bauro Highlands of the Solomon Islands
  • Conservation and Development
  • Peoples and Communities
  • Background to the Ecotourism Project
  • The Makira Ecotour
  • The Treks
  • The Benefits of Tourism in the Makira Region
  • Issues and Problems Arising From the Ecotour
  • The Future
Chapter 4. Tourism and Change in Local Economic Behavior
David Fisher
  • Introduction
  • Devokula Village
  • Motivations of the Participants
  • Conflict
  • Conclusion
5. Tourism, Conservation, and the Cultural Environment in Rural Vanuatu
Charles R. de Burlo
  • Introduction
  • Tourism in Vanuatu
  • Indigenous Tourism
  • Tourist Guesthouses
  • A Case Study
  • Tourism, Environment, and Exchange on Tanna
  • Conclusion
  • Research Agenda
Chapter 6. Indigenous Responses to Tourism in Fiji: What Is Happening?
Georgette Leah Burns
  • Introduction
  • Beqa Island
  • Marlin Bay Resort
  • Land
  • Changes
  • The Implications of Wage-Based Employment
  • Resentment
  • Exclusion
  • Gaps in Living Standards
  • Perceptions of Poverty
  • Hospitality
  • Distribution of Financial Rewards
  • Foreign Investment
  • Specialization of Labor
  • Responses
  • Some Further Case Studies
  • Conclusion
Chapter 7. Local Control and Sustainability of Tourism in the Cook Islands
Tracy Berno
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Coping With Tourism
  • Factors That Moderate the Sociocultural and Psychological Effects of Tourism
  • Sociocultural-Level Variables
  • Individual-Level Variables of Host Culture
  • Factors Prior to Contact
  • Contact Between Hosts and Guests
  • Variables That Moderate During the Encounter
  • Outcomes
  • Conclusions
Chapter 8. Economics and Tourism Development on Easter Island
Max Stanton
  • Introduction: The Historical Setting
  • Tourism in Easter Island
  • Tourism and Easter Island: Prospects for the Future
Chapter 9. Tourism, Contact, and Cultural Commodification: A Case Study of Local Musical Entertainment on the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia, from the 1930s to the 1990s
Philip Hayward
  • Introduction
  • The Whitsundays: Location, History, and Context
  • Hayman Island Tourism: The Early Years
  • The Expansion of Hayman Island Tourism
  • Poolside Polynesia
  • Conclusion
Chapter 10. Ecotourism in Fiji
David Harrison and Jesper Brandt
  • Tourism in Fiji
  • The Development of Ecotourism in Fiji
  • Conservation, Tourism, and Ecotourism in Fiji
  • The Main Institutional Actors in Fiji's "Ecotourism"
  • Future Prospects
Chapter 11. Ecotourism and Village-Based Tourism: A Policy and Strategy for Fiji
David Harrison, With Samisoni Sawailau and Manoa Malani
  • Executive Summary
  • 1. The Development of Tourism in Fiji
  • 2. Ecotourism and Nature-Based Tourism
  • 3. Principles of Ecotourism Development in Fiji
  • 4. Statements of Policy
  • 5. Implementation
  • 6. Conclusions


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Subject Index

List of Figures

1.1. The Pacific
3.1. The Solomon Islands
3.2. Central Makira-Bauro Highlands
4.1. The Fiji Islands
5.1. Vanuatu
6.1. Division of village land on Beqa Island
7.1. A conceptual framework for understanding sociocultural and psychological effects of tourism
8.1. Position of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
8.2. Rapa Nui: The national park and main tourist attractions
9.1. The Whitsunday Islands
11.1. An organizational framework for ecotourism in Fiji

List of Tables

1.1. Tourist arrivals in the Pacific, selected islands: 1990-2000
2.1. Alternative approaches to environmental planning for development
8.1. Population trends in Easter Island: 1952-1982
8.2. Tourists visiting Easter Island, by country of residence: selected years
10.1. International arrivals in Fiji: selected years
10.2. Room distribution among members of the Fiji Hotel Association: 1998