Free ESL Author Copy Editing

Tourism In Marine Environments

Tourism in Marine Environments is committed to improving issues of social justice within and access to the scientific literature. As part of this effort we are offering free copy editing for qualifying ESL author(s) who do not otherwise have access to this service through their institutions.

To qualify for this service, we ask authors to specify the need for this service in the letter to the editor that accompanies submission. Upon receipt of a qualifying ESL manuscript, an intern/volunteer copy editor will be assigned. In return for the copy-editing service, we kindly request that ESL author(s) acknowledge by name, the copy editor in the acknowledgements section. Should a case arise where the assigned copy editor makes substantial contributions to the content of the manuscript (data analysis, suggestion/addition of scientific literature, advancement of the discussion, etc.) we kindly ask the author(s) to consider adding the copy editor as an additional author.

A special thanks to the Pacific Whale Foundation for its partnership with Tourism in Marine Environments and support of the ESL Authors program.

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